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Overuse of psychopharmaceuticals in seniors
Dobrovolná, Kristýna ; Drbohlavová, Barbora (advisor) ; Minařík, Jakub (referee)
Way-outs: The old age may be difficult for some seniors in terms of the biological, psychological and social changes. These changes may be hardly accepted by seniors. The unpleasant states conected with these ganges must be trated with psychopharmaceuticals. Some seniors underestimate correct dosing of psychopharmaceuticals and they adjust the dosage arbitrarily. Objectives: The aim of the research was to describe the patterns of the psychopharmaceuticals usage in the senior age. The intention was to find out which circumstances leaded the people who overuse the psychopharmaceuticals to the overuse of psychoactive drugs, how do they acquire the medication, whether they have been educated in the proper usage of the drugs in advance, whether they buy the non-prescription medications and if they try to stop the overuse or if they intend to stop in the future. The aim of the research was also to highlight this issue and to inform both - the public and the experts that the seniors are a specific group and it is necessery to develop the comprehensive care. Methods: Data collection was realized by using a qualitative method of deliberate selection, using the snowball sampling. The interviews were conducted with ten seniors, including eight women and two men. The interview was semi-structured, it was...
The issue of excessive use of antibiotics and its consequences
The diploma thesis is devoted to issue of excessive use of antibiotics and ist consequences, the emphasis here is put especially on resistance. Due to the treatment were developed resistance stones, that did not exist earlier. Germs gained new behaviour as time went on and its sensitivity was changed to the given antibiotics. Established goals of this work were to analyse and find out which antibiotics are the most prescribed by practical doctors and what kind of antibiotics are the most used by inhabitants. The next target was to find out if people are aware of consequences of excessive use of antibiotics. The last aim was to capture the development of antibiotics consumption by inhabitants in the Czech Republic. Results show that antibiotics of the penicillin series are among the most commonly prescribed and used antibiotics, 73% of respondents have knowledge of the side effects and the consumption of antibiotics has an increasing tendency.
The Development of health policy approach to homeopathy in the early 21st century
Rabová, Lenka ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Bodnár, Jan (referee)
Lenka Rabová, Vývoj přístupu zdravotní politiky k homeopatii na počátku 21. století Abstract The research theme of this thesis is the trend of raising disbelief of patients in Czech Republic in scientific medicine. The goal of the thesis is to reflect evolution of the homeopathy status in CZ from 1989 to present and to find causes and factors, for which patients prefers treatment by homeopathy, instead of scientific medicine. For the research, methods of (1) critical discourse analysis (CDA) (2) institutional analysis and (3) semi structured interview. The result: Homeopathy was tolerated between years of 1991-1996 by ČLS JEP. Worldwide studies of homeopathy gradually led to the summary of the assessment findings to the inefficiency of homeopathy. In the last five to ten years we can see strong critical and professional discourse on the national (CLS JEP, CLK Sysifos) and international (HNMRC, FDA) levels, which strongly aims against homeopathy. Homeopathy is being used by the patients because of lack of trust in scientific medicine, which is caused by commercializing of the scientific medicine, dissatisfaction of doctor's attitude, dissatisfaction of the methods and practices of scientific medicine, its results and absence of the holistic treatment. Part of the doctors also holds the critical attitude of...
The incidence of vertebral problems for doctors, nurses, caregivers and technicians, design physiotherapy intervention. A subjective approach to working with a physical therapist.
Ragulová, Michaela ; Pitrmanová, Věra (advisor) ; Marečková, Soňa (referee)
1 Title of bachelor thesis: The incidence of vertebral problems, for doctors, nurses, caregivers and technicians, design of physiotherapy intervention a subjective approach to working with a physical therapist Abstract: Bachelor thesis devoted to the topic of vertebrogenic difficulties with health staff, specifically with the group of doctors, nurses, caregivers and laboratory technicians, and closer to exploring their subjective approach to the cooperation with a physiotherapist. The theoretical part is focused on description of the anatomy and kinesiology of the axial body, also on biomechanics and disc plate. A separate chapter consists of the deep stabilization system and the next chapter focuses on the issue of vertebrogenic difficulties and their treatment. The first part of the practical part consists of research in the form of a questionnaire survey, which points to the frequency of occurrence of back pain in health personnel. Selected twelve of the respondents from each group of doctors, nurses, caregivers and laboratory technician. Compared are as individual respondents, or groups between themselves. The second part contains three case reports of patients with back pain. For each of them was carried out input and output tests, six therapies, and finally the appreciation of the patients ' access...
The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Czech Republic
Kaprová, Barbora ; Pargač, Jan (advisor) ; Hejzlarová, Tereza (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the description of the situation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Czech Republic. Therefore it is not based on specialised literature only, but primarily on a questionnaire research and personal interviews with therapists of Chinese Medicine. In order to enhance the validity of the study, the research was conducted between four differently interested groups. The sample of respondents was divided into therapists, physicians, clients of Chinese Medicine and patients of Western Medicine. Another important source of information was the media. The turning point for Chinese Medicine in the Czech Republic is represented in the socio-political revolution in the 1990s. The revolution enabled the development of Chinese Medicine which continues up to the present. This thesis describes the current situation of the field and looks at options for studying Chinese Medicine, public interest in the treatment, and critique from defenders of Western Medicine who wish to preserve and develop only the scientific way of healing. Despite that globalization destroys the differences between the East and the West, Chinese Medicine developed several thousand years ago is still based on its original principles and philosophy. Therefore understanding the principles is essential for the...

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