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Legal regulation of the status of political parties in the Czech Republic
Holoubek, Tomáš ; Jirásková, Věra (advisor) ; Hřebejk, Jiří (referee)
1 Abstract The aim of the thesis is to present a comprehensive picture of the legal regulation governing the status and activities of political parties in the Czech Republic, to point out its weaknesses and, where appropriate, to present de lege ferenda proposals. The thesis is divided into four parts. The first part deals with the general development of modern political parties and the reasons that led to their institutionalization. Then, it presents the development of the legal regulation of political parties in the Czech lands, starting with the revolutionary events of 1848 and 1849 and ending with the establishment of the independent Czech Republic. The quasi-institution of political movements, whose presence in the legal system cannot be defended in any way, is also presented. The second part deals with the constitutional incorporation of political parties. At the constitutional level, the privileged role of political parties in the political system is explicitly recognised. Safeguards for the free development of political parties are enshrined here, but also their obligation to respect fundamental democratic principles. The third part deals with the legal regulation of the most important aspects of the life of political parties - the issues of their formation and dissolution, the regulation of...
Environmental aspects in the context of the media coverage of the Czech Repuvlic's cultural herigage and its presentation
Baranova, Alexandra ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
This thesis deals with the representation of the natural environment in branding the Czech Republic on the domestic and global market. The aim was to find out how the visual and textual content of CzechTourism information and promotional materials contributes to this and how the representation of nature characterizes the Czech Republic as a cultural tourism destination. The evaluation was based on qualitative analysis. Textual content was analysed using the grounded theory method, selected photographs were subjected to semiotic analysis. The result shows that the Czech Republic is presented through CzechTourism brochures as a country that is a harmonious combination of natural treasures and historical monuments. The Czech Republic seems to be a tourist destination, after a visit to which a change of personality occurs: not only does one's physical and emotional state improve, but also one reflects on a number of issues such as the perception of spiritual values, awareness of oneself as a Czech citizen (for local residents), gaining new knowledge about the history of the Czech state (for foreign tourists). This work can serve as a basis for further research, e.g. building a country's brand through CzechTourism's social media presence. It would also be interesting to find out whether the content of...
Playboy: From erotism to puritanism?
Jiříková, Eliška ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is to describe the development of content in Czech and American Playboy and compare them both over the years and the American and Czech versions with each other. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the development of both American and Czech Playboy and the changes that have occurred in the magazine are included in the cultural development and contemporary context of the USA and the Czech Republic. The diploma thesis seeks the causes of changes and development of the journal, in culture and society, in their changed attitudes, norms and values. At the same time, in this diploma thesis I deal with the Playboy audience and agenda setting. Three years 2010, 2015 and 2020 are selected for analysis in the practical part. As part of the quantitative content analysis, I examine which topics, articles and sections appear in the issue, which topics have disappeared or appeared over time and which part of the magazine is occupied by nudity. Using qualitative analysis, I focus on the transformation of the cover pages of Playboy magazine, the depiction of women on such cover pages and the comparison of American and Czech covers.
Food and Nostalgy: an ethnographic perspective of the Russian food stores in Prague
Prudnikova, Elizaveta ; Grygar, Jakub (advisor) ; Hrešanová, Ema (referee)
The Russian food stores in the Czech Republic can be considered representations of the food practices for the Russian-speaking immigrant community. Despite the common notion that financial gain is a primary focus, I would like to argue that these food stores are the public spaces that link the immigrant's past and present surroundings and plays the role of the communicative bridge with their native's social network. The thesis studies the Russian food stores in Prague as a way of public space that is crucial for maintaining their cultural identity and presents as a medium during the cultural shock for the Russian-speaking immigrants represented by a common theme - nostalgia. By employing an ethnographic approach along with the discourse analysis, I attempt to demonstrate the ways of the mentioned public space being a part of the food practices for this community. The findings should contribute to the understanding of the processes and ways of assimilation in Russian-speaking immigrants, along with their national identification. Furthermore, the thesis opens a discussion regarding the accessible tools of cultural and social involvement of immigrants into the Czech community.
