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The Reflection of the First Czechoslovak Republic and Its President T. G. Masaryk on the Pages of Vatican Daily Newspaper L´Osservatore Romano
TALÍŘ, František
The aim of this diploma thesis is to expound the reality of the first Czechoslovak Republic through the foreign point of view, more precisely through the Vatican daily newspaper L´Osservatore Romano. Since the reality is immensely complex, individual chapters deal with topics of overall political development´s reflection, the personality of the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and the situation of Catholic Church in the country from the perspective of Vatican press. Due to the influence of reporters´ Catholic orientation, the author used other journals and documents to achieve higher levels of the opinion plurality in the particular questions. For this purpose, he worked in his thesis with other Czech and Italian newspapers, pastoral letters which were written by Czechoslovak bishops, memories of contemporary events´ actors or different interviews and speeches of important political figures at the time. In the analysis, there is an attempt to answer the question of how the Holy See´s official periodical informed of the events in interwar Czechoslovakia.
The role of the moral authorities of V. Havel, L. Walesa and John Paul II. in the fall of totalitarian regimes.
Řezník, Robert ; Svoboda, Cyril (advisor) ; Mašek, Vojtěch (referee)
The theme of the thesis is the fall of the totalitarian regime and the roots of anti-communist opposition. The thesis is focused on the rise of civil resistance, which was initiated by the main protagonists of this society - wide revolutionary expansion. The courage of these three heroes of their age will be shown.
The Story of Josef Toufar - Possibilities of its Use for Attitude Formation of High School Youth
Gabrielová, Olga Annamaria ; Zimmermannová, Marie (advisor) ; Bartůšková, Ludmila (referee)
1 Abstract The Story of Josef Toufar:Possibilities of its Use for Attitude Formation of High School Youth This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of a catholic secondary school education programme for social and moral attitudes, based on the life story of Father Josef Toufar. Theoretical part of the thesis accentuates between the approach of the church documents to the education of the young generation and between the requirements and possibilities of the frame educational program for secondary schools and the school educational programme of the selected ecclesiastical schools in Prague. I also focus on the characteristic features of contemporary culture and its influence on the young generation. In the next part, I describe the attitudes and the didactic possibilities of presenting the story of Father Toufar to the students. The practical part of the thesis discusses the preparation, presentation and evaluation of the education programme for adolescents concerning the life story of Josef Toufar. The programme was based on a profound study of documentary, literary and film sources. The target group of the programme are students of The Ecclesiastical High School where I worked as a teacher. The programme is meant to be a optional free time activity in the form of a historical-civic excursion. Using...
A Miracle or an Ugly Fall from an Olive tree? A Medieval Controversy over the Stigmata of Saint Francis of Assisi
Hlaváč, Stanislav ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the medieval controversy over the stigmata of Francis of Assisi. The religious phenomenon of the stigmata is viewed from the point of view of the general development of the spirituality in the High Middle Ages. The work tries to respect the chronological development of the polemics and, accordingly, also focuses on the progress of the Franciscan reflection of the stigmata. One of the chapters is dedicated to the analysis of the origins of the Franciscan tradition of the founder's stigmata. Subsequently, the work describes the resistance against the cult of the stigmatized saint from the point of view of the Franciscan sources and papal bulls, defending the authenticity of the stigmata. The penultimate chapter is dedicated to the development of the Franciscan theology of the stigmata, which resulted in the exaltation of the founder and his order. On the grounds of this development, the stigmata became the subject of rivalry between the Franciscans and the Dominicans, as discussed in the last chapter.
Undergroud Church and Secret Ordinations. A Canonical study of the Situation in Czechoslovakia 1948-1989
Vybíralová, Eva ; Hrdina, Antonín (advisor) ; Přibyl, Stanislav (referee) ; Němec, Damián (referee)
Title: Untergrundkirche und geheime Weihen. Eine kirchenrechtliche Untersuchung der Situation in der Tschechoslowakei 1948-1989 Name: Eva Vybíralová Department: Katedra pastorálních oborů a právních věd KTF UK Supervisor: prof. JUDr. Antonín Ignác Hrdina, DrSc. Abstract The aim of this project was the study of the ordination law, the history of the hidden church, and the subsequent research and comparison of all "types" of secret ordinations in all levels (ordination and consecration) granted during the Communist regime of 1948-1989 in Czechoslovakia or to Czechoslovak citizens abroad, especially from the perspective of the canon law. The presented dissertation consists of an introduction, seven chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter gives the basics of the ordination law, the second chapter describes the relations between the Church and the state during the relevant historical period in Czechoslovakia and the first secret Episcopal ordinations. The third chapter introduces the Mexican faculties. The fourth chapter introduces the other secret faculties granted to the Church in Czechoslovakia, from which, among other things, the ordination activities of the Jesuit bishops and Felix Davídek was unfolded. The fifth chapter provides an digression to the subject of secret ordinations given to Czechoslovak...
