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Structure-Space-City "Urban block completion"
Langnerová, Karolina ; Zadražilová, Miroslava (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
This work seeks to verify the possible construction of a kindergarten in very confined conditions in the courtyard so that children can take dignified first steps in educational facilities and at the same time to economically use the land in the city center.
Urban study of developing area Dolní Vítkovice
Vlach, Jan ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
The object of this Thesis is an area adjacent to European heritage site of Dolni Vitkovice, in the city of Ostrava, Moravian-Silesian Region. This work focuses on making the area more accessible by all means of transportation, overcoming natural and man-made barriers as well as exploring the possibility of dense development on the site while maintaining its industrial identity. All that in context of otherwise slowly shrinking post-industrial city with aging and declining urban population.
Rozbor tří obytných souborů ve městě Vídeň
Matyášová, Jana
This study belows to project GA ČR reg. č. 17-26104S supervised by doc. Kopáčik. It covers three residential complexes built in one district of the city of Vienna. The mentioned complexes are Frauen Werk Stadt, Compact City a Car - free housing.
The compact city - rehabilitation of the urban area surrounding the historic center of Brno
Vodička, Jan ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of the diploma thesis is to design a form of redeveloped urban area adjacent to the historical city centre of Brno. The design follows the tradition of the compact city and its development from the medieval age until the 19th century. Mixed functions, preference of non-motorised and public transport, vital shopping streets with greenery, permeability and spaces without barriers are characteristics for the proposed city of short distances. The design has its own distinctive approach to the plot, conceptually differing from the valid local development plan. I do not believe that the important animating impulse for the underdeveloped district of Brno-Zábrdovice should consist of tearing down existing buildings and replacing them with a new thoroughfare duplicating the internal city ring road.
The compact city - rehabilitation of the urban area surrounding the historic center of Brno
Fučíková, Hana ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis is conceived as a conceptual urban design of an area in the wider part of Brno city centre, in the district Brno-Zábrdovice. It works with the new principles of the compact city. It is focused primarily on the resurgence of streets, public spaces, waterfront of Svitava river, construction of areas for housing in the form of block of houses and revitalization of Cejl street. Project is designed according to contemporary urban design principles and eliminates the degree of flooding by automobile traffic in Brno city centre.
Urban study of development area Vítkovice - Moravská Ostrava
Vrtek, Tomáš ; Kopáčik,, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor) ; Kopáčik,, Gabriel (advisor)
This thesis deals with development of location which lies in close distance of historical center of Moravská Ostrava. Area of interest lies on south end of city part Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz. It is defined by streets K Trojhalí, Místecká, railways no. 321 nd 323 and by Ostravice river. The main aim was to design new part of city and create a strategy of its development which reacts to the actual trends of city development. It is also crutial for creating a „bridge“ between two cultural and educational centers of the city – between historical part of Moravská Ostrava and currently forming new center in listed technical area Dolní oblast Vítkovice.
5-minutes neighbourhood
Šámalová, Daniela ; Glosová,, Dagmar (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor)
The assigned territory is situated in the City of Brno, in the city district of Židenice. From the west it is limited by the railway track Brno-Židenice, from the east by Koperníkova Street, from the north by Lazaretní Street and finally from the south by Bubeníčkova Street. Its area is approximately 45, 480 m2 which is 4,55 ha. From the urban perspective it is an intensive development in a separated block of the city with a protection zone. Total area is permeated by a few lines for pedestrians. The pedestrian zone provides better permeability of the area and better accessibility of the trade parterre. The buildings connect to surrounding development and respect the density of the integrity of the area. Intensive housing structure is regarded as "the city of short distance". The achievement of high density of housing development combines lots of various functions and relatively small built-up surface. While high-quality environment is preserved, people can find job oportunities in the intensive housing development without the need for transport. For achievement conception of compact city applies space urban planning. The shape of the estate directly impacted the principle of the proposal together with the city planning context of the current buildings. In the protective zone there is established a huge park with water reservoirs. The walk-through trade parterre is filled with many various functions, on its walkable roof is created a semi-public zone with skylights and freely introduced verdure. On the walkable roof there are independent blocks of apartments and public facilities. In the northern and southern corner are located public-service utilities and in the middle of this area there is a nursery and a kindergarden. In structural terms the building it is about cast-in-place concrete reinforced frame based on a white concrete foundation which has one underground level and five above-ground levels.
Transformace postindustriálních měst ve střední Evropě
Březovská, Markéta
Cílem mé disertační práce je zanalyzovat a popsat fenomén individualizace v postindustriální společnosti a jeho vliv na fungovaní středoevropského města.
Urban agriculture
Šárka, Jan
Within the contemporary European city many people no longer see the relationship between life and its natural supporting processes. Increasing of geografical and psychological distances between food producer makes recent unsustainable way of food producti
Renovation of small and medium-sized cities in South Moravia and Lower Austria
Navrátil, Václav
Problems of cities are gradually moving to small towns. One way to achieve sustainability may be the compact city.

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