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Assessing Economic Situation of a Company and Proposals for Its Improvement
Matys, Jan ; Veselovský, Pavel (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
The diploma thesis evaluates the economic situation of BPS Bicycle Industrial s. r. o. time series analysis. The theoretical part describes financial indicators, time series analyzes and regression and correlation analysis. Based on the analyzes, suggestions were made to improve the current situation of the company. BPS has proven to be financially sound. Shortcomings to improvement were identified from the analyzes. For example, share of equity and debt, use of surplus funds and turnover of receivables and payables. This ratio needs to be addressed through greater use of debt. The system of sanctions is solution for problem the turnover of receivables and the use of surplus funds by investing in shares.
Development of modern acoustic features quantifying hypokinetic dysarthria
Kowolowski, Alexander ; Zvončák, Vojtěch (referee) ; Galáž, Zoltán (advisor)
This work deals with designing and testing of new acoustic features for analysis of dysprosodic speech occurring in hypokinetic dysarthria patients. 41 new features for dysprosody quantification (describing melody, loudness, rhythm and pace) are presented and tested in this work. New features can be divided into 7 groups. Inside the groups, features vary by the used statistical values. First four groups are based on absolute differences and cumulative sums of fundamental frequency and short-time energy of the signal. Fifth group contains features based on multiples of this fundamental frequency and short-time energy combined into one global intonation feature. Sixth group contains global time features, which are made of divisions between conventional rhythm and pace features. Last group contains global features for quantification of whole dysprosody, made of divisions between global intonation and global time features. All features were tested on Czech Parkinsonian speech database PARCZ. First, kernel density estimation was made and plotted for all features. Then correlation analysis with medicinal metadata was made, first for all the features, then for global features only. Next classification and regression analysis were made, using classification and regression trees algorithm (CART). This analysis was first made for all the features separately, then for all the data at once and eventually a sequential floating feature selection was made, to find out the best fitting combination of features for the current matter. Even though none of the features emerged as a universal best, there were a few features, that were appearing as one of the best repeatedly and also there was a trend that there was a bigger drop between the best and the second best feature, marking it as a much better feature for the given matter, than the rest of the tested. Results are included in the conclusion together with the discussion.
Prostorová diferenciace výskytu prostituce ve světě
The bachelor thesis deals with the spatial differentiation of the occurrence of prostitution in the world at the level of states. The number of prostitutes is based on the latest UN estimates. It is supplemented by other sources for the widest possible set of data. The analysis is focused on the comparison of prostitution rate with selected socioeconomic indicators by applying correlation coefficients to clarify the effects on the examined phenomenon. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the interpretation of differences and the spread of prostitution in the world. The synthetic part deals mainly with the distribution of prostitution in the macro-regional concept of the Earth in order to generalize the results and describe the main determinants of prostitution.
Government investment in the Czech Republic
Investments significantly affect development of economy in both short-term and long-term periods. The income effect of investment has a short-term impact on the aggregate demand. Aggregate supply is influenced by the capacity effect and it only manifests in a long-term period. Many studies analyse development of government investments. Some of these analyses are cited in this work, which compares various determinants that have an impact on the size and dynamics of government investments. Preliminarily it is possible to conclude that the main determinants are economic, fiscal policy, political-economical factors. For example, in the times of economic crisis government investments are first expenditures to cut. The aim of this work is how the mentioned factors affect growth and development of the investments in the Czech Republic. In empirical analysis the data from Eurostat for period 1995-2016 are used and they are also examined in terms of size, development and structure. Then the correlation analysis is used to examine how much selected factors influence investments. After correlation analysis the regression analysis is used for generating resulting models.
