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Suburbanization of the Olomouc city and its impact on city center and surroundings
Maršálková, Marcela ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis focuses on residential suburbanization within Olomouc city and its surroundings. The aim of the thesis is to determine the degree of intensity of suburbanization of individual settlemements based on the available data. Pursuant evaluation, the settlements with higher suburbanization intensity will be selected and subjected to investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to determine the extent of influence by these processes and what the settlement with higher suburbanisation intensity brings to the citizens. Subsequently, the selected sites and their newly build environement will be assessed from urbanistic and architectural point of view. In conclusion, the detailed analysis of the most suburbanized settlement will be performed.
Spiritual brownfield Olomouc - Zlín
Greguška, Peter ; Nový, Jindřich (referee) ; Štěpán, Marek (advisor) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The diploma thesis is the proposal of the pilgrimage church with the addition of the second functional unit as the pilgrimage area near to the stream „Svatá voda – Kaménka“. The proposal claims to raise former pilgrimage area and natural element, and also to provide spiritual and psychological support to pilgrims/visitors. For that reason, there are provided residential programs in the area. The building program corresponds to demanding enter and capacity. Capacity of the church is up to 250 people, in the main liturgical space on the ground floor. The growth is possible on the gallery on the second and third floor. Areal also including restaurant, lecture hall and spiritual centre. That works on a spiritual stay program for singles or couples. There is also a meditation garden and parking lot aloof.
Olomouc Central European Forum
Jung, Adam ; Gürtler,, Ivan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
This thesis has been prepared as an architectural study. The subject of solved draft is expansion of Olomouc Museum of Art and the new building of the Central European Forum Olomouc SEFO. In the current building of the museum only street part and middle wing of first floor were significantly changed. In the space of a former cinema was placed the Music Theatre. The extension of street is part of the newly designed building SEFO. New public space is above the underground part of the building. This public space covers upper part of the building, which contain new exhibition spaces for museum. Open street part of new building is the main concept of the design.
Olomouc Central European Forum
Jacečko, Tomáš ; Velek, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the construction of building the Central European Forum in the vacant space on the street Denisova in Olomouc. SEFO new building is directly connected to the existing building Olomouc Museum of Art is within the urban conservation. The new facility will expand the exhibition and storage capabilities of this institution that deals with modern art. In building will be located mainly in the exhibition space and the first and sekond floor. Furthermore Library 3.NP and 4.NP. Depository, administrative offices, workshops and technical facilities are situated on two underground floors. In the courtyard garden created with exhibitions. Those are defined as two roof surfaces.
Construction-Technological Project of the Mixed-Use Building in Olomouc
Tříska, Libor ; Hejl, Martin (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with construction-technological project of mixed-use building in Olomouc. The thesis contains a technical report, the coordination situation of the construction, the time and financial plan, the study of the main technological stages, the project of site equipment, the design of the main building machines and mechanisms, the time schedule, the budget, the technology prescription for the contact thermal insulation systém, the quality control and test plan, the plan of safety and the comparison of ETICS with polystyrene and mineral wool.
Analysis of the Real Estate Market with Catering Facilities in Olomouc
Hoduláková, Michaela ; Hakl, Filip (referee) ; Klika, Pavel (advisor)
The commercial real estate market is constantly changing and some developments can be observed in our approach to it. Like every other market, this market is also dependent on the existence of supply and demand. The diploma thesis "Analysis of the Real Estate Market with Catering Facilities in Olomouc" deals, as the name suggests, with the analysis of the real estate market with catering facilities in the statutory and university city of Olomouc. It solves especially the survey and analysis of the market with a focus on the sale and rental of catering facilities (such as restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, etc.). Further, based on the analysis of this segment of the real estate market, this thesis determines the factors which influence market prices and market rents and it describes the way of their influence.
Between the Landscape and the City
Promna, Denisa ; Nový, Vítězslav (referee) ; Žalmanová, Petra (advisor)
The subject of the thesis was to prepare an architectural and urban design of the entrance space at the premises of the Palacky University Faculty of Natural Sciences in Olomouc - Holice. The proposal focuses on understanding the place of life of students and scientists. The main proposed building is based on a golden section - not only architectural matter, but also the contents of the buildings works with an understanding of the importance of education. Communicating knowledge to future generations. The current state of the site is created by a spontaneous development without a closer urban solution. The new object is positioned in a position that creates a clear, dominating character, but also respects the current state. The object focuses on meeting people with an idea, over a book or in a circle of study college. In contrast to that, relaxation and relaxation in the countryside appear. This is the inspiration for the creation of a building, while there is a certain rationality in the choice of architectural expression. The interface between the city (man-made) and nature is represented by a disk-dialogue forum. The spiritual overlapping of the architectural expression will allow us to understand the interface and potential of the site on the outskirts of Olomouc. City - nature
Reconstruction of intersection of streets Jeremenkova and Pasteurova in the city of Olomouc
Reiter, Tomáš ; Skřička, Petr (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the reconstruction of intersection streets Jeremenkova, Pasteurova and Černá cesta. This design is a new roundabout with three branches and one bypass. The aim of renovation is to improve traffic safety at the intersection and increasing continuity and respecting architectural principles. This project addresses the design of roundabout, analyzing problems and developer technical studies.
Mixed-use building
Slavotínková, Radka ; Mizerová,, Lenka Smolková (referee) ; Smolka, Radim (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of the new polyfunctional residency building in Olomouc. Object has square shape and five upper floors and basement. Building is designed as a stand-alone building comprising three operational units. In the first floor is located a café and a bookstore and separate building entry. In the second floor are located offices and the rest of the building is formed with total 12 housing units with different layouts and sizes. In the basement are located cellars for housing units and utility room. The object is designed with separate parking lot. Vertical support system is formed by reinforced concrete skeleton and filling masonry from ceramic fittings Porotherm. Horizontal support system is formed by beams and ceiling slabs from reinforced concrete. Object is based on foundation footings made from reinforced concrete. Roof is designed as a single-shell flat roof. Object is insulated with mineral wool and a ventilated facade made of fiber-cement slabs is designed. The work contains a documentation and design part and is processed as a documentation for the costruction execution.

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