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The Status of Non-governmental Organizations in International Law
Příhoda, René ; Balaš, Vladimír (advisor) ; Honusková, Věra (referee) ; Hýbnerová, Stanislava (referee)
The Status of Non-governmental Organizations in International Law Abstract Non-governmental Organizations and particularly International Non-governmental Organizations are important players in international relations as well as other stakeholders like States, International Governmental Organizations and Supranational Corporations. Each of these actors has a unique role in international relations, but the role of these actors can overlap each other. Where the interests of these entities overlap, the interaction between actors takes the place. The aim of this thesis was the historical evaluation of the status of International Non- governmental Organizations till the present, settle up with the theoretical basis of legal doctrine on international legal subjectivity and the classification and division of International Non-governmental Organizations. Another objective of the thesis was the definition of individual actors of international relations and embracing of organizations "sui generis" and the most important non-governmental organizations from different sectors and (by using a uniform methodology) compare these organizations and theirs influence on the international public law. In the next part, the thesis pursued with the extraction of statistical data and their placement into the historical context,...
Social work with endangered children in "Centrum pro děti Mezipatro"
Plomerová, Veronika ; Žáčková, Hana (advisor) ; Čedík, Miloslav (referee)
The aim of this dissertation is to examine approaches to social work dealing with children at risk and their families. Of particular interest to this examination are the processes of social work practice, support of vulnerable children, family's effect upon child's endangered situation as well as the role of family in the process of social work practice with the child. Further subjects of investigation are specific methods and instruments of social work practice with children in need, competence and role of social workers along with legal standards in this field of social work. The first part of the work describes general and theoretical structure of social work practice with socially endangered children. Following part consists of social work methods applied in Mezipatro Children's Centre. The research part includes an analysis of semi- structured interviews conducted with social workers from Mezipatro Children's Centre and is focused on efficiency and risks of social work tools used in Mezipatro Children's Centre.
Recontextualization of Non-Governmental Organizations in Discourse of Czech Television's News and Public Affairs
Maxa, Tomáš ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Zezulková, Markéta (referee)
This thesis is concerned with processes of decontextualization and recontextualization of non-governmental organizations in discourse of news and public affairs of Czech television. Due to the so called european migrant crisis and other domestic or foreign events, which have recently taken dominant place in TV news, critique of Czech television's broadcasting has increased significantly. Mostly it's aimed towards supposed bias, unbalanced reporting, tendentious way of approaching guests and favoritism of certain NGOs, just to name a few. Thesis is divided into three parts, gradually presenting theoretical framework including some related terms (intertextuality, dialogism, media bias etc.), methodological approach and practical elaboration of analysis. The method used is critical discourse analysis, loosely based on Fairclough's threedimensional model of CDA. Main goal of the analysis is to find out whether there are aspects of implicit ideologies or media bias in examined utterance.
Trust to Some Public Institutions - October 2017
Tuček, Milan
In October 2017 as a part of Public Opinion Research Centre's survey there was a question investigating citizens' trust to some social institutions.
Effects of multiculturalism on civil society organizations
Michalíková, Lenka ; Moree, Dana (advisor) ; Navrátil, Jiří (referee)
Diplomová práce zjišťuje, jak nestátní neziskové organizace zabývající se migranty (NNO) do jeho používání. Do práce byla zahrnuta rovněž perspektiva zástupců státní správy, kteří by dle teorie vzájemné závislosti mohli mít významný vliv na vnímání a používání výrazu multikulturalismus ze strany NNO. Dále se práce věnuje hodnocení spolupráce mezi NNO a v němž navazuje na vybrané diplomové práce z Katedry studií občanské společnosti. Během sběru dat vypukla tzv. uprchlická krize, jejíž možný efekt na zkoumanou problematiku je také součástí práce. Stěžejní část práce tvoří kvalitativní výzkum, který byl den metodou polostrukturovaných rozhovorů a byl doplněn obsahovou analýzou dokumentů NNO a státní správy.
Use of the internet for fundraising in non-governmental organizations
Apoštol, Ladislav ; Vávrová, Hana (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this Master´s Thesis is to analyse the way in which non-governmental organizations approach the use of the internet for fundraising. The Master´s Thesis explores attitudes of non-governmental organizations towards this medium as well as the factors that motivate these organizations to use the internet. In order to achieve the aim the author carried out qualitative research based on semi-structured interview attended by representatives of a total of ten selected non-governmental organizations. The results show that non-governmental organizations use the internet for fundraising, however there are considerable gaps in their effectiveness. Online fundraising does not entail a significant financial source. Non-governmental organizations use the internet mainly to build a relationship with their supporters. Online fundraising is therefore seen as a complement to classic fundraising methods that still dominate in case of Czech non-governmental organizations.
The Role of the civic sector in discussions on education of the Roma ethnic group children
Bardová, Kristýna ; Muhič Dizdarevič, Selma (advisor) ; Benyovszky, Selma (referee)
The main question of my thesis is what role non-profit organizations play in policies regarding Roma education in the Czech Republic. The thesis includes how these non-profit organizations can influence the policy. The research focuses on small groups of NGO's that support inclusive education in unspecialized schools. NGO's are active proponents of inclusion related politics, too. The research contains interviews with representatives or employers of these organizations, and it also looks into channels that represent the use in policy-making. The document presents what activists regard as effective instruments of policy-making, and which instruments activists consider as ineffective. The thesis comprises the difficulties and struggles these non-profit organizations encounter. The study tenders examples of policy-making in small groups of organizations, as well as possible ways NGO's advocate in the Czech state system. This thesis also compares inclusive education policy-making with other fields of policy-making. To conclude, this thesis analyzes the role of non-profit organizations and their ability to exert change at a policy level.
The Cooperation of the State and NGOs on the MEDEVAC program
Šindlerová, Markéta ; Valeš, František (advisor) ; Deverová, Lenka (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the possible cooperation between the state and NGOs on the program of medical evacuation MEDEVAC during last three years. The aim of this study is to bring a coherent view on the MEDEVAC program and mainly to look into a relation between the state and NGOs which provide services to the state so they play irreplaceable role in this interaction, all through the analysis of interview with particular representatives. The discovered findings from the research and evaluated achieved aims are placed in the conclusion of the thesis.

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