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Ethics of Emmanuel Lévinas
HUŠEK, Jakub
The thesis is called Emmanuel Lévinas Ethics and its aim is to explain the ethical concept of this original French philosopher. The first part of the thesis is focused on important influences that were important for Lévinas' philosophical work. The next part of the thesis deals with dialogical personalism as a philosophical direction into which Lévinas is most often classified. The third and most important part deals with the motives that led Lévinas to the elaboration of his ethical theses and subsequently parts of these theses are processed. It turns out that the basic aspect of his theory is the social relationship of the 'I' with the Second, through which the path to transcendence leads .Lévinas' conception is considered as a sort of ethical turn in philosophy and can be considered as a return to man. Properly conceived ethics based on respect, Levinas considers being "prima Philosophia".
Body of the other. The erotics as learning content in Art education
Ondřichová, Petra ; Jakubcová Hajdušková, Lucie (advisor) ; Kornatovský, Jiří (referee)
The thesis titled "The body of the other. The erotics as learning content in Art education." have character of an exploration probe. It focuses on erotism in environment of educational institutions. This work deals with the body and its erotic contents in art education. It seeks to clarify the concept of erotica. This work seeks various overhangs of erotica into philosophy, advertising, school, personal and public life. This thesis is linked to the teaching of erotic theme and with the issues of integration of eroticism in lessons of art education. The aim is to determine how are the children / students on this topic sensitive. All the text is supplemented by authentic testimonies of students, teachers and parents related to the topic of erotica in school.
Philosophy as Passionate Interest
Strobachová, Ingrid ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Haškovcová, Helena (referee) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
The purpose of my dissertation is to analyze and further elaborate upon its main topic: the questions that are of a mutual deep interest to both medicine and philosophy. The dissertation has three parts. In the first part, I will introduce some of the key terms that will be used throughout the text. The second part, central to my work, is concerned with three possibilities that are offered to us - play and playing, dream and dreaming, poetic being - all become the places where comprehending, listening (to both the speech and the silence) and responding materialize. Playing, dreaming, poetic being - each offers our daily reality the beauty of transcending its borders without destroying them; in fact, they become a free spirited, passionate interest that enhances and makes valuable the ordinariness and finiteness of our daily lives. Freedom and Responsibility; I and the Other Person; Illness and Hope - each having its physical aspect and each being considered through the dimensions of seriousness and unseriousness, reason and unreason - will be rethought through playing, dreaming and poetic being, providing new insights of an engaged, passionate practice of philosophy and medicine. The third part, concerned with application on the two areas - I, the Child, and the Parenthood; and the Therapist and...
Concentrations of indoor submicrometer and supermicrometer particulate matter in a primary school in Prague
Štolcpartová, Jitka ; Braniš, Martin (advisor) ; Hovorka, Jan (referee)
Children are a susceptible group to environment pollution. The environment, in which they spend the most time, is the home, the second is the school. Therefore, the indoor environment of a school affects their health, wellbeing and even school results. The present work investigated concentrations of air pollutant, aerosol particles, in the specialized classrooms (computer lab, arts and biology/chemistry) in an elementary school, Prague. Direct reading instruments measuring mass concentration of four aerosol fractions and number concentration of submicrometer particles were used for measurement. Measurements were carried out for four weekdays in each month from November 2011 to July 2012. It was found that mass concentrations of submicrometer particles were dependent on outdoor concentrations, in contrast to supermicrometer particles which were affected mainly by physical activities of students and outdoor concentration had a minimal effect. Increased number concentrations of submicrometer particles were observed only during children presence, concentrations were probably induced by student activities during lessons. Seasons also influenced mass concentrations, when the highest indoor and outdoor concentrations were recorded in a spring/autumn season. Classroom location affected submicrometer...
Philosophy of extreme voluntarism (Schopenhauer) and its influence on later authors (Friedrich Nietzche and Ladislav Klima)
The work deals with the extreme voluntarism and his influence on later authors. First, is the work of Schopenhauer explained the concept of the metaphysical will. Here is insights will primarily as a form of objectification and the closest is served objectification of the body, understood as object.In next section, this will monitored in philosophy of Ladislav Klíma and his idea of egodeism. For Klíma however, metaphysical will lose its transcendent ability and insight from a purely subjective point of view. The last part is mentioned Friedrich Nietzsche, whose theory of the will to power and the death of God, could be an inspiration for the Klíma's idea of egodeism.
Kouba, Tomáš ; Surůvka, Jiří (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
The set of works created from private video of materials, unfinished concepts and new videos. Essential motive passing through these videos is to develop a simple, stern, radical expression.
Philosophy as Pneumatology of Ferdinand Ebner in the work "Das Wort und die geistigen Realitäten: Pneumatologische Fragmente"
ČERNÁ, Tereza
The thesis deals with a philosophical conception of an Austrian thinker of the 20th century Ferdinand Ebner in his life?s work ?Das Wort und die geistigen Realitäten: Pneumatologische Fragmente? (1921). Not only his life and the persons who influenced Ebner?s work were taken into account, but also the cultural-historical context of the period in which his original thoughts evolved. The heart of this paper lies in the introduction and explanation of the basic terms and theses that are crucial for Ebner?s philosophy, or more precisely his pneumatology. This part also contains Czech translation of some of the most important passages of Ebner?s work.
The Other Between Phenomenon and Dialogue
The thesis is concerned with the matter of intersubjectivity, traditionally called as ?a question of the other minds?. The new approach in this area was brought mainly by two philosophical movements: by phenomenology and by dialogical personalism. They both reacted to each other in this point, and their reflexions upon this matter resulted in very outstanding discoveries, with influence untill nowadays. Thesis introduces the concept of the Other in each of both mentioned traditions, simultaneously tries to grasp surprisingly similar result of philosofical analysis in different traditions, and also tries to stress the primacy of ethics in historical development of both traditions as a place of meeting of (the other) minds.

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