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The Brownfields solutions within the Czech Republic - Tepna Nachod
Froňková, Dominika ; Řehák, Filip (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the area after the former brownfield of Tepna Náchod. The aim of the thesis is activate the territory, to revive the city center and to design the buildings in connection with the historical center and the chateau with a suitable functional structure, responding to the city's shortcomings. The proposal respects the character of the place trying to prefer pedestrian and cycling – pedestrian zones, cycling zones. The concept is based on the maximum use of built-up areas in the designed area and on the permeability of the entire area, the interconnection of three squares and the creation of a new public space. Furthermore, the concept responds to the historical city center and the chateau hill - views, perspective axes. Newly designed buildings are residential buildings with active parterres, administrative building for research and development, multi-purpose hall, retirement home, kindergarten, federal house and parking house. The new development clearly defines the street network. Part of the design is the planting of a park under the chateau hill with the revival of the trough of the Plhovsky´s stream.
Analysis and Proposal for the Use of Brownfields in the Former Premises of Technické služby Brno
Strážnický, Radek ; Schmeidler, Karel (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of brownfields. One of the main goals of the thesis is to design the most suitable use of a particular brownfield in the city of Brno. The subject of this diploma thesis is the proposal for the use of brownfield Former technical services area, which is located in the city part Trnitá. The design solution is based on analyzes of the given locality and is processed in three variants. These options are subsequently evaluated for their actual implementation costs and expected return assumptions
Kuric, Alexander ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
This diploma project focuses on the conversion of a foundry located in the former ČKD machine works in Vysočany. The proposal prioritizes conservation of key industrial heritage values and the presentation of those values to the public. The building is inserted into a proposed new urban structure which is integrated into the wider context of the currently regenerated brownfield.
Formánek, Jakub ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
Prague and other cities in the Czech republic are currently struggling with a housing crisis, which causes raising of prices of houses and apartments. For many people it is an unapproachable goal to own a place. Suburb living projects are a slightly cheaper option, although they increase transportation demands and it is not a sustainable option in general. The city government is trying to support transformations of industrial areas - former factories or abandoned buildings – called brownfields. Vysočany district has changed a lot recently. Former industrial areas are demolished and replaced by new residential or administrative buildings. All the development projects have one thing in common – the absence of something that connects them into urban structure. The aim of this project is to desing a new construction instead of former CKD factories, which are not used anymore. Three new urban blocks nearby Kolbenova street are trying to respect other buildings around (if possible) and create a standard for future development. Also, they support the effort of the city council to create a lively boulevard on Kolbenova street. The project is designed as a polyfunctional unit to remain active during the whole day. The concept comprises urban residental blocks, administrative buildings and public spaces.
Doláková, Pavlína ; Plášil, Jiří (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The aim of the urban-architectural study is to design a residential complex that will be designed for living in family and residential buildings. As a territory between the railway track and the historic building, which is the Bučovice chateau, the work is focused on the integration of housing development into this place and the use of the uniqueness of the surroundings.
Bučovice - residential area Za zámkem
Měřínský, Michal ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The content of the thesis is a study of the new use of brownfield, which was created by the termination of the UP Závody furniture company in Bučovice. The subject of the study is the urban design of a new residential area, with additional, required and related functions. The design of the site, including the newly subsumed buildings, is only created at the urban level. In the form of an architectural study, one selected (reference) residential block of an urban complex is then solved. An important aspect is the reaction to the nearby presence of the renaissance castle by observing the preconditions for the monument care.
Industrial building plant Arvin Meritor Brno
Habarta, Jaroslav ; Vranová, Daniela (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was the elaboration of project documentation based on the studio project AG036. This is a new Arvin Meritor industrial plant specializing in the production of a car sub-system. The production of the plant should cover the demands of the Škoda Auto car factory, with a planned production of 300,000 vehicles per year. In accordance with the need for intensive exploitation of the territory of the City of Brno, the object is located on a plot in the Brno-Maloměřice district, which is run as brownfield no. 1904 and for which the applicable land plan assumes the production function. The concept of a new building by its location on the given plot takes into account the planned extension of the production part of the plant and eventual use of the site in the form of a new industrial zone. The object itself is designed as three cubic masses divided by illuminating corridors and functionally split into a production and administrative part with staff backgrounds. The production flow starts at the take in ramp to which the reception and storage of the goods is followed, including inspection and registration. Custom assembly takes place on three assembly lines, the production process is completed by a functional test and an output check.
New Old Brno Return of living to the city centres
Štancl, Michal ; Ludvíková, Iveta (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The thesis deals in its first part with the urban design of the brownfield site in Brno in the Old Brno district. The analytical part deals with the issue of the zoning of urban plan and the results of the Mendel Square architectural competition. The proposed urban solution is based on a traditional block of flats combined with a solitaire and defines various public spaces. In the second part, the architectural design of a typical block and four multifunctional apartment buildings in it is proposed.
Vrzgula, Lukáš ; Kohoutová, Zuzana (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The thesis deals with the transformation of the former sawmill located in the center of the village of Bílá in Beskydy. The proposal addresses the gradual integration of the complex into the ski resort development structure.
Kovaříková, Petra ; Weiss, Jan (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The WOOX company is focused on the production of sport goods - mainly clothes. It began to grow and filled up the capacity of its first factory. For the new one, it has chosen the brownfield of the former Jeseník’s textile factory. It is located five minutes from the city center. I approached the owner of this company and because he was just working on the reconstruction, we agreed on cooperation. My intention is to provide the conceptual idea and possible solutions. It should be used as a source of inspiration. Based on my analysis of the plot and the surroundings, my thesis creates a production hall, a design office, dwellings and a multifunctional hall with a bistro. The work is based on SMART principles. It is trying to interconnect the interests of Jeseník’s residents and the company WOOX.

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