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Návrh turistické mapy pro mladé lidi ve městě Brno
Procházka, David
Bachelor thesis deals with the issue of tourism of young people and the current state of maps focused on tourism in the city of Brno. The goal of this work is to identify the needs and interests of young people and to get a list of attractive plac-es for this segment of market. The second goal of this thesis is to draft a map based on data received from a questionnaire survey with the help of ArcGIS online tools.
Návrh úpravy lesoparku Akátky za účelem jejich maximálního rekreačního využití
Tamborlani, Andrea
The Bachelor Thesis focuses on introduction of the forest park Akatky. The main goal is to create a desing that takes into account aspects for a maximum recreational use of this area located on the outskirts of Brno-Židenice. Forest park Akatky has a high potential for relaxation in nature, sports and other leisure activites. Theoretical part presents the issues of forest parks and natural conditions of the locality. The fundamental practical part, which as the main instrument for research uses questionnaire survey, reflects the opinions of visitors of the forest park and especially presents specific proposals to modify the park Akatky.
Strategy of the tourism development in Brno with the focus on Brno - city of students
Urbanová, Patrícia
The diploma thesis deals with the tourism strategy in Brno focusing on the theme of the Brno city of students. The work consists of two parts. In the theoretical part is a research of literary and internet sources of solved problems. The main focus is on strategic planning and strategic documents of the tourism for the Czech Republic at national, regional and local levels. The main aim of this diploma thesis is to detect and verify whether the target group of students and the topic - Brno student city will acquire higher priority and higher representation in the new Program, which was created during the preparation of this diploma thesis. Two more goals are formulated in the paper. Through an exploration among foreign universities, it will be verified whether these universities cooperate with the home city and how. The survey research will detect how foreign students perceive the city of Brno. The practical part summarizes the results obtained from the performed research and their interpretation.
Nové formy potravinových trhů v městě Brně
Plencnerová, Kateřina
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to contribute to the recognition of alternative food networks in the Czech Republic. The work focuses on the food market FoodPark and the context of its foundation and development. The thesis defines the major signs of such a form of market and identifies involved participants. Motives, necessary preconditions, and potential benefits and risks resulting from the involvement of traders in FoodPark were analysed and evaluated on the basis of semi-structured interviews. The analysis is supported by observations performed at specific markets. FoodPark is one of the regular food markets in Brno and offers the possibility for a diverse group of producers to distribute their products. However, according to the traders, the main advantage is the possibility of advertising and raising awareness about their products.
Migrace pracovníků ve vědě a výzkumu: případová studie vybraných brněnských center excelence
Břicháčková, Lucie
The main theme of this thesis is the evaluation of motives for the migration of highly qualified workers in science and research in Brno. The thesis identifies factors that are important for scientists from two selected centres of excellence in workrelated migration. Further, the perception of the satisfaction of these people with the environment of the city of Brno is captured. The results are segmented according to socioeconomic, family, career and other attributes. Based on the outputs of the quantitative survey and the consultation with experts, recommendations are proposed to make the conditions for incoming highly qualified scientists more attractive. These recommendations are aimed both at the South Moravian region and the city of Brno, as well as at the involved centres of scientific excellence.
Vybrané ekonomické efekty přítomnosti studentů ve městě Brně
Kotoučková, Sylva
The main aim of the thesis which was created in collaboration with City Strategy Office is analysing the economic contributions of students in Brno. The thesis includes quantitative research focusing on students preferences in the way of accommodation and transport in city, spending their free time and structure of their incomes and expenses. Information from the research is compared with research from 2014. It has been found out that the outcomes of repeatedly performed survey are similar, students preferences, their expenses and incomes have not been significantly changed. The results of this survey will be processed in cooperation with City Strategy Office and implied into new strategic plan for Brno 2050.
Udržitelná mobilita města Brna - individuální automobilová doprava a cyklodoprava
Francová, Lenka
Presented master thesis is focused on individual car and bicycle transport in the context of sustainable urban mobility in Brno. The theoretical part describes the historical context of transport, especially in the Czech Republic, as well as the theoretical basis for sustainable urban mobility and planning and legislative norms of transport. This thesis also deals with the social and environmental im-pacts and effects of transport. The practical part analyzes the two selected transport modes and, based on results of questionnaire survey, measures are proposed to intensify bicycle transport in Brno. Those suggestions are then con-fronted with opinions of professional experts.
Návrh na využití bývalého průmyslového areálu
Zelená, Kateřina
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to discuss the issue of brownfields in both the Czech republic and abroad, as well as a proposal of re-use of former industrial building. In the first part of this paper the literature research was made to describe the problem of brownfields. An analysis of the study area with unused building in Brno-Líšeň was next step. This analysis was further developed into a proposal of repurposing the mentioned area. In this model case brownfield was concidered as a future residency of a company for processing recyclable plastic bottles into granulates. A part of this thesis was also a financial balance with SWOT analysis.
Proposal of recommendations to Brno universities on how to attract Chinese students
Wei, Wei
With the trend of internationalization and globalization, there is an increasing number of Chinese students who choose to pursue higher education in European countries. The Czech Republic is not lagging behind either, the number of Chinese students is visibly growing. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the major factors influencing Chinese students’ decision-making of an overseas study destination and to provide marketing campaign recommendations to universities in Brno on how to attract more Chinese students. The main data source was primary research via in-depth interviews (n = 15) and online questionnaires (n = 158), group discussion and author’s own experience. The findings suggest that universities in Brno have the potential to win more Chinese students to study there. The city of Brno offers students a low-cost and attractive study environment. Recommendations for university managements were provided.
Nákupné správanie generácie Y na trhu kávy v Brne
Tuka, Štefan
The diploma thesis is focused on the consumer behaviour of generation Y on the coffee market in Brno. The aim of the thesis is to identify segments of consumers in the coffee market in Brno, to identify their preferences, and on the basis of this, to make recommendations for sellers providing services on this market. For the achieving of aim is used quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative research is carried out by questionnaire survey. The results are used to segment consumers through cluster analysis. Qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews is used to complement the characteristics of individual segments. The output of this diploma thesis is identification of four segments on the coffee market in Brno and determination of the recommendations for sellers on this market.

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