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The Book Song of Songs as an Answer to Qohelet's Vanity
This thesis is concerned with, in the words of Song of Songs, finding an appropriate answer to Qohelet's vanity - vanity of a human life and things that inherently come with it, as Qohelet himself proclaims in his book. The first chapter introduces the Book of Qohelet and aims to capture the main themes of vanity and transience, while also providing the ways out from this situation, as presented by Qohelet. The second chapter introduces the reader to the Song of Songs book while also describing its content which concerns the interpretation of love between a man and a woman. The third chapter brings forward efforts of the author and the main themes and conclusions of the book are analysed. This allows - in the conclusion of this thesis - to answer the question of whether the love in the Songs of Songs is a possible answer to Qoheleth's vanity - the transience of a human life, as brought out by Qohelet in his work.
The Book of Qohelet in the Context of Ancient Philosophy
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze The Book of Qohelet in the Context of Ancient Philosophy. The first part of the thesis introduces the book itself, focusing on its title, authorship, place of origin and defining themes in particular. The thesis continues with a basic characteristic of four ancient philosophies: the philosophy of 6th and 5th century BC and its main herald, Heraclitus, the Aristotle philosophy and Hellenistic philosophy, namely Stoicism and Epicureanism. What follows is the comparison of the listed philosophies and the book itself. The thesis concentrates on finding similarities between the book and those contemporary philosophies. It also hopes to answer the question of whether the influential parts of those philosophies are somehow reflected in the book itself.
Educational Needs of Pastors at Church of the Brethren
Mudrová, Gabriela ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Záškodná, Helena (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to analyse the educational needs of the pastors in the Church of the Bretheren denomination in the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the situation and position of churches in the Czech republic. Later in the chapter the Church of the Bretheren is introduced. Chapter 2 describes the job title of pastor in the Church of the Bretheren, the pastor's roles, rights and duties and pastor's job desription. In the chapter is a proposal of the pastor's needed competencies. Chapter 3 presents existing opportunities for education for pastors. Also in Chapter 3, study plans of chosen educational institutions are analysed and compared with proposed competencies. The third chapter leads to chapter 4 which contents an analysis of the educational needs of the pastors at the Church of the Bretheren. The aim of this analysis is to identify the existing educational needs and to find out how these educational needs were fulfilled during the internal church preparatory vicar program. Key words: the Church of Bretheren, pastor, vicar program, educational needs, competencies
Kierkegaard and Ecclesiastes: The Relationship between Knowledge and Grief
Janoušková, Anna ; Marek, Jakub (advisor) ; Kružík, Josef (referee)
The presented philosophical-anthropological interpretation seeks to examine the phenomenon of "the image of humanity" (the becoming of Self) and consequently to study the human condition defined as "man longing for knowledge", all from a Christian perspective. After a thorough overview of the development of the Skeptical tradition in the history of philosophy, the two subjects of study will be interpreted, phenomenologically and exegetically, based on various texts from the Danish existencialist Søren Kierkegaard and the Old Testament book Ecclesiastes. The following comparison will enable us to see the parallel between knowledge and doubt in both of the authors' works. We shall come to a conclusion that there is an exponential relationship between knowledge and doubt: the more knowledge there is, the more doubt arises. During this interpretation, the aim will also be to trace the origin of doubt, while using the story of creation from the book of Genesis as the foundation for our study. Doubt, as we shall notice, entered the world accompanied by sin (in the form of consciousness) after Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This moment was crucial, for man committed a qualitative leap from innocence to the state of sin. Therefore, man is situated in between two extremes...
P. František Xaver Paleček: Portrait of Czech Vianneye
The thesis deals with F. František Xaver Paleček´s work and his historical legacy to the Czech society. The author depicts František Xaver Paleček´s life, but separated and fundamental work lies finally in the elaboration of his pastoral activity in the region. His numerous sermons, his confessional, club,pedagogical and charitable activities, which made F. Paleček famous during his life already, mainly during his 24-year-work in a Central Bohemian village Kovářov, are analysed there. The thesis also tries to find out his political opinions and his material background as well. It follows his everyday steps in the region. At the end of the thesis it is pointed to F. Paleček´s life after death in memories of many contemporaries, and to his authority in social-spiritual events in the region for decades ahead. This thesis has been worked out on the base of up to now non-published archival sources. Formaly published literature, once secretly printed articles and memories helped to create the frame of the work in the second line, mainly there, where the primary sources did not offer the continuity.
The Baptist Church in Pardubice in years 1922 - 1989
ŠÍP, Luděk
The dissertation is engaged in the history of the Baptist Church in Pardubice. This church became independent in 1922 and belongs to the Baptist Union of the Czech Republic. The dissertation is focused to the time frame from 1922 to 1989. The paper also contains brief information about the Baptist Union and about the beginning of Baptist work on the ground of Bohemia. This paper introduces history of the church, its life and activities. Observes the development of the member base, held events, work with children and youth. An important part of this paper presents the first pastor of this church, Jan Ricar. A special attention is given to a political case whose victim he became. In the outline are stated brief biographies of all pastors in this church until the year 1989.
History of the Baptists in Sokolov from its beginnings to the end of 20 century
The Bachelor thesis deals with the development of Baptist Union churches not only in the former Czechoslovakia, but individual local churches in Cheb, Sokolov and Kraslice. In the first part are answered doctrinal point of view, what Baptists believe. Then there is the answer, what personalities and movements Baptist Union was affected. The second part is an excursion in the specific events of Baptist congregations. The largest part of this thesis is primarily a comprehensive overview of the history of Baptist Church in Sokolov in the range of this meeting until the end of the 20th century. Sources from which we drew the Chronicle staff BJB in Kraslice in Cheb, just as we serve the testimony of witnesses who were partakers in the affairs of churches in the last century.
The Sokolov Baptist Church Development after 1989
The work deals with the analysis of the development of Baptist church in Sokolov after 1989, which suffered a split in 2001. The theoretical part concerns basic ecclesiological backgrounds, principles of building a healthy church and briefly touches on the history and theological emphases of the Baptist Union in the Czech Republic. The practical part presents a description and analysis of specific church life events based on interviews with former and current members. Comparison of the results from the practical analysis with the theoretical part attempts to identify the causes within this community, which caused the split.

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