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Lost Children of Europe: European Union and Unaccompanied Migrant Children
Abuselidze, Salome ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Stepanovic, Vera (referee)
The issue of unaccompanied migrant children (UAM) in the European Union is one of the most acknowledged and one of the most under researched topics. Close to 100,000 minors arrived in Europe in 2015 alone, without parents or guardians. And more than 10,000 disappeared shortly after. These children have been and continue to be under high risk of human trafficking, child labour, sexual and physical abuse, and exploitation of some other kinds. It has been 6 years since the initial crisis, but the statistics are not getting better. Tendency remains as close to 19,000 UAMs have perished in the past 3 years, which accounts to 17 disappearances a day. Despite the European Union's commitment to protect the rights of UAMs, the conditions of these children are dire. In some member states the situation is so much poorer, that basic human rights are violated. This raises the following questions: Q1: Why does the EU struggle to adopt common policies on unaccompanied migrant children? Q2: How does the EU contribute to the disappearance of UAMs? Qualitative and quantitative data, as well as large amount of primary and secondary sources help navigate through the problem of UAMs. Content analysis of European media contributes to the illustration of perceptions towards migration and unaccompanied children. Social...
The EU in the eyes of the Australian elite 2016-2019: perceptions in the context of Brexit
Baker, Thomas Andrew ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Karagiannis, Yannis (referee)
Brexit represents arguably the most dramatic development in the history of the European Union (EU). For a third country such as Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) with whom it shares a Commonwealth connection, has generally been perceived as serving as a bridge between Australia and the EU. Thus, Brexit represents a conundrum for Australia in its grappling of how to approach its relations with the EU into the future. Perceptions of the EU from the Asia- Pacific region have been regularly studied since the early 2000s. However, there has been a shortcoming in specific focus of Australian perceptions of the EU since 2008, and specifically Australian elite perceptions. Brexit presents an opportunity to update the existing body of literature, thus this research analyses how the Australian elite perceive the EU following the UK's departure. This research utilises a two-tiered methodological approach in order to ascertain what the Australian elite perception of the EU is since the Brexit referendum in June 2016. The methods include a critical content analysis of Australian think tank outputs, and semi-structured interviews with Australian elite figures identified as having extensive knowledge of the EU. The research tests the notion of the UK's centrality to Australia-EU relations and finds that there...
Legal protection of databases in the Czech Republic and in the United States
Vltavský, Petr ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Křesťanová, Veronika (referee)
1 Abstract and keywords Legal protection of databases in the Czech Republic and in the United States This rigorous work analyses the legal protection of databases in the Czech Republic, as well as in the European Union and the United States. It comprehensively summarizes the regulation of database protection in these legal environments. The first part is devoted to the explanation of the concept of database and the possible division of databases to ensure a comprehensive understanding of database issues. The next part deals with international regulations and its development. The most important legislation in the database law in the Czech Republic is the one from the European Union level, which has unified the central copyright protection of databases. The work therefore discusses in detail the circumstances of the adoption of this legislation, its transposition into the national regulations of the Member States, the legislation itself and its individual instruments. This part addresses the use of the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the courts of the Member States. This section offers overview of the evaluation of this legislation by the European Commission. Within this part, a section is devoted to the unique protection of databases through the institute of database modifications....
Exploring the Impact of Brexit on European Capital Markets and Tax Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Tax Reforms in European Countries
Yuan, Dian ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Bruno, Randolph Luca (referee) ; Váška, Jan (referee)
From the United Kingdom's Brexit on June 23, 2016, to the formal Brexit on January 30, 2020, there has been a large amount of academic literature discussing the possible effects of Brexit. Among them, the literature on the impact of Brexit on tax policy reforms and capital markets in EU countries is too numerous to enumerate. However, the current research literature lacks a discussion of Central and Eastern European countries, and there is even less research on the link between capital markets and tax policy reforms. This article assumes that the impact of Brexit on the capital markets of CEE countries will cause the government to turn to tax increases to increase fiscal revenue. Three hypotheses are proposed under this assumption. In addition, the empirical research in this article uses the combination of the Poisson model and the Heckman selection model to conduct regression research on the overall taxation of CEE countries, changes in direct and indirect taxation tax policies and bond interest rates, government changes, and political parties left or right. It is concluded that Brexit has no significant impact on the capital markets of CEE countries, and has not caused enough shocks that the government will turn to the government to increase revenue by issuing more tax increases. And Brexit...