Prague between Vienna and Rome. Salt treaty and the cassa salis administration in the years 1630-1782
Honč, Petr ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Maur, Eduard (referee) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
1 This thesis is concerned with the post-White Mountain negotiations on ecclesiastical property, establishment of the concordat agreement (often referred to as the Salt Treaty) and the cassa salis administration between 1630 and 1782. It explains the main mechanisms of the ecclesiastical salt treasury, comments on the yields from the salt tax and various points where these resources were spent. The main intent was establishment of four new bishoprics in Bohemia, which was only partly achieved in the 17th century. At the end of the 17th century, the effort to reconstruct the parish network led to establishment of a separate treasure, the so-called cassa parochorum. Throughout the period, the papal curia feared that the Prague archbishops might manage the salt treasury independently. In the end, dissatisfaction with its management led to stricter supervision by the apostolic nuncios and visitations to cassa salis in 1710. Particular attention is paid to the repeated violations of the concordat agreement during the 18th century, in which the authority of the Kingdom tried to deprive the Holy See of the right to distribute funds from the salt treasury. This process was concluded by its fusion with the Kingdom's religious fund during the reign of Emperor Josef II.
The Salvation of Non-christians from the Perspective of the Catholic Church
Chvátal, Jiří ; Houkal, Jan (advisor) ; Nosek, Lukáš (referee)
Tato práce se chce v novat otázce spásy nek es an . Jejím cílem je pokusit se na rtnout p ehled u ení katolické církve v dané otázce a p edstavit rozdílné postoje t í vybraných teolog 20. století. První ást práce p edstaví vývoj nauky církve a teologické tradice od biblických dob až do IIVC. Shrne nauku IIVC a sou asného Magisteria. V druhé ásti se bude v novat pojetí dané problematiky u t í moderních teolog (Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Hans Küng) na základ obsah n kterých jejich prací. V t etí ásti se pokusí zkonfrontovat postoje t chto jednotlivých autor navzájem a ve vztahu k nauce Magisteria.
The Číhošť Miracle as a Theme and a Tool of Communist Propaganda
Muczková, Michaela ; Mlejnek, Josef (advisor) ; Halamka, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor thesis called The Číhošť Miracle as a Theme and a Tool of Communist Propaganda deals with the usage of propaganda in the campaign against so called miracle in Číhošť which was led in the 50s of the 20th century by the Communist Party of the Czechoslovakia. In the first part this thesis presents the theoretical basic for the analysis carried out in the research part. There is introduced the theory of totalitarianism which is essential to capture the mood at that time and the conditions in the Czechoslovakian society, and subsequently the theory of propaganda as the instrument inherently connected with the totalitarian regimes. To the perfect illustration this thesis later proposes the concrete context of the 50s in the Czechoslovakia where the key element was the rise of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia to the power and its relationship with the Catholic Church. The Číhošť Miracle itself is analyzed separately where there is chiefly introduced its process as well as its consequences for the Parson Josef Toufar and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The second part is practical and based on the methodological inclusion and the presented theory there is an ongoing analysis of the historical sources. These texts are the selected articles from the daily newspapers such as Rudé právo and...
Analýza vlivu lokace kláštera na současnou míru religiozity na Moravě
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the monastery on the religiosity of the town. Its main goal is to find out, whether the monastery location shows on the increased rate of believers in given town. The main criteria of the influence evaluation are the condition of the monastery and the size of the town. In the first chapter, the main goals and stated hypotheses are described. In the second chapter, the basic literature and theoretical approaches to religious studies are stated. The third chapter deals with the work methodology and used methods. Moreover, the criteria are explained, on which was chosen the set of monasteries. The development of the religiosity in Moravia and the important milestones of the Roman-catholic church are described in the fourth chapter. The core of the thesis creates the fifth chapter, where the influence of particular monasteries is analysed. The most important findings of the analysis are summarized in the synthesis. The concluding chapter focuses on the reflexion on the stated hypotheses.

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