Euro and the Czech Republic - the benefits and pitfalls of the euro currency
Snopek, Ondřej ; Bažantová, Ilona (advisor) ; Dupáková, Lenka (referee)
Euro and the Czech Republic - the benefits and pitfalls of the euro currency Abstract The thesis focuses on possible benefits, hazards and costs which could rise up from the entrance of Czech Republic to the Euro Zone and implementation of euro currency. The aims of the thesis are as follows: to acquaint the reader with the history of the monetary and economical integration in the Europe after the second world war to the present time; present the criteria of the nominal and real convergence used to determinate the level of convergence between states, assess the level of convergence reached by the Czech Republic in relation to the Euro Zone; and present the possible benefits hazards and costs of the introduction of the euro. To achieve the abovementioned aims, the method of analysis, synthesis, comparison and description was used. The content of the thesis is divided to five major chapters. The first chapter contains the history of the monetary and economic integration in Europe after the second world war starting with the establishment of the Council of Europe up to the acceptance of the Maastricht Treaty, establishment of the monetary and economic union - the Euro Zone and introduction of the euro in its member states. The second chapter introduces the nominal convergence criteria defined by the...
Development of labor market regulations in the Czech Republic for workers from countries outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland
Warchoł, Marcin Jan ; Vaceková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Kotrusová, Miriam (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the regulations of the Czech labour market. The aim of this thesis is to describe and assess the development of Czech labour market regulations for workers outside the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. It also compares the current state of the studied issue with the state and approach of Poland, with the intention of identifying common features and differences in the area in order to propose public policy measures on labour market regulations for workers outside the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The introduction deals with the influences that affect the labour market. The next part describes the development of labour market regulations in the Czech Republic and Poland in 2012-2020 and how both countries approach the implementation of individual measures. A case study was chosen as the main type of research design. The research focuses on an analysis of primary data obtained during semi-structured interviews with employees of individual ministries and a construction company owner, as well as an analysis of secondary data obtained from public policy documents, strategic and conceptual documents, legal standards, statistics and other relevant documents. Based on the performed analyses, the conclusion of the thesis provides proposals of potential...
Comparison of party system development in Czechk republic and in Slovak republic.
Kučerová, Kateřina ; Stracený, Josef (advisor) ; Hauser, Michael (referee)
The master thesis "Comparison of the development of party systems in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic in 2010-2020" is focused on the analysis of the development of the Czech and Slovak party system in the years 2010-2020 and their mutual comparison. So the milestone for the analysis was the years 2010-2020. During this period there were fundamental changes in the Czech and Slovak party systems, which was the main reason for choosing this topic. The individual periods of development of both party systems will be defined by parliamentary elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and to the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The analysis is based on the methods mentioned in the theoretical part of the work and on the classical typologies of party systems of M. Duverger, J. Blondel and G. Sartori. In the analysis itself, electoral statistics, surveys of electoral preferences and media sources are largely used. Among the main criteria for the analysis, the number and size of political parties and their relevance were determined. The relevance means the determination of coalition or blackmail potential. Furthermore, the degree of fragmentation of the party system and the main cleavages will be determined. The comparison will be based on an analysis...
Poverty and material deprivation with focus on seniors in Czechia
Dvořáková, Eliška ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Malinová, Albína (referee)
Poverty and material deprivation with focus on seniors in Czechia Abstract The diploma thesis adresses the issue of poverty and material deprivation, which are still very actual not only in developing countries but also in highly advanced societies. The initial information is The European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) from 2019, supplemented by data from Eurostat and the Czech Statistical Office. The target group was defined as persons 65 years old or over. The main goal of the thesis is to determine the chances of being a poor or materially deprived senior based on selected sociodemographic characteristics, which are gender, age groups, marital status and the highest educational attainment. The core analysis was performed using Binary Logistic Regression. The highest odds of being poor or materially deprived comes from single seniors with basic education. The age categories with the highest chance vary in individual analyses, however, they are always 80-84 years of age, 85-89 years of age or 90 years and older. Concerning gender, senior women always have a higher chance to be poor and also materially deprived than senior men. Furthermore, the probabilities of poverty and material deprivation were calculated as part of the search for answers to the research question. Clear...

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