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Ekonomické efekty zavedení mentoringu učitelů v České republice z pohledu veřejných financí
Kukačková, Kamila
This diploma thesis deals with mentoring of teachers. The aim of the thesis is to identify and quantify the costs and benefits of public expenditures related to the institutional implementation of mentoring of teachers in the Czech Republic. Firstly, this paper summarizes the main findings of mentoring, experience with mentoring abroad, and the benefits and costs associated with mentoring. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the development of mentoring in the Czech Republic and then offers possible solutions to the implementation of teachers mentoring in the future. Cost-Benefit analysis was used to assess the effectiveness of these public expenditures.
Nástroje manažerského rozhodování v praxi: Cost-benefit analýza projektu výstavby ČOV a kanalizace
Bartoš, Tomáš
This bachelor thesis is focused on evaluation of public projects. The first part of the thesis describes the groups of tools used to evaluate public projects and focuses specifically the cost-benefit analysis tool. In the next part, the cost-benefit analysis is applied to a public project of municipal sewerage and wastewater treatment plant and calculates the outcomes of project that are further discussed. The last part of the thesis compares Cost-benefit analysis approach with Operational Program Environment approach.
Vyhodnocení rozvojového potenciálu obce
Hladíková, Ivona
This thesis deals with the development of Moravsky Krumlov. The possibility of its development is mainly determined by the implementation of the reconstruction of the castle in Moravsky Krumlov, thereby town reached the revival of tourism and cultural life in the town. The first part describes the city and consequently the financial analysis of the municipal budget and monitoring indicators is performed. Gradually work goes directly to the evaluation of the planned project, which mean to the evaluation of the implementation of public project of reconstruction of the castle in Moravsky Krumlov. For this purpose was chosen Cost-benefit analysis, which deals with the evaluation of public projects, including their socio-economic impacts.
Agent-Based Analysis of Market Potential for Electric Vehicles in the Czech Republic
Wojnarová, Renáta ; Kukačka, Jiří (advisor) ; Chorna, Olena (referee)
This study explores the economical, ecological, and social impact of poten- tial rise of the number of electric vehicles in the Czech Republic. For this purpose, the methodology of agent-based modelling and cost-benefit analysis is used. Particularly, a simple agent-based model in the NetLogo software is created and calibrated to the Czech environment. It enables us to examine the impact of possible policies aimed at increasing electric vehicles' market potential. Results of the cost-benefit analysis suggest that under the current Czech conditions, over their whole life cycle, electric vehicles produce less CO2 emissions in comparison to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles and thus, are more ecological. With the actual policy without any financial incentives, however, electric vehicles' total costs connected to their purchase, usage and maintenance for an average Czech consumer are still higher com- pared to conventional vehicles. If the government would intend to signific- antly increase electric vehicles' market share, both financial incentives and policies making their everyday usage easier are suggested to be implemented. Purchase discounts together with accessibility advantages are, according to this analysis, the most effective ways. Charging infrastructure development and electricity...
Financování neziskového projektu
Holeček, Tomáš
Thesis prepares the project aimed on building the base in municipality Boskovštejn. Implementer of the project is non-government organization Neptun Znojmo. Main aim of the thesis is proposal of the most efficient form of the project funding. The financial analysis of the implementer, together with the analysis of national and European funding was used to achieve the objective. The cost benefit analysis of all proposed variants of funding was used to determine the ideal form of project funding. On the basis of previous findings was determined, that the implementer should use the subsidies form Znojmo together with the commercial loan to achieve efficient form of project funding. The results of the thesis can help Neptun determine if they want to implement the project or not.
Effectivity assessment of the implementation of the reporting system
Řežábek, Martin ; Lorenc, Miroslav (advisor) ; Vladyka, Štěpán (referee)
Thesis is focused on effectivity assessment of the reporting system of the selected company and the comparison of the former and current reporting solution. This is achieved by the appropriate literature research, creation of the individual assessment model based on the methodology of the analogy from the information systems assessment and based on the experience of the selected company's employees and the experience of the experts in the field of corporate financial management with the focus on the reporting systems. Model is defined by the set of criteria structured into the groups and by the weights assigned to criteria along with the value for each of them. The last phase consists of stepping out of the individual assessment and defines the generally applicable model, usable on the wide range of different reporting systems.
