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Formal or Informal? Folk Music, Folklore Revival and Music Education
Kratochvíl, Matěj
Traditional folk music in the Czech Republic was usually connected with an informal way of knowledge transfer from generation to generation. Personal contacts with experienced musicians played an important role in transmission of repertoire, style, and skills to younger ones. During the 20th century and especially in its second half, with the development of the revival movement, this system changed. While some of its aspects have remained, the transmission process was strongly influenced by a formalized and institutionalized system of public music education. Music education both in grammar schools and in the network of so called “Basic schools of arts” (Základní umělecké školy), where children learn music as a hobby, has had an impact on the way traditional music is taught today. These changes include the emphasis on different aspects of musicianship, drawing inspiration from other genres of music, and a different way of organizing ensembles including a higher representation of girls in them. In my text, I am presenting findings from my own experience as well as from interviews with musicians from several generations. I am trying to demonstrate how their particular experience with learning and teaching traditional folk music has informed their approach to the way they perform, listen to and think about music.
The Folklore Revival Movement in Former Czechoslovakia: Dichotomy of the Term
Stavělová, Daniela
In the Czech Lands, the folklore movement is used to refer to the existence of folklore ensembles and their stage production. Recently, however, the term has gained negative connotations as it is associated with the era of Communism, especially the ideological pressures of the 1950s. The reason for these negative associations is that folklore was performed as politically harmless entertainment preferred by the ideology of the day; thus, the folklore movement became representative of values associated with the ideology. The paradoxical, and less known, fact is that members of folklore ensembles often used this environment as a refuge that they could escape to from the grim reality of the political system and a meaningful way of realizing their alternative ideas that they were unable to realize in their professional life. The contribution explores this ambivalence through the memories of surviving actors of the folklore movement; therefore, the principal method used here is oral history, with the main focus on an individual human story – a little history in the context of big history.
Irish drama in a repertoire of Cinoherni klub
Bližňáková, Magdalena ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The author's aim for her diploma thesis is to examine the phenomenon of Irish theatre, which existed in repertoire of one of the most influential small scenes in Prague - Činoherní klub. The work will delve into Czech-Irish cultural relations as 19th century as well as illustrate the way poetics of theatre align with tragicomical poetics of Irish theatre. This will be demonstrated on examples of specific plays by Irish authors The Drama Club put out throughout the years.
Mural art and its development in Czech republic
Kulhavý, Marek ; Pech, Milan (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee)
Mural art and its development in Czech republic This work deals with mural art as street art discipline. It briefly describes the development of muralism into the 20th century. Subsequently, he deals with the development of street art from the arrival of graffiti to the present, with the main emphasis being on mural art. The main part of the text shows this development in the Czech Republic, mentions the leading personalities of the Czech mural art scene and then maps its main centers and presents concrete examples of murals. Keywords Mural art, street art, graffiti, public space, Czech republic, art, Kaláb, Prague
Essays on Macro Imbalances, Monetary Policy and Exchange Rates
Hájek, Jan ; Horváth, Roman (advisor) ; Hartwell, Christopher (referee) ; Komárek, Luboš (referee) ; Kapounek, Svatopluk (referee)
The dissertation consists of four empirical papers in the field of monetary economics. The first paper examines the extent of real exchange rate misalignment in the selected euro area countries, the next two papers shed light on macroeconomic spillovers in the remaining EU countries which are not part of the single currency area, while the last paper focuses on the exchange rate pass-through in the Czech Republic.
International comparison of school principals: Czech administrative hell
Federičová, Miroslava
School leadership is a serious problem in the Czech Republic. In this study, we document how a number of extremes converge at the level of elementary school leadership in the Czech Republic: (i) schools have substantial autonomy, (ii) school principals labour under very large administrative burdens, (iii) the average new principal is insufficiently prepared for the role, (iv) principals’ salaries are relatively low and insufficient to attract strong candidates, and (v) there are a very large number of small schools, necessitating a large number of principals. This unhealthy combination of factors generates a significant problem for Czech schooling, of which only a narrow circle of experts has thus far been aware. For this reason, little progress has been made towards considering how problems might be solved or at least minimised.
Private and public returns to business R&D spending in Czechia
Pleticha, Petr
This study presents the first estimates of the relationship between business R&D capital and value added by sector in Czechia. The goal is to assess both direct effects of R&D spending in respective industries, and indirect, spillover effects on the rest of economy. We apply well-established regression approaches, using sectoral data from manufacturing and selected service sectors from 1996 to 2015. Because R&D spending and public R&D subsidies have soared in recent years, such an analysis has been long overdue.
Spatial Analysis of the Motherhood Wage Gap in the Czech Republic
Vlčková, Radka ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Using the Czech household microdata, I analyze the regional variations of the motherhood wage gap in the Czech Republic. By this spatial analysis, I aim to detect discrepancies between metropolitan areas and rural localities. Such a study has not yet been carried out in the Czech Republic. Accounting for individual characteristics and working history of employed women, I ob- serve both positive and negative wage gaps but only in several regions. Such findings can be explained by cultural differences, individual self-selection into higher paid jobs or by employers' approach to mothers. For the remaining regions, there is not enough evidence of the motherhood wage gap presence. The hypothesis that in socially excluded localities the wage gap is largest is rejected. Additional examination of the formal childcare provision shows that increase of the kindergartens' occupancy rate significantly decreases salaries of both mothers and childless women. This result is consistent with the previous Czech research. Keywords Motherhood wage gap, Spatial analysis, Czech Republic, Kindergarten JEL classifications D63, J13, R23 1
Criminological and criminal law aspects of the ransomware spread
Fousek, Jan ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Criminological and criminal law aspects of the ransomware spread Abstract This diploma thesis examines different aspects of criminology and criminal law with the issue of the malware spread in the form of ransomware. This text is divided into two main parts. First, the theoretical part consists of the chapters about cybercrime, malware and criminological and criminal law aspects of ransomware spread. It uses the substantive law and also procedural law perspective. All chapters are divided into subchapters dealing with the questions of offenders and victims, criminal law qualification of the ransomware phenomena and with related concepts used for the broader understanding of this kind of cybercrime. Second, the analytical part follows. This thesis combines different criminological research methods and tries to verify the main hypothesis regarding the increase in the number of ransomware attacks in the Czech Republic. The hypothesis is as follows: "The number of ransomware attacks registered by the Police of the Czech Republic has been increasing since 2016". This hypothesis cannot be accepted due to missing relevant data from the Police of the Czech Republic and other institutions. It can be said that for the period 2016-2018, there was 3 registered ransomware attacks per 100,000 inhabitants of the Czech...

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