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Democracy and state governed by law: harmony or conflict?
Jícha, Martin ; Ondřejková, Jana (advisor) ; Pithart, Petr (referee)
Democracy and state governed by law: harmony or conflict? Abstract The aim of this thesis is to define the concept of the state governed by law and the concept of democracy and to describe the relationship between them. The author of the thesis first reviewed literature defining the state governed by law and democracy and then compared different authors' concepts. These concepts are fundamentally different, therefore they cannot be included in a single definition. With regard to it, both concepts, democracy and the state governed by law, are divided into several subcategories: procedural and substantive democracy, legalistic, formal and material state governed by law. Conccurently, the author of this thesis considers the material state governed by law to be so distinctive that it is inappropriate to call it state governed by law. He chose the term constitutional liberalism for it. The relationship between democracy and the state governed by law is determined by concepts of democracy and concepts of the state governed by law, therefore this part of the thesis is also divided into chapters dealing with the relationship between the state governed by law and democracy, depending on how they are understood. The method is similar as in the first part of the thesis, so the author first researched literature and...
The role of the moral authorities of V. Havel, L. Walesa and John Paul II. in the fall of totalitarian regimes.
Řezník, Robert ; Svoboda, Cyril (advisor) ; Mašek, Vojtěch (referee)
The theme of the thesis is the fall of the totalitarian regime and the roots of anti-communist opposition. The thesis is focused on the rise of civil resistance, which was initiated by the main protagonists of this society - wide revolutionary expansion. The courage of these three heroes of their age will be shown.
Arguing against the Universality of Liberal Democracy: The Case of Singapore
Devillers, Ploy-Païline ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
Presenting an authoritative one-party rule since fifty years, the case of Singapore does not concord with the various theories of democratization. After proving that Singapore is not a Liberal-Democracy, we argue that the country manages to create a model of stability both in terms of politics and economy, that act as trade- offs to liberal characteristics. The approach uses a qualitative analysis of the electoral framework, a cultural comprehension of contemporary elements and data on its economic success. Ultimately, this thesis aims at studying the idea that Liberal-Democracy is not a model that necessarily needs to be implemented for the functioning of all nations.
Logos liberal democracy?
Brabec, Martin
The paper presents conceptual analyzes of liberal democracy. It shows that liberal democracy appears as harmonic association of different spheres and rights but it inside contains contradiction betwen democracy (collective decision) and liberal principle which emphasis constitutional personal rights. Misunderstanding of this distinction lead to confusion of democracy with liberal democracy.
Idea of humanity in the modern legal order (in chosen stages of Czechoslovakian and Czech statehood)
Kolář, Rostislav ; Pinz, Jan (advisor) ; Maršálek, Pavel (referee)
Idea of humanity in the modern legal order (in chosen stages of Czechoslovakian and Czech statehood) Abstract This thesis is focused on the idea of humanity in the modern legal order (in chosen stages of Czechoslovakian and Czech statehood). The main purpose of thesis is to analyse how would be useful change the Constitution of the Czech republic from the humanitarian point of view and after that make a proposal of concrete changes according the Legislative rules of government. Author uses analytical, synthetical and historical methods in order to catch the goal of the paper. This thesis is dealed into universal part and specific part as a logical process. The thesis is composed of six chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of topic. Chapter one is introductory and defines some of the basic terminology used in the thesis. The most important terms are idea of humanity, democracy, state, constitution and people. In the chapter two author describes genesis and short historical introduction of idea of humanity. Crucial historical times for the idea of humanity is Antics, Middle Ages and the Age of Enlightenment. Amongst the most importants humanists mentioned in this thesis are Sókratés, Aristotelés, Panaitios from Rhodos, Seneca, Confucius, Gautama, Lao-c', Marsilius from Padova, Hus, Rousseau,...