Regulation of 'revolving door' at European Union institutions
Udržal, Jan ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis examined the regulation of ‚revolving doors' at European Union institutions, i.e. the fluctuation of personnel between public and private sectors, which threatens the independence of public administration. It adopts the research design of exploratory case study and the methods of doctrinal legal research and qualitative document analysis to build an overview of post-employment rules imposed on public officials of the European Commission, European Parliament, Council and European Central Bank. Contrary to common conceptions, the rules are based on 'hard law' norms. Further, the types of revolving door moves which are prohibited vary among the institutions. Majority of the institutions enjoy a wide discretion in the implementation of the rules but seem to consider them as an internal matter, leaving a lot to be desired from a transparency standpoint. Lastly, a hypothesis of prioritization of revolving door risks by institutions is derived for further inquiry.
Supply of electronic services from VAT perspective
Rambousek, Pavel Michal ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
Supply of electronic services from VAT perspective Abstract Taxation of the digital economy is a very topical issue of current legal regulation. Taxation naturally includes the value-added tax as well. Value-added tax faces new challenges, in particular cross-border transactions unrestricted by time and space. Value-added tax in supply of electronic services is an important part of this issue. It was important to sufficiently define, firstly, the notion of electronic services in VAT for purposes of the special legislation applying to the supply of electronic services. The positive and negative enumerations of electronic services together with the definition of electronic services by EU law are key to determine the notion of electronic services. The definition is based on automation and minimal human intervention needed to supply the service. To have a deeper understanding of the term, it is necessary to examine complementary explanatory documents, such as Working papers and Guidelines of the VAT Commission. Especially, the definition of minimal human intervention, which must not be exceeded in electronic services, is essential and difficult to interpret. The area of special substantive legislation concerns mainly the place of supply of electronic services. After a long development, the legislation matured...
Ospravedlnění a kritika v Evropské unii: studie legitimity v praxi
Gheorghiev, Olga ; Maslowski, Nicolas (advisor) ; Blokker, Paulus Albertus (referee) ; Smith, Simon (referee)
Justifications and critique in the European Union: a study of legitimacy in practice Mgr. Ing. Olga Gheorghiev ABSTRACT Inspired by the pragmatic sociology of critique developed by Luc Boltanski and his collaborators, this thesis examines how legitimacy is produced in public debates at the EU level through the craft of justification and critique among competent actors. In doing so, this research takes aim at three specific episodes in the history of the European integration that share in common the qualities of uncertainty of outcome, controversy in public debate and the urgency to reach a form of consensus and thus to resolve the created uncertainty. The examined events are the following: the Eastern enlargement of the European Union, the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, and the adoption of specific measures in reaction to the European sovereign debt crisis. The theoretical part of this thesis situates the potential of the sociology of critical capacities for the study of the EU among other theoretical traditions, pointing out directions in which this particular theoretical framework could cover some of the limitations of other approaches. This is followed by the empirical part, which is divided in three chapters for each of the examined historical episodes. While structured somewhat symmetrically, each...
Eurovision Song Contest and its watching by Czech audience in the context of their interest in the European Union
Miklíková, Martina ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the connection of interest in the international music competition Eurovision Song Contest and in the European Union. The theoretical part shows the current approaches to the study of the contest, which is watched annually by almost 200 million viewers worldwide. The work also provides space for a brief history of the contest, including a detailed description of how the Czech Republic participated there, what the country has done only at the time of membership in the European Union. The competition, based on a grouping of European states, is placed here in the context of the European Union, which together share the motivation for their historical establishment. The text therefore shows the history and development of the European Communities and the establishment of the European Union and its institutions. One of them is the European Parliament, whose representatives are directly elected by the citizens of the Member States. On the example of the elections to the European Parliament in 2019, the work penetrates the possible interest of events in the European Union and watching the Eurovision Song Contest, as both events - elections and contest evenings - took place at about the same time - in mid-May 2019. With the help of quantitative and qualitative methods, data from...

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