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Evaluation of the impact of the selected investment project on the development of the area
Laciga, Jan ; Krejza, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
This thesis deals with problematics of insufficiency of parking spots in the area of the city of Prague and related Terminal Zlicin investment plan. In the theoretical part there are described basic concepts, investment process stages and public investment evaluation methods. Furthermore, the topics of regional development and regional policy are covered. In the practical part there are several analyses of current status and the impact of Terminal Zlicin project on the area development processes.
Zatloukalová, Denisa ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
There is a large number of localities in Prague that have lost their industrial glory or transport signifi cance. Today, these areas remain unused and turn into neglected scars on the city´s face. 1466 hectares of such territories exist now in Prague. Their transformation and limitation of the city´s expansion is one of the main goals of the new Prague´s Metropolitan Plan. And the solution to the transformation of the former ČKD is the subject of this thesis. Conditions for the revitalization of the territory of the former ČKD are embedded in the zoning plan for the Prague´s district Vysočany, in the new Metropolitan Plan and the new development projects in surrounding play its role too. The aim of the chapter is to evaluate the existing land situation, its use with respect to the new Metropolitan Plan and conceptual renewal of the postindustrial territory of Vysočany district. The thesis presents a possible example of the creation of a new urban district, which offers housing, modern offices, sports and all amenities. Modern architecture of high-rise buildings is complemented by quality solutions of public spaces, green streets and parks.
Černeyová, Natália ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
The topic of the diploma’s thesis is a proposal of revitalization of the former industrial area in Prague, Vysočany. The neighborhood that was in the past in the suburbs of Prague near the railway is now barely used or not used for the benefit of the city district and its users. The proposal is based on creating an active environment that would correspond to the modern running of the city and serve the needs of its inhabitants. The urban-architectural study respects the current trends of the locality and ongoing development projects, which will significantly influence the appearance and functioning of Vysočany district. In particular, the given locality is characterized by the lack of urban life, as it is mainly the industrial district, as well as the center itself, which would correspond to a major urban district. An important part of the whole concept was the intervention of the area with the new city boulevard Kolbenova. The aim of the thesis is a proposal that would be based on the needs of Prague as a metropolitan city, therefore the proposal respects the currently discussed Metropolitan Plan, which allows high-rise development in the given locality. The study seeks to create sufficient housing capacity and opportunities that represent the potential for the entire city district and can respond to the demand of the population for quality living in the city according to current standards relating to the capital city of Prague.
Územní plánování - Metropolitní plán hlavního města Prahy
Volfová, Adéla ; Vymětal, Petr (advisor) ; Lisa, Aleš (referee)
Urban planning form the space occupied by people, but their participation ratio is low. In spite of the fact that they can be concerned in city planning for example to be engaged in interest group, that could affect it. The thesis aim the question of the affect on the process of making Prague Land Use Plan (Metropolitan plan). The theoretical part defines the detailed explanation of the city planning and presents project submission of Metropolitan plan, and also set the context. In the practical part of the thesis the urban agents and their interests are charactised. The process of urban planning is influenced by three obligatory urban agents - the public, the interest groups and the political representation. The conclusion of this work is setting the way of affecting and their classification.

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