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Supervision over Insurance Industry and the Legal Regulation
Černý, Tomáš ; Karfíková, Marie (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
Supervision over Insurance Industry and the Legal Regulation Abstract ČERNÝ Tomáš: Supervision over Insurance Industry and the Legal Regulation; Charles University, Faculty of Law; supervisor of the rigorous thesis: Prof. JUDr. Marie Karfíková, CSc.; 2018, number of pages 183. The rigorous thesis attempts to confirm or refute the author's hypothesis that it comes to harmonisation of national legislations not only in the regulation and supervision in the insurance industry as a major branch of the economy, but generally in the supervision over financial markets as a whole, also apart from the integration and harmonisation within the EU. Based on the conducted review, the results of which are incorporated in this thesis, it can only be said that the subject and the way of supervision are very similar in individual countries compared, despite the diversity of individual supervisory institutions, whether as an independent institutional framework of the supervisory body within the central bank or as a self- established body. The first two chapters explain the meaning of individual concepts and terminology necessary for the proper understanding of the issues of the insurance industry and its supervision. The clarifications concern in particular some terminology in the field of insurance and its supervision, the...
Changes of conception in life insurance
Babický, Toni ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor) ; Kábrt, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis deals with complex questions of life insurance primarily on the Czech insurance market. At the beginning of the work, life insurance is described from a theoretical point of view and its main characteristics and mechanisms are outlined. In the next step, the main topics, which have the most important place in life insurance, are analysed. It is comparison of the insurance in Europe. Then, it is current use of life insurance mainly for covering of the short-term income in case of health problems. It also deals with the opinion of young people on insurance and with approach of ordinary people to the health form connected with a new contract. For the savings, there are capital and investment life insurance mentioned. The investment life insurance is the very important part because of the problems, which it has created in the last 15 years. The thesis also speaks about the possibilities of insurance for athletes. Finally, a small questionnaire had been completed by people on the street. Own contribution of the thesis is to demonstrate problematic parts of life insurance for the clients and explanation why it is so.
Supervision in insurance industry from the point of view of Czech and European law
Zarevúcka, Daniela ; Karfíková, Marie (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
This thesis provides a comprehensive overview of insurance supervision in the Czech and European law. First part outlines the basic concepts and then briefly discusses the evolution of supervision in the Czech lands. The thesis observes expanding goals of insurance supervision and growing number of institutions performing the supervision during the history. Next part follows insurance supervision in terms of applicable regulations according to the Czech law and establishes list of entities under supervision, deals with supervisory authority and its competences, and proceeds to breakdown the subject of supervision. It also focuses on oversight by individual sectoral laws and offers a view of the upcoming changes. The work also presents insurance supervision from the perspective of the European law. It deals with the requirements that EU law on supervision poses, as well as the newly established authorities of macro- and micro-prudential supervision. In the conclusion section the upcoming changes in supervision of the insurance industry are discussed.
Supervision in insurance industry
Konupková, Jana ; Karfíková, Marie (advisor) ; Kohajda, Michael (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is the supervision in insurance industry. The main part describes the legal regulation of issues in supervision in the Czech Republic, including historical development. It follows then the interpretation of insurance supervision in the European Union. The final part deals with regulation of supervision in insurance industry in foreign countries, primarily by legislation the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Austria. Key words: supervision in insurance industry insurance law insurance act
Insurance fraud in car insurance in the Czech republic
Krop, Filip ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Hanzlík, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis concerns an instance fraud issue focused on fraud related to car insurance. The aim of the work is to analyze the fight of insurance companies against frauds, the activities which are set up to prevent the occurrence of the infringement and the acts companies do in order to prevent or reduce the damage already done. Furthermore, the effects of these actions to clients are formulated and in the end the work gives suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of the fight against insurance fraud.
Insurance law and the impacts of the new Civil Code on insurance products
Perník, Jakub ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor) ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis is mainly focused on the effects of the new Civil Code on insurance products and insurance industry as a whole. The emphasis is on change and impacts for insurance companies and their clients in liquidation of damages to property and damages to health from liability insurance of the vehicle and changes during interruption of insurance. One chapter is devoted to gender equality when calculating insurance premiums, which will take effect from 21.12.2012. This equality is based on the European Court of Justice and for the insurance market have a significant impact. At the end of the thesis,I summarize the basic legal standards in the insurance industry and their brief development.
Legal regulation of conclusion and termination of insurance contracts
Konupková, Jana ; Gruber, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the legislation process of concluding insurance contracts and the subsequent termination of insurance. The work stems from the Insurance Contract Act and other legislation in the area of insurance. There are also mentioned some selected decisions of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the issue and also to assess the status of current legal regulation.

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