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Aplikace zpracovávající geografická data pro vyžití ve veřejné správě
Šlégl, Ondřej
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of web application for playgrounds in Brno. The partial analysis of similar applications in the Czech Republic is presented in the introductory part. Each phase of the application starting from the data collection to the final implementation of the application is explained in the following parts.
Mapování skalních výchozů v okolí PR Klenov na základě dat leteckého laserového skenování
Stuchlík, David
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using a precise digital terrain model created from data obtained by aerial laser scanning in order to identify terrain formations with an emphasis on the rock outcrops. The measurements were made at the PR Klenov site and the results of the analyzes were compared with the rock outcrops targeted by GPS devices. Digital model analysis was performed in ArcGIS 10.3., where various methods (geomorphometric analysis) were used to detect rock outcrops. The aim was to determine the accuracy of aviation laser scanning and also to find the most accurate method for detecting rock outcrops.
Analýza území v prostředí GIS pro účely komplexních pozemkových úprav
Driml, Tomáš
This thesis deals with geoinformation analysis of comprehensive landscaping. The thesis compares calculations of the long-term soil loss using different digital terrain models and topographical factors. Subsequently the thesis focuses on the rating of the drain and erosive ratio on the basis of the analysis of the current status of the examined area, that is the circumference of the outcoming comprehensive landscaping in Kunovice cadastral area under the conditions of the conventional agriculture scenario. These resource materials helped the diploma thesis to design anti-erosion measures including the main agricultural roads and the system of ecological stability that was extended with the interactive elements for the needs of these measures. Afterwards their efectivity was succesfully measured. Results of plans are designed in the next part of the thesis to the form of map outputs and in the discussion were debated contributions of the plan from the perspetcive of the opening the water regime of the landscape, the danger of erosion and the ecological stability.
Webová aplikace zobrazující toky dat mezi objekty na generované online mapě
Német, Kryštof
Német, K., Web application displaying data flows between objects on generated online map. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. This diploma thesis is about creation of a map interactive presentation in the form of web applications for data visualization on the map. The application is created for academical purposes, especially for future research of visualization on the map. The theoretical part describes the basic concepts and technologies used in map applications and description of used technologies and technical tools used during implementation. The practical part describes application design, data storage and application testing. At the end of this thesis is discussed, possible application extension and application applicability in practice.
Zhodnocení prostorového chování a početnosti prasete divokého v lesním prostředí na základě analýzy distribuce trusu
Hrubý, Petr
The wild boar (Sus scrofa) is highly adaptable. This proves that it benefits in today's cultural and intensely exploited landscape. In the summer, it resides in fields where there is enough food, calm and causes damage to crop. During the winter period it moves to forests where conditions are less favourable. It is extensively hunted, disturbed by forest cuting, tourism and other human activities. In the winter time, it has only limited food sources in the woods, and therefore searches and visits the feeding sites. The escalating problems regarding the wild boar were an initiative to study his behavior. The behaviour was studied by analyzing the distribution of faecal pellet groups in the Bradlo forest complex with an area of 11.59 km2. The complex is situated in the northeast of the Czech Republic and is surrounded by agricultural landscapes. The distribution of faecal pellet groups was evaluated on 617 research areas (each covering an area of 100 m2), which were evenly distributed throughout the forest complex. In the first year (2017) was counted 20.4 individuals per km2. In the second year (2018) after intensive hunting during the year, 15.1 individuals were counted per km2. The research has examined the relationship between the amount of dropping and the factors such as geomorphological characteristics, distance from the feeding sites, water sources, forest edges, roads, hiking trails and intravilans. Impact of forest environment and Jurisdiction to the hunting area were investigated. It has been confirmed that most wild boar are staying in young dense forest stands, regardless of jurisdiction to hunting area, distance from roads, hiking trails, intravilans and areas with intensive forest cuting. With increasing distance from the edge of the forest, the number of droppings increased, and, conversely, with increasing distance from the feeding sites the number of droppings was smaller. The influence of geomorphological properties and distance from water courses has not been proved.
Pasport městské zeleně v Novém Městě na Moravě
Nováková, Kateřina
The Bachelor’s thesis deals with passportization of greenery owned by Nové Město na Moravě in Žďár nad Sázavou district. The dendrometric data collected in the thesis were noted on five particular basic areas in the city center and its surroundings. Acquired data were processed by new modern technology of ArcGIS Online service specifically by Survey123 programme. Woody plants operation safety was also evaluated at these basic areas. The output of my work are charts of woody composition and well arranged database of woody plants growing in specific areas with extensive photodocumentation, which can be found on included DVD.
Mapování fluviálních tvarů na území CHKO Poodří na základě analýzy digitálních modelů terénu
Kruttová, Michaela
This diploma thesis deals with identification of fluvial shapes including their parameterization. Methods of automatic and semi-automatic identification of fluvial shapes applied to the digital model of terrain of the interest area are tested. The obtained data were compared to the real state of the territory. Based on the analysis of the elevation in the GIS environment, the optimal mapping method and its application in the selected area are selected. The result of this work is description of methods and analyzes for detection of fluvial shapes, complex map of fluvial shapes of the selected area and evaluation of the benefits of results for nature and landscape protection and management of Poodří Protected Landscape Area.
Využití systémů přesného určování polohy stroje pro řízení nasazení techniky
Knotek, Jan
This thesis is focused on utilization of GPS navigation especially in agricultural pra-xis. The main goal of this work is putting on and controlling of agricultural equipment at resolution of anti-erosion measures. These measures are reaction to the so called antiero-sive regulation. In the theoretical part is shortly described GPS system and the work with geodates. Then there are described methods limiting water erosion of soil. Sub-sequently there is shortly described a problem of erosion measures and complex of the information necessary to the utilization of GPS navigation while fighting with this issue. In the practical part of this work was formed the method for the creation of anti-erosion measures. According to this method was subsequently developed the procedure to ad-justment SEO DPB. This method was subsequently apllied and tested in POOSLAVÍ Nová Ves, agricultural kooperative. At the conclusion of the work is evaluated by ma-nagement on the thus modified DPB and then there are described problems that occured while creating these anti-erosion measures. For that reason are drawn recommendations for putting on and controlling of agricultural equipment at resolution anti-erosion mea-sures.
Studie odtokových poměrů vybraného povodí pomocí hydrologického modelování
Gottwaldová, Petra
The diploma thesis "Study of runoff conditions of selected river basin using hydrological modeling" deals with analysis of runoff conditions and retention abilities of the Kašnice stream basin in the Břeclav district. The theoretical part deals with the literature review of the issue and the characteristics of the selected drainage area. Obtained information about surface cover types, hydrologic soil groups and CN curves numbers were processed in ArcGIS. The outputs were then used as input for the DesQ-MAXQ hydrological model. The resulting values of specific flow, time of concentration, potential retention, water retention and direct runoff volumes are presented in the form of attached map outputs. The result of the work is the evaluation of runoff conditions of the given 4th order river basin.
Využití GPS ve strojních linkách v rostlinné výrobě
Novotná, Martina
The aim of this bachelor thesis, with the title The Use of GPS in Crop Production Lines, is to describe the technology required for the use of GPS in agriculture. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on a brief overview of the individual sectors of precision farming, and a basic outline of GNSS and its parts. The second part consist of my own research, in which I used a questionnaire to find out the following: to what extent is precision farming and the use of GPS widespread in the Czech Republic, and whether farmers are in favour of the use of technologies in precision farming.

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