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U.S.-Saudi Counterterrorism Cooperation after 9/11
Pánek, Robin ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Bureš, Oldřich (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the influence of changing nature of the terrorist threat on the foreign policy of the United States during the presidency of Barack Obama in the region of Middle East, together with the impact of changes in this foreign policy on the cooperation and relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The changing nature of the terrorist threat is analyzed primarily on the example of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and analyzed are also the circumstances of its rise, the events of the Arab Spring. The course of these events is shown in the cases of countries important for the current U.S. foreign policy in the region, therefore in the cases of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and the U.S. foreign policy is analyzed in relation with its reaction on these events. Shown is the shift in this foreign policy, tied with the changes in the counterterrorism policy due to the changes in the nature of the terrorist threat. Resulting foreign policy is analyzed using the Foreign Policy Analysis and its models, which helps to explain the apparent rift in the Obama administration in relation to Middle East. The last chapter focuses primarily on the cooperation of the United States with Saudi Arabia and the Saudi relation with terrorism. Shown are Saudi counterterrorism...
Unmanned Warfare: How Liberal Democracy Legitimizes Drone Attacks and Killings Abroad
Kocourek, Tomáš ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Csernatoni, Raluca (referee)
Diploma thesis " and Killings Abroad" is dedicated to depiction of employment of armed unmanned aerial administration's officials. The thesis is based on constructivist conception of world affairs isn't employed in order to describe objective realit Obama administration's of "us" and "them", that has proved to be very flexible in this study, underpins legitimization of
Who's Afraid of the Lurking Bear: The Resecuritization of Russia in the Post-Crimean United States National Security Discourse
Prushankin, Keith ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ditrych, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis presents a discourse analysis of American perceptions of Russia in their historical and contemporary context. Through the linguistic construction of security offered by the Copenhagen School of Securitization, we can trace the socio-political development of Russia as the threatening other in the American discourse. This thesis has demonstrated the consistency of linguistic devices in the American Russia discourse from the 18th century to the Crimean Crisis, and has identified specific linguistic packages which securitizing actors unpack according to their preferences and goals in a given situation. This thesis also demonstrates that the resecuritization of a previously desecuritized object may occur through the use of preexisting discursive devices that play on existing elements of the national consciousness. Keywords Resecuritization, Securitization, United States, Russia, Socio-Political Discourse, Crimean Crisis, Copenhagen School, Obama Administration, Vladimir Putin Range of thesis: 121 pages, 34,048 words, 240,229 keystrokes.
Impact of the National Ocean Policy in the United States
Ouředníková, Petra ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Hornát, Jan (referee)
This thesis analyzes the newly established U.S. National Ocean Policy. Through a content analysis of all obtained sources concerning the opinions on the policy, the main hypothesis is either confirmed or disproved. It can be assumed that Republicans would oppose this policy from obvious ideological reasons, whilst Democrats would support this policy, because it originated from their administrative and follows their positive approach to environmental issues. The ocean is not only for the United States, but also for the whole world an important source of food and various minerals, affects weather, produces a great amount of oxygen and absorbs noticeable amount of pollutants. Its economic potential for the United States is imperative and the worsening conditions of the ocean ecosystems represent an enormous potential threat to the future economic prosperity of the United States. President Barack Obama reinforced this ocean policy, which should response to the worsening conditions of the ocean, aim focus on the improvements of the ocean management and simultaneously enhance the protection of the ocean ecosystems. This policy began its journey in 2010 and was finished on paper in 2013. Its implementation will take many years, during which this political framework should lead to improvement of the ocean...
The Approach of the First and Second Obama Administration to Israel: A Comparison Between 2009 and 2014
Čurdová, Markéta ; Bečka, Jan (advisor) ; Anděl, Petr (referee)
This thesis aims to compare the approach of the first and second Obama admi- nistrations to Israel between years 2009 and 2014. It analyzes American foreign policy with respect to Israel through several criteria including the process of conflict resolution, Obama's rhetoric and number of visits into the region made by secretaries of state. The work also observes what effect the Arab spring and the Iranian nuclear program had on American policy towards Israel. By comparing these criteria the author identifies the main differences in the ap- proach to Israel. The thesis verifies the hypothesis that the first Obama admi- nistration accepted pro-Palestinian approach with regard to resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that it was willing to act more independently on Israel with regard to geopolitical development in the region. The thesis an- swers four questions. How did the approach of the two Obama administrations to Israel-Palestinian conflict change? How did the geopolitical events in the re- gion affect the approach to Israel? Is it possible to observe an exertion of higher pressure on Tel Aviv to make compromises? Does the American perspective of Israel as an ally change in the long run?
The Current Position of the USA in the International System - What Security Policy?
Kudláčková, Iva ; Karlas, Jan (advisor) ; Hynek, Nikola (referee)
This graduate thesis analyzes the security policy of the United States during the previous administration of President George W. Bush and the current administration of President Obama. The first section is devoted to a detailed analysis of the security strategies of both administrations as well as to their practical applications, not only in the field of defense and military, but also in foreign trade and building of alliances and partnerships. Based on this analysis the first part concludes that, although the Obama's security policy is criticized for being just a "Bush lite", it differs clearly in almost all mentioned areas. The thesis identifies, as the most essential, the difference in the overall concept of the security policy, which is multilateral and less militarily engaged at the time of the Obama administration than during the Bush administration which is characterized by unilateral approach with pre-emptive use of force. The second part of this thesis thus builds on these major differences. Based on previous analysis of both policies then generates hypotheses which aim at finding a cause of this change. To test the hypotheses this study makes use of three classical theories of international relations, which include elements that have been previously identified as a possible driving force...

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