Antonio Muñoz Molina's Novel
Kopuletá, Hana ; Sánchez Fernández, Juan Antonio (advisor) ; Housková, Anna (referee)
The aim of this work is to describe the development of literary works of well-known Spanish writer Antonio Muñoz Molina on the basis of an analysis of his selected novels, which were published in the period up to the year 2000. They are Beatus Ille, El invierno en Lisboa, Beltenebros, El jinete polaco, Ardor guerrero and Plenilunio. In the introductory part of this thesis we briefly summarize the development of the Spanish novel, which occurred between the sixties and the eighties of the 20th century. This theoretical part will be followed up with the analysis of the author's works. Selected novels will be divided into three groups, which also correspond to the three main creative periods through which Muñoz Molina's work has passed. Within each chapter, we first describe the specifics of the set creative periods and then analyze all the novels we have included in that chapter. When distributing the novels to individual units, the chronological order in which they were published will be preserved in order to obtain the most accurate picture of the development that the author's creation has undergone. In the end, we summarize the defined creative periods and set the trends that Antonio Muñoz Molina is constantly returning in his novels.
Communications in the period of totality and democracy. (Specification in comparison of new year speeches of presidents G.Husak and V. Havel)
Petrovická, Barbora ; Stracený, Josef (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
This thesis deals with the influence of totalitarian and democratic regime at the communication abilities and possibilities of then presidents in our country. The theoretical part distinguishes between political and apolitical communication. Besides other things, it focuses on the characteristics of totalitarianism and democracy and describes the dispositions of language system at both regimes. It also includes a brief history of New Year's speeches and their language particularities because the theoretical part is focused exactly on those communication opportunities. The practical part focuses on the analysis of New Year's speeches of the last totalitarian and the first democratic presidents, with only that exact speech being analysed in detail in both cases. The life stories of both personages are also taken into consideration. Speeches are analysed from the content, linguistic and psychological viewpoint, emphasis being on the meaning of the entire communication. In the conclusion it is attempted to introduce the comparison of both speakers and their communication abilities. KEYWORDS communication, totality, democracy, New Year's speeches, Gustav Husak, Vaclav Havel
Music and politics: How musicians and their music become a factor in political discourse.
Ma, Liangliang ; Benáček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Calda, Miloš (referee)
1 Abstract The thesis emphasizes music and politics, discussing how musicians and their music become a factor in political discourse. As a powerful media, music can be involved in politics and used by politics. The thesis has categorized several ways of musicians and their music become a factor in the politics and also has listed special examples. According to dimensions of human interests, politics of power, politics of money and politics of behavior can be the three main intentions of music getting involved in politics. Musicians and politicians though have many intentions to let the music get connected to politics, the thesis finally reaches the conclusion that they are all for the result of the collective action of the people to achieve higher mutual interests. Keywords Music, Politics, Political Communication, Collective Action, Human Interest
The Activity of Organizations Supporting Civil Society in the Middle East: The Cases of Egypt and Turkey
Ahmed, Sarah Saad Mohmed ; Hornát, Jan (advisor) ; Záhora, Jakub (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of Political Studies Department of International Relations Master's Thesis 2018 Sarah Ahmed CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of Political Studies Department of International Relations The Activity of Organizations Supporting Civil Society in the Middle East: The Cases of Egypt and Turkey Master's thesis Author: Sarah Ahmed Study programme: International Relations Supervisor: PhDr. Jan Hornát, Ph.D. Year of the defence: 2018 Declaration 1. I hereby declare that I have compiled this thesis using the listed literature and resources only. 2. I hereby declare that my thesis has not been used to gain any other academic title. 3. I fully agree to my work being used for study and scientific purposes. In Prague on 31.07.2018 Sarah Ahmed References AHMED, Sarah. The Activity of Organizations Supporting Civil Society in the Middle East. Praha, 2018. 106 pages. Master's thesis (Mgr.). Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of International Relations. Department of International Relations. Supervisor PhDr. Jan Hornát, Ph.D. Length of the thesis: 198,979 Characters. Abstract First, this thesis will be focused on democracy promotion and civil society as concepts that emerged and occupied a large scholarly literature. I deem...

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