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Kindergarten in Jihlava
Vystrčil, Jan ; Straka,, Bohumil (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
In diploma thesis is elaborated project documentation for the construction of an building of kindergarten. The building is situated in peryphery of Jihlava city. The building is two-storey kindergarten building with a basement. There aure two classes for children 3 - 6 years old in the building. In diploma thesis is elaborated architect-building solutions, building – construction solutions, fire safety solutions and physics qualities of constructions.
Technological phase of the upper structure of the warehouse building in Kroměříž
Zdražil, Ondřej ; Vlčková, Jitka (referee) ; Venkrbec, Václav (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis tackles the technological steps of the storage object in Kroměříž. Work focuses on installation of steel structures. Main part of the work is by technologacal regulation for the installation of steel construction. There too the machinery of the processed control and the test plan, transport routest and itemized budget. The equipment is processed, the equipment, the technical report of the entire building and health and safety.
Extension of the oncology centre of The University Hospital Brno - rough substructure
Gottvaldová, Denisa ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the construction and technological solution of the rough substructure stage of The University Hospital Brno oncology centre. The thesis content is a technical report of the construction and technological project, construction site equipment, design of the machine assembly, transport routes solution, technological regulation for micropiles implementation, control and test plan, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, line budget, timetable.
The Building Minska Brno
Juchelka, Tomáš ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is based on my architectonic study written during the third year of studying. The theme is the project related to the town house Minska in Brno which will be situated in the current blank space in the street Minska which is located in the town district Brno Žabovřesky. In the thesis this project is subsequently developed into higher levels in terms of project documentation. The main idea is the draft of dominant but at the same time undemanding objects in terms of material and operation which bring the order into the particular area. Currently there are simple family houses and four and five-storey buildings in particular. In their ground floors there are services, shops and things like that. The estate which is the basis of my project is situated in the blank space between two buildings and is very narrow, deep and oriented on north and south by its shorter sides. The draft of the building elaborated by myself is divided into two parts – SO1 and SO2 which are interconnected with smaller garden. First of them – SO1 is a part of built-up area related to the street Minska and is constituted by the basic cubic substance characteristic of five above-ground and one underground storeys. There are four residential units, non-residential commercial space and technical facilities. The second part SO2 is situated on the second side of the estate on its edge next to the street called Kubanska made of the same cubic substance and is divided into two higher four and five-storey parts and one lower single-storey part in the middle. There are six residential units, three non-residential ones, technical facilities and underground parking place. There are ten residential units and four separate commercial spaces designed in my project. In terms of construction both parts are arranged as longitudinal wall system made of reinforced concrete which is stiffened by means of core and monolithic ceiling of reinforced concrete.
The Multifunctional building in Brno Lisen
Bušinová, Eva ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
Bachelors work comes from an atelier project that was worked out during the subject AG035. The content of this Bachelors work is to work out the project documentation for the study of new building multifunctional house. Studied object, new building with polyfunctional use, is part of the city Brno, occurred in the city quarter Líšeň. Part of the project is not only the architectonic object itself but also the solution for its environment. In the Bachelors work is taken into account the placing of the parcel onsteep land or orientation of the house within the frame of cardinal directions. The multifunctional building of this Bachelors work is drawn as a house offering various possibilities of health care – „Health house“. There is situated medical surgery, dental surgery, laboratory or pharmacy. But there is also a commercial space for relaxation or exercise rooms and a coffee room. The object has four floors, two underground floors and two overground floors. The underground floors offer parking of employees and visitors and the technical room is also situated there. The overground floors offer health care and commercial usage. Both overground floors have sanitation provisions and the whole building is barrier free. Concerning the placement of the parcel on a 6 meter landfall, entrance to the building will be possible with the help of a bridge. A ramp placed around the building provides access to the garage. A remarkable feature is the double-skin facade made from lengthwise and crosswise lamellas. Part of this double-skin facade is made of rotatable wooden lamellas, used as a system of rotatable blinds which allows sunlight passing into the building. The Bachelors work addresses the regulation systems, heat and light regulation and the design of an extensive vegetative roof with a skylight.
Water park Brno
Krček, Jan ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
Diploma thesis Aquapark Brno is directly connected with the previous specialist course "Sports Center Za Lužánkami Brno". This project dealt was focused on overall concept, architectural and urban study of this area with an emphasis on sports, recreation and relaxation. There was created a zone of predominantly professional sport in the southern part of this area. There were built football and ice hockey stadiums on the newly created terrace/platform. These stadiums are located approximately in the same places as their current (football) or non-existent (hockey) predecessors. The terrace/platform (parking is located under the terrace) continues, and the newly expanded Boby Hotel follows the recreational sports zone with an Aquapark and outdoor sports grounds located behind the existing Tesco shopping centre. There is formed a new park in north of the sports grounds forming a recreational-relaxation zone on the territory of Planýrka. The existing building of a 50 meter swimming pool dominates the area of Aquapark. It was built in 1979 according to the project architect Otakar Oplatek. However this object no longer meets the requirements of today's visitors or athletes. The new building which includes a twenty-five meter tall swimming pool with a background is being added to the existing building. So there is a separable swimming area created here, which can serve both - swimmers and teenagers or professional athletes. There is a good possibility of racing as well. The new building connects eastward to the building of the roofed Aquapark partially hidden beneath the terraces and resting areas. These three through-flowing but mutually separable objects together with the platform define the area of the outdoor aquapark. He is also separate off from the noisy Sportovní street, but it has a sufficient supply of sunlight. In the place of the original children's pool and extension to the places of today's little park in front of the building there is space f
A design of a portion of a prototype of a new attendance system
Florians, Patrik ; Lipták, Ľuboš (referee) ; Neuwirth, Bernard (advisor)
Topic of this thesis discusses a proposed implementation of a part of a newly developed attendance system’s prototype for a company Global IT Center s.r.o. Theoretical section of the thesis includes various methods based on which an analysis of a current state and a proposal of a solution, which are located in later sections of this document have been formulated. An attendance system typically consists of multiple key components, however this thesis’ content includes only an analysis and a proposed implementation of a software part of the system – an attendance application. An analysis of a current state part includes a detailed analysis of a solution currently implemented in the company. The last part of this thesis – proposed solution includes a description of proposed implementation, which was implemented and tested using multiple technologically diverse environments.
The glass shepherd
Dohnalová, Tea ; Fajnor, Richard (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
The topic of my thesis are menhirs. Specifically, the largest Czech menhir known as the Stone Shepherd (3200 cm). The aim of this work was to transfer the exact shape and size of this megalith and materialize it here in Brno. This goal required the use of many procedures. At the beginning there was a photo shoot, then a 3D program, 3D program editing, and slicing into contour lines. Then I projected the menhir on a wall in real size and traced it to polystyrene boards. The next step was to cut out all 104 plates on a band saw and I could go to gluing and folding the whole object. The final step was to paint the object in white. The result is a simple and clean polystyrene object. I did not cover the contour lines - I present the object in the most direct form possible. The styrofoam megalith, despite its size, is a sculpture in the interior. Ideally, I would create an installation that would create a separate, isolated space for the object.
Cultural landscape
Plachký, Tomáš ; Kotzmannová,, Alena (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The thesis deals with current cultural landscape and reflection of individual social topics in Europe. The installation consists of three objects that solve the individual theme, using material experiments. Their reactions shift these topics further to certain associations.

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