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Czech Public on Organic Food – Food 2020
Hanzlová, Radka
The CVVM also included a block of questions concerning organic food in the special Food 2020 research which was focused mainly on food waste and shopping as well as the consumer behaviour of Czech citizens.\n\nJust under a quarter (24%) of the public in the Czech Republic is interested in the topic of organic food, while 76% are rather not interested or not interested at all. On top of that, compared to 2017, the interest decreased slightly.\n\nIn general, women who also buy organic food more often as well as people aged 20 to 44 and respondents who rate the standard of living of their household as good, are more interested in the topic of organic food.
Beliefs and Consumption of Organic Food in Different Income Groups of Consumers
Kozánková, Barbora ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
The present bachelor's thesis is concerned with a research on beliefs about organic food of five income groups of consumers. It aims to discover the motivational factors and barriers to organic food purchase in the individual income groups, to measure the average frequency of organic food purchase in the groups and to identify potential links between the researched phenomena. The literature review presented in the first part of the thesis provides the theoretical background, discussing organic food consumption trends in the Czech republic and the current research on demographic and psycholgical determinants of organic food consumption. The research is based on the theory of planned behaviour, which categorizes the determinants of behaviour and introduces the term "informational foundations," which are the main object of this study. The research employs quantitative method and works with two hypotheses, while trying to answer the researched problem by including exloratory elements as well. The study seeks to explain the current trends in organic food consumption by searching for links between personal income, the frequency of orgnic food purchase and the intenzity of beliefs about organic food. The findings of the present research can be employed in marketing and communiaction strategies. They...
Nové formy distribuce a prodeje potravin se zaměřením na využití možností internetového obchodování
JOKLOVÁ, Martina
Diploma thesis "New forms of distribution and sales of food with a focus on internet trading" aims to analyze the food market to recommend real realization of the new forms of food sales with the focus on the internet usage. The first part is focused on theoretical knowledge that explains the basic concepts related to the topic. In the second part, I focused on questioning and interviews. The aim was to find out if the customers buying food via Internet, whether they would welcome this form of selling and distributing food and the benefits of buying them over the Internet.
Uplatnění regionálních, sezónních a ekologických potravin ve školních stravovacích zařízeních Jihočeského kraje
Information on the use of regional, seasonal and organic foods and opinions on the possible improvement of the current status were investigated in the school catering facilities of the South Bohemian Region. 35 completely filled questionnaires were obtained and evaluated from addressed respondents (heads of catering facilities, directors) of nursery and primary schools. Based on their assessment, it was found that most catering establishments have permanent food suppliers, usually 2 - 3. Kitchen managers prefer suppliers with a larger assortment (wholesalers, supermarkets). 85% of canteens said that regular suppliers give them discounts. From the region's farmers, 35-45% of the canteens take main foods, meat, milk and dairy products, less fruit and vegetables. The most frequently purchased regional food is potatoes, while fish and legumes are mainly imported. Approximately 80% of canteens do not include organic food in the menus. The main reason is their difficult availability and higher price. This is confirmed by the finding that the more the supplier is a local farmer, the fewer canteens use organic products and buy conventional foods. A frequent reason for not using regional food and organic food in the canteens is low awareness of their quality, fear of high prices and limited range. It is therefore necessary for farmers to improve the range of supply, distribution and marketing. Regular workshops for managers and demonstration courses for canteen employees on how to effectively use these foods in menus can improve the situation. Promoting these foods is also important in order to raise awareness among parents and children.
Spotřebitelské vnímání biopotravin a jejich značek
The thesis focuses on the survey of consumer perception of organic food and their brands. The work characterizes ecological agriculture, organic food and the process of their control and labeling. The aim is to find out what consumer behavior is with regard to age and gender. Another important output of this work is to find out whether consumers find organic food better than conventional food and whether consumers perceive organic food when they buy. The subject of the thesis is research and data were obtained by questionnaire survey.
Marketing of organic food in South Bohemia
In the Bachelor Thesis on Marketing of Organic Food in South Bohemia, analyzes the current state of organic food in above-mentioned region from the perspective of marketing. The main purpose is to find out the customers relation to organic food and the main aspects which are decisive in shopping. The basic marketing concepts as a who is the customer, types of customer's behavior in the market, marketing and marketing mix, are defined in the first theoretical part. Furthermore, the explanation of the term "organic food", such as the legislative requirements for organic certification, the types of organic food labeling, quality control, the certification company and the situation on the organic food market, too. In the practical part the author evaluates the acquired data and information from the questionnaire survey. Data analysis is critical and determines the ultimate solution. In conclusion, the author introduces the measures and recommendations based on the information of obtained analysis.
Preference zákazníků při volbě vybraných produktů a environmetální aspekty jejich transportu
BEČKOVÁ, Veronika
The subject of the thesis is "Customer preferences in the selection of selected products and environmental aspects of transport". The theoretical part describes organic agriculture and its development, the current situation in the Czech Republic and the EU, meaning and processing of organic products, regional food, legislation, certification and environmental aspects of agriculture. The following section is devoted to the questionnaire survey on the topic,, Analysis of customer preferences in selecting food.'' Another part is devoted to environmental aspects related to the transport of food. Within Results and discussion sections are evaluated processed data and the main findings of work.
Možnosti a překážky zavádění biopotravin do školního stravování na Klatovsku
In my work I focused on opportunities and barriers to the introduction of organic food in school catering facilities and finding satisfaction diners. The theoretical part describes the scope and structure of organic farming, production, distribution and use of organic products in the Czech Republic and in the region Klatovsko. The emphasis is on organic food consumption, ways of their sales and the offered range. Further, are mention the factors and agents that affect the use of organic food in catering establishments. In the practical part was carried out a survey in selected school canteens and schools at Klatovsko. In the work were observe view of students elementary abd secondary schools on catering, diversity of dishes, employee access or weaknesses which should be improved. For employees of catering equipment was checked usage of local produce, organic and seasonal food in the menus.
Organic Food Prices in Terms of Retail Margins
SÜTTÖOVÁ, Kristýna
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of organic food, organic food market, their prices and trade margins. The main part of the thesis is a survey of the prices of selected organic foodstuffs, both at the level of the producers (purchase prices) and at the level of the traders (selling prices). The data are collected at various points of sales chains, specialized stores and e-shops within the South Bohemian Region, as well as by addressing manufacturers. The thesis monitors the margins of individual sales formats for selected commodities and then evaluates them from several points of view.
Chemistry through the eyes of the public
Pospíšilová, Barbora ; Teplý, Pavel (advisor) ; Teplá, Milada (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the public view on chemistry. It has two parts: theoretical and practical. In the first chapter of the theoretical part I briefly describe the development of chemistry in six epoches from the oldest one to the modern period. The second chapter is devoted to the roles of chemistry in today's society. The third chapter is focused on the public view of chemistry or chemical products. In this chapter I am discussing the public's fear of chemistry, position of chemistry as a school subject, attempts to reduce the chemistry position in some industrial fields (replacing standard food with organic food and classical plastics with bioplastics) or who influences the opinions on chemistry. In the fourth chapter of theoretical part I deal with the attitudes and their evaluation. The practical part is based on a questionnaire survey realized using an electronic questionnaire. The basic information about the respondents and more detailed analysis of some of the respondents answears are presented in the evaluation of this questionnaire. There is also the analysis of the correlation between the individual answers. Key words: chemistry, opinion, attitude, chemophobia, questionnaire, chemical industry, organic food

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