Economic Analysis of Organizing Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 in Ostrava and Prague
Halásová, Michaela ; Soudek, Jan (advisor) ; Fišerová, Tereza (referee)
In many cases the organization of major sport events brings various benefits to hosting economies, especially those resulting from encouraged tourism. However, these events carry extensive costs coming mostly from public resources which could be used for other purposes, e.g. healthcare. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the socioeconomic impact of the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015 on Prague and the Moravian-Silesian Region using a Cost-Benefit Analysis in which costs and benefits are summed up and benefit-cost ratio calculated. In our analysis we conclude that the event was beneficial not only for the Czech Ice Hockey Association; the hosting organization reporting profit of 450 million CZK before taxes but also for the regions with a benefit-cost ratio of 5.53, meaning that the benefit created equals 5.53 times the amount the regions invested into the event. Moreover, in this analysis we confirm an overall positive effect of the championship on tourism. Keywords cost-benefit analysis, Ice Hockey World Championship 2015, Prague, Ostrava, Moravian-Silesian Region, economic impact, major sport events, tourism
Self-employed - burden of national budget or an opportunity for unemployed?
Mach, Tomáš ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Řípová, Karolína (referee)
This thesis focuses on the dilemma of self-employment. It tries to explore the relationship between self-employed people and public finances in general. The goal itself is an analysis of the relationship between public budgets and payments of the self-employed. But for more the thesis adds calculations of two hypothetic models of regulation and deregulation. Secondary goal is an evaluation of a self- employment status as solution for unemployment. Rational choice theory and prospect theory are also used along the way. As methods of research, the cost-benefit analysis and questionnaire survey was used. According to the outcomes of calculations etc. the result seems to be negative in economic way for current setup of payments with dominant loss of potential financial resources in retirement funds. Nevertheless, a number of savings also takes place. But even mentioned savings can't cover the discrepancy between potential incomes and real ones.
Analysis of Potential Consenquences of Toll Implication for Vehicles under 3,5 Tonnes in the Czech Republic
Srnka, Jan ; Vostrovská, Zdenka (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
The Master Thesis is focused on potential consequences of toll implication for vehicles under 3,5 tonnes. The main goal of this paper is to evaluate these consequences and propose a recommendation to the government whether to imply the toll or not. Quantitative research methods in a form of questionnaire were used in order to estimate the potential consequences of 0,4 CZK per km toll for vehicles under 3,5 tonnes. Moreover, was analysed the publicly accessible data of transportation, car accidents and deaths on roads in case of the Czech Republic. Theoretical part is focused on the currently used system on highways, the history of highways, system used in European countries and aspects of cost-benefit analysis. Three frequently used highways were examined in the practical part of this paper. A numerous of calculations were used in order to quantify all possible costs of toll implication. Toll implication costs and additional costs that arise due to avoiding expensive highways by some drivers represented the main aim of these calculations. Conclusion of this paper sums up key points of this paper and points out possible negative consequences of toll implication.
Investment Decision Making of State and Local Governments
Kula, David ; Fotr, Jiří (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee) ; Potluka, Oto (referee)
The topic of this dissertation thesis is collection, analysis and evaluation of information about investment decisions making within public administration bodies. The investment decision making is examined in relation to allocation of public funds on investment activities and projects. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate the current status of the investment decision making within the public sector. Subsequently the goal is to offer new or updated knowledge related to these issues, and bring recommendations to improve the investment decision making of public administration bodies. At first, there are described current knowledge in the field of investment decision making. This is followed by an analysis of assessment methods used for evaluation and selection of investment projects. The work is completed by recommendations for investment decisions making in the form of a normative model. The model should increase benefits of public investment expenses for society. There are used data obtained through a questionnaire survey of 430 subsidized firms, 169 state organizational units and state funds and 130 cities, boroughs and counties. Another important source of information was secondary data of selected ministries and agencies, legislation and literature.

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