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Příčiny a důsledky vícerychlostní Evropy
Žďárová, Adéla
The aim of the thesis is to identify the causes of a multi-speed Europe and their effects on the EU functioning. Main interest is the study of the influence of institutional frameworks. Multi-speed Europe is against the idea of harmonized economic growth of countries which is an important factor for the Europe coordinati-on and its competitiveness. An increased level of the differences among countries could be the consequence of two speeds, it could lead to disintegration in extreme case. Therefore, it is interesting and important to address this issue. The thesis deals with the integration of the countries into the European Union and the actual problem of multi-speed Europe. Research of the causes and consequences of a multi-speed Europe is an essential part. Following part focuses on cluster analysis which aims to determine the similarity of the individual states of the European Union according to the identified causes. In order to sum the thesis up, the regression analysis is made which examines the direction and magnitude of the impact of all the individual causes on the economic growth.
Obchod s pivem mezi zeměmi Evropské unie
Vaněk, Tomáš
Thesis is dedicated to quantifying and evaluating the intensity of international beer trade among member states of the European Union. Some international trade intensity indices were selected in order to meet this purpose. First of them being the RCA index, which serves as a tool for revealing and assessing the level of comparative advantages in member states of the EU. The subsequent procedure was aimed to express in numbers and words with help of G-L index the degree of intra-industry trade, which European beer industry reaches. Obtained results suggest notable differences in the levels of countries comparative advantages and also the existence of relatively high degree of intra-industry beer trade. Such outcome results in identification and evaluation of certain business opportunities in the area of intra-EU beer trade.
Dopady finanční krize na veřejné finance
Šulcová, Iveta
Šulcová, I. The impact of financial crisis on public finance. Diploma Thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The thesis deals with evaluation of the influence of financial crisis on public finance within EU countries. The first part of the thesis describes different types of crises and a general scheme of typical systemic financial crisis, which contains detailed description of its causes and the course of crisis outbreak. Following parts of the thesis list reactions of central banks and governments of individual countries of the European Union, which were intended to mitigate the impacts of the financial crisis and the following transfer of debt burden into public finance, which causes public debt growth. Using cluster analysis, the thesis analyzes details of macroeconomic development within EU countries in 2007, 2010 and 2014. The final part of the thesis compares macroeconomic differences between EU countries during the crisis and lists aforementioned measures regarding improvement of supervision over financial market in order to prevent or alleviate the influence of crisis upon taxpayers and real economics.
Mzdy a produktivita práce v ČR v rámci EU
Šulcová, Darina
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate factors that affect net wages in the economy and deal with the problem why the share of Czech annual wages on GDP is lower compared to the rest of the EU. The analysis shows the influence of social policy, minimum wage, trade unions, share of industry and services, education and R&D activities. All these factors are quantified for each member state and compared with each other. In the very end, these factors are characterized concretely for the Czech Republic and possible solutions or threats are defined.
Obchodné vzťahy medzi Indiou a EÚ
Sirovecová, Kristína
Sirovecová, K. Trade relations between India and EU. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. Bachelor thesis deals with the main aspects of bilateral trade between India and EU. The paper analysed the development of their trade with regard to mutual agreements, as well as significant trade barriers. The gravity model regression analysis is an assessment of their impact on Indian imports of individual EU countries.
Transformace zahraničního obchodu Litevské republiky v kontextu integrace do evropských struktur
Růžičková, Elena
Růžičková, E. The transformation of the foreign trade of the Republic of Lithuania in the context of integration into European structures. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. This bachelor thesis focuses on evaluation of the successful transformation of the foreign trade of the Republic of Lithuania in context of dependence on The Russian Federation and the integration process into the European Union. There is analysed the transformation of territorial and commodity structure of export, import and foreign direct investment from beginning of the transfor-mation in 1991. The results are compared with Estonia and Latvia as countries which also have undergone the transformation process.
Vliv kvality institucionálního prostředí na úvěrovou aktivitu bank
Robková, Kateřina
This diploma thesis is concerned with the quality of the institutional environment. In particular, it examines the impact of institutional factors, bank indicators and macroeconomic shocks on the lending activity of commercial banks. The empirical analysis adopts a panel regression model with fixed effects. The data file contains data on 6,372 banks, obtained from the Bankscope database. The figures refer to the countries of the European Union in time period 2000-2014.
Potenciál obnovitelných zdrojů na území České republiky ve vztahu k požadavkům Evropské unie
Paluda, Roman
This diploma thesis deals with the relation between the requirements of the European Union for the increase of the share of renewable sources in the energy mix with an emphasis on electricity and the available potential on the territory of the Czech Republic. The energy of water, wind, biomass, solar and geothermal was analyzed in detail. The technological, natural and legislative aspects were assessed. For each of the renewable sources (RES) studied the maximum achievable RES potential was set. On the basis of the facts, the Czech Republic's potential for RES is evaluated, the EU policy in this area is evaluated and several recommendations are made on how to better integrate renewable sources not only in the electricity sector but also in the energy mix in general.
Hodnocení alternativních příjmů a vyjednávání o rozpočtu Evropské unie
Mlčúchová, Markéta
Mlčúchová, M. Evaluation of the alternative revenues and the EU budget negotia-tions. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. This Bachelor thesis deals with revenues of the EU budget. The main aim of the thesis is to propose convenient alternative revenues for the EU budget. The problematic characteristics are identified and the recommendation for reform of the EU budget are formulated on the basis of evaluation of the own resources. The alternative resources described in this thesis are CO2 levy (carbon pricing), inclusion of the EU Emission trading, environmental taxes, personal income tax, Excise duties on alcohol, tobacco, CCCTB, financial transaction taxes, reformed own resource based on value added tax, seigniorage and digital sector based own resources. The contemporary and alternative resources are evaluated on the basis of several criteria. Those are economic, political, technical, administrative, legal, sufficiency, stability, focus on European added value and fairness among Member States. Three possible designs of the reformed EU budget are introduced.
Determinace sazby akcízu z vína v zemích EU
Malá, Karolína
Bachelor thesis is focused on excise tax of wine in countries of EU. The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to verify the existence of state protectionism in the field of taxation of still and sparkling wine. To verify the hypothesis are used data which are related to consumption, production and the level of wine taxation in countries of European union in the year 2014. At the end of the bachelor thesis is conclusion of this test which does not confirm existence of state protectionism in creation of excise tax of wine in EU countries

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