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Using BIM for Real Estate Valuation
Sliška, Andrej ; Komosná, Milada (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
The main objectives of this diploma thesis are to introduce the building information model as an effective tool, helping at work with the buildings throughout their lifecycle and to consider its use for real estate valuation, from the point of view of individual valuation methods, used in Czech Republic. The real estate valuation methods and the functional principles of building information model, as well as its features, are described in the first part of the thesis. In addition, the first part of the thesis also deals with the model implementation conditions in selected countries of the world. The second part of the document contains consideration for model usage in the valuation practice. A practical demonstration of working with the model is also included in this thesis.
Use of a special optical fiber in an electron microscope chamber
Černek, Ondrej ; Konečný, Martin (referee) ; Pavera, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned about the modification of vacuum chamber of the Scanning Electron Microscope VEGA developed by TESCAN Brno s.r.o. in order to implementation of Scanning Probe Microscope. Moreover, it is dedicated to development of apparatus for using hollow optical fiber allowing the guidance of light and various gases on the sample surface placed in the vacuum of electron microscope. By using the hollow optical fiber as a probe of Scanning Probe Microscope, it is possible to work with a tip with specific properties. A brief introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy is presented in the theoretical part. Furthermore, there is a technique of using optical fibers in Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy described. Also a problem of vacuum systems, gas flow through the pipe and technique of Gas Injection System is introduced. In the construction part, there are initiated steps in the development of the vacuum chamber and the apparatus allowing the guidance of hollow optical fiber into the chamber of microscope. The experimental part presents the result of measurements obtained by probe of Scanning Probe Microscope with modified optical fiber and gas transmissivity of hollow optical fiber.
Identification of critical profiles and evaluation of their erosion and hydrological characteristics
Tučka, Ondřej ; PhD, Ing František Pavlík, (referee) ; Dumbrovský, Miroslav (advisor)
The content of this thesis is to evaluate hydrologic and erosion characteristics in given area which is situated in Brno - Líšeň locality. Furthermore, there are locations determined, based on a threat for intravilan or traffic infrastructure or water infrastructure located in extravilan by an accumulated surface flow. A maximum culmination flow and erosion loss were calculated for these specific locations. Software DesQ-MAXQ and ArcGIS were used for these purposes.
Smart City Brno - Researches
Witassek, Pavel ; Kula, Michal (referee) ; Nosko, Svetozár (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create the solution for the City of Brno, which will enable the collection of ideas and information about individual areas from the inhabitants of the city. The provided implementation is composed from two parts, the first one is the server with the API interface and the second one is the web application with the map. The mental map is used for the records of the opinions of the inhabitants of the City of Brno, where the responders mark the points. The City of Brno gets the feedback from its citizens and more important, the city gets the possibility to define its own survey and the city does not have to use costly solutions, which would anyway have to be adopted to the city needs.
3D tomography of thin film catalysts by means of FIB/SEM techniques
Dinhová, Thu Ngan ; Matolínová, Iva (advisor) ; Khalakhan, Ivan (referee)
One of the actual problems of today society are decreasing sources of fossil fuels. They are raw minerals and by their burning is energy produced. Regarding to the importance of energy in todays world, it's necessary to find an alternative way how to generate energy. A possible solution to this problem are fuel cells, which work on the principle of converting chemical energy into electric energy. At this moment, the development of fuel cells is in progress. In this bachelor thesis, we are concerned with morphology of catalytic layers Pt/CeO2 deposed on a polymer membrane for hydrogen fuel cells. By using of tomography method with focused ion beam system (FIB) we are creating three-dimensional models of their surface structures. 1
3D reconstruction of abandonned ponds using UAV photogrammetry
Stanovský, Tomáš ; Langhammer, Jakub (advisor) ; Blahůt, Jan (referee)
The main focus of the thesis is the reconstruction of 3D models and digital elevation models of five abandoned splash dams in Roklanský brook catchment using UAV photogrammetry methods. The aim of this work is to compare accuracy of the models with available conventional data sources and historical sources. Parallel topic is the research of accuracy of the models created through UAV methods and application of retention potential of small water reservoirs, in headwater areas. The images were taken with a drone-mounted camera. Modelling was done by processing images in software Agisoft PhotoScan through a workflow process, dense point cloud classification and subsequent DEM interpolation. Subsequent delineation of reservoirs retention space, altimetry correction and bathymetric analysis was performed in ArcMap over the interpolated DEM. The results and discussion point to the benefits and limitations of UAV methods, especially to altimetric accuracy of the resulting models relative to conventional DMR5G data and bathymetric characteristics derived from the models. Keywords: UAV; DEM; retention; GIS; model; pond
Anemo-orographic systems modeling in GIS
Rusnák, Samo ; Brůha, Lukáš (advisor) ; Štych, Přemysl (referee)
Anemo-orographic systems modelling in GIS Abstract The bachelor thesis proposes a model of anemo-orographic systems and implements it in a GIS environment. The key modelling factor is the snow cover shift due to the wind influence. The implemented tool is executable within the ArcGIS environment and as such is a help for localization of anemo-orographic systems, namely of the places, where the accumulation of snow cover occurs. Executable tool was tested in the Krkonoše national park area using multiple data sources describing the terrain model. Achieved results are introduced in the end of the thesis as well as their accuracy and the final map products. Keywords: anemo-orographic system, GIS, spatial modelling
Use of remote sensing data for monitoring of long-term vegetation dynamics on the landscape scale
Brůna, Josef
This thesis deals with the use of remote sensing data for studying and monitoring vegetation changes. Thanks to archival materials, we can now make extensive studies at the landscape and global level without the need for large-scale old field data. From the Middle Ages, we can rely on different types of maps, for vegetation studies, these are mainly forestry maps. Since the 1930's, aerial photographs have been available in Europe, and satellite imagery was available since the 1970's. Availability and quality of satellite imagery had increased rapidly during my study. The most recent data source are unmanned aerial systems and methods of processing their data, which allow inexpensive detailed mapping of large areas. The presented publications do not only solve ecological research questions, but also contribute to solving current environmental problems in the Czech Republic, from nature conservation in National Parks and protected areas to monitoring of plant invasions. I have used archival forest maps for the reconstruction and analysis of large disturbances (windthrow and subsequent gradations of bark beetle) in forests of Šumava and the Bavarian Forest in 1868-1870. Species composition, as well as environmental factors derived from digital elevation model, were analyzed. The same topic was also...
Interaktivní webová mapová aplikace budovy PF JU - Jeronýmova 8 a 10
The aim of this thesis is to create an interactive web map application and a wall plan of the Jeronýmova 8 and 10 buildings, which is the residence of the Faculty of Education. Geographic information systems were used to reach this goal and the created interactive map application is published via ArcGIS Online utilities. The very basics of this project are made of a collection of data of Jeronýmova buildings. The data are partly official and partly freshly collected. There is also an original design of symbolism included. At the end there is a commentary on the possible use of this project and its evaluation and comparison with another similar projects.
Geoportál přírodního parku Novohradské Hory
ZETKOVÁ, Štěpánka
This bachelor thesis focuses on a process of Novohradské hory natural park map portal creation. The theoretical part is trying to explain the importance of a geoportal as well as of a tool for its creation. After that follows planning of the project preparation and explanation of the chosen natural park territory, its characteristic and protection. Practical part resumes with the creation of the geoportal itself including addition of thematic applications on natural environments, its protection, territorial development and tourism. Moreover, the geoportal contains presentation of theses written by students of JU in České Budějovice, which relates to the research of the park territory. The final geoportal applications have been published with a help of webpages.

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