The influence of the sports club on the development of the region
The diploma thesis deals with the influence of sports clubs on the development of the region - South Bohemian Region. The task of the work is to determine and analyze the effects of sports activities on the development of the region and to follow up the measures leading to the improvement of the current state. The theoretical part of the diploma thesis defines the basic concepts of regional development, such as region, regional development or regional policy. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the field of sport, including its relation to the development of the region. The practical part examines the factors and areas in which sports clubs can contribute to regional development. The work also examines the statistics of sport, the development of the membership base and the number of sports clubs. Subsequently, the economic impacts of sports clubs on the region are evaluated by quantitative analysis. One output of this work is the identification of possible impacts of sport on regional development and their subsequent quantitative analysis. Another output is the evaluation of the survey of sports clubs in the South Bohemian region in terms of the current status of sports clubs in individual size groups of municipalities. The conclusion of the practical part includes an analysis of the impact analysis and the research of the sports clubs.
Acoustic analysis of Mozart effect and its effect in patients with epilepsy
Zemánek, Václav ; Mekyska, Jiří (referee) ; Kiska, Tomáš (advisor)
The music, in generaly, can calm down a human internally. The effect of Mozart’s music can even be measured. Students, who listened Mozart’s music, had higher IQ result and epileptiform activity is describing on patients with epilepsy. This master’s thesis is dealing with design of the evaluation system, which can determine music parameters describing epileptiform activity. In the solution is make detailed analysis of the tracks, signal parameterization, description of data processing and make the Pearson correlation analysis. In the final chapter are described music parameters, which suppress epileptiform activity in the women and the man.
The impact of electric vehicles on the automobile industry
Pavelková, Adéla ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Žigraiová, Diana (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to identify the current and future importance of the electric vehicles. Apart from global situation, it also investigates the development in China, Europe, Norway and the U.S. To see the future position of electric vehicles on the automotive market, trend analysis and Bass Diffusion Model were used. The results showed that in the year 2035, the share of sales of electric vehicles will slowly approach a threshold of 50% in all analysed regions. The exception is Norway where the market of electric vehicles is already developed. Next, the correlation analysis was applied to measure the relationship between the sales of electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles. It was shown that the correlation is relatively strong with the same direction. The sales are influenced by similar factors. Furthermore, the correlation analysis was used to detect the relationship between the sales of electric vehicles and price of gasoline. The coefficient was positive. At the end, the regression analysis was applied to measure the cross elasticity of demand between electric and internal combustion engine vehicles. It was proved that these vehicles are substitutes. That means that the price of internal combustion engine vehicle can affect the sales of electric vehicles.
Mathematical Methods in Economics
Molnárová, Dominika ; Doubravský, Karel (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
This Bachelor Thesis concentrates on evaluation and comparison of the situation on individual labour markets in European union using mathematical and statistical models. The thesis primarily focuses on the analysis and development of significant economical indexes, such as unemployment rate, GDP and average income. The thesis also targets on providing the relationship between the selected indexes with correlation analysis and finally sorts the mentioned EU countries into similarity ground using the cluster analysis.
The relationship between the Development of Macroeconomic Indicators and the Capital Market in CR
This Master's thesis is focused on an assessment of development on the capital market in the Czech Republic in the context of development of macroeconomic indicators. There are used correlation and regression analyses which indicate power of relation between variables and determine regression models. These regression models are used to predict future values. There are a gross domestic product, an unemployment rate, a consumer price index, a national deficit, an exchange rate CZK/EUR and interest rates (2W repo rate, a discount, a Lombard rate and PRIBOR) used as independent variables. Representatives of the capital market are a stock market index PX and a 10-Years Bond Yield, which are dependent variables. There is also a mention of the existence of relation between the Czech and foreign development because of globalization.
Analysis of Economic Indicators of the Selected Company Using Statistical Methods
Lacko, Matej ; Šustrová, Tereza (referee) ; Novotná, Veronika (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of economic indicators of Technos a.s., using statistical methods and the evaluation of the current financial situation. The work contains a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes selected economic indicators, regression analysis, time series and correlation analysis. In the practical part, the analysis of selected economic indicators will be carried out and then statistical methods will be used to determine the prediction for the next year and to reveal the dependence between the individual indicators. The last part of the thesis deals with proposals that will improve the financial situation of the company.

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