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Návrh turistické mapy pro mladé lidi ve městě Brno
Procházka, David
Bachelor thesis deals with the issue of tourism of young people and the current state of maps focused on tourism in the city of Brno. The goal of this work is to identify the needs and interests of young people and to get a list of attractive plac-es for this segment of market. The second goal of this thesis is to draft a map based on data received from a questionnaire survey with the help of ArcGIS online tools.
Zpracování porostních map pro teakové plantáže v Nikaragui na lokalitě La Reserva
Vojtek, Michal
This work is concerned with the creation of an area map created in ArcGIS. As the base layer, the orthophoto was taken using UAV. The catchment area is located on a forest farm in La Reserva Nicaragua. On this farm is located since 2006 plantation HFC main tree species teak (Tectona grandis L.)
Analýza území v prostředí GIS pro účely komplexních pozemkových úprav
Driml, Tomáš
This thesis deals with geoinformation analysis of comprehensive landscaping. The thesis compares calculations of the long-term soil loss using different digital terrain models and topographical factors. Subsequently the thesis focuses on the rating of the drain and erosive ratio on the basis of the analysis of the current status of the examined area, that is the circumference of the outcoming comprehensive landscaping in Kunovice cadastral area under the conditions of the conventional agriculture scenario. These resource materials helped the diploma thesis to design anti-erosion measures including the main agricultural roads and the system of ecological stability that was extended with the interactive elements for the needs of these measures. Afterwards their efectivity was succesfully measured. Results of plans are designed in the next part of the thesis to the form of map outputs and in the discussion were debated contributions of the plan from the perspetcive of the opening the water regime of the landscape, the danger of erosion and the ecological stability.
Analýza erozní ohroženosti v zájmovém území
Folkmanová, Kateřina
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the threat of water erosion in the cadastral areas of the municipalities of Horní Poříčí, Prostřední Poříčí and Dolní Poříčí, which is located in the South Moravian Region in the district of Blansko. The thesis also contains draft anti-erosion measures, based on the analyses performed. The first part of the thesis consists of literary research focusing on erosion issues focusing on the legislative framework of soil protection. This part also contains the characteristics of the area of interest. The next part is focused on the determination and explanation of the processing procedure used in the practical part. Here is explained the principle of calculating the average long-term loss of soil by water erosion by the universal equation USLE according to Wischmeier and Smith and the determination of the individual factors entering this equation. The methodology also describes the process of calculating individual factors and the long-term loss of soil by water erosion in ArcGIS, USLE2D and LS Converter. Data BPEJ, LPIS and ZABAGED(R) were used for processing. The practical part contains proposal of anti-erosion measures and analysis of erosion hazard after their application in the area of interest. The results are presented in the form of manual outputs, always for the current state and for the status after the application of the proposed measures.
Výpočet ztráty půdy vodní erozí ve vybraném území s využitím programu ArcGIS
Krytinář, Vít
Diploma thesis is focused on creating anlysis of erosin risks on agriculture soils in cadastral areas Bor u Nedvědice and Sejřek. Thesis deals with calculation of erosion risks on ArcGIS program platform using the map baisics of State land office and Czech Geodetic and Cadastral Office. The fundamental goal of thesis is find out a present of erosion risks in interests area. For calculation of erosion will be used universal equation of USLE (Universal soil loss equation). The result of thesis is proposal of measures which will lead to reduce the influence of water erosion on agriculture soils. Protection of agriculture soils should be integral part of rural development and maintaining natural functions of rural, agriculture landscape.
Vyhodnocení ohroženosti pozemků vodní erozí ve vybraném území
Kramář, Radim
The diploma thesis is focused on the evaluation of vulnerability of land to water erosion in the sub-basin of the river Bystřice with the hydrological order number 4-15-01-0402-0-00. The work contains research dealing with soil erosion and erosion protection. Part of the thesis describes the basin of interest on the basis of a site survey and available literature. The principle of erosion risk evaluation is calculation of the universal USLE Wischmeier-Smith equation factors and the determination of the average long-term loss of soil caused by water erosion. Partial analyzes are performed using GIS tools and LS converter 1.0 and Usle2D programs. Appropriate anti-erosion measures are proposed if necessary. The measures are based on the results of the evaluation corresponding to the conditions and possibilities of the area of interest. Part of the thesis contains mapping documentation created by the ArcGIS program.
Stanovení ztráty půdy erozí a návrh protierozních opatření
Gross, Karel
The thesis entitled Determination of soil loss by erosion and erosion control measures proposal deals with the calculation of soil loss by erosion from watershed of Dolnodubňanský stream. First, soil erosion is described generally and possibilities of erosion control measures. Next part is focused on the calculation of erosion risks in the mentioned watershed. The calculation is done using USLE according to Wischmeier and Smith. The calculation was then performed by programs USLE2D, LS converter and ArcGIS. Erosion control measures are then propose depending on the final stage of erosion hazard. All the calculated values are shown graphically in the map outputs.
Webová aplikace zobrazující toky dat mezi objekty na generované online mapě
Német, Kryštof
Német, K., Web application displaying data flows between objects on generated online map. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. This diploma thesis is about creation of a map interactive presentation in the form of web applications for data visualization on the map. The application is created for academical purposes, especially for future research of visualization on the map. The theoretical part describes the basic concepts and technologies used in map applications and description of used technologies and technical tools used during implementation. The practical part describes application design, data storage and application testing. At the end of this thesis is discussed, possible application extension and application applicability in practice.
Vyhodnocení ztráty půdy vodní erozí ve vybraném území
Teplý, Lukáš
Diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of threats on agriculture land by water erosion in the cadastral area of village Čikov before and after proposing of counter – erosion measures. For the calculation of erosion was used Universal equation (USLE) according to Wischmeier and Smith. The analytical operations leading to the calculation individual factors Universal equation and average long-term loss of soil by water erosion were made using the software ArcGIS, USLE2D and LS – Converter. Partial analysis are presented in the form of map outputs. In the interest area, after the calculating of the USLE, it was found that on 30,39 ha occurs very strong erosion which represents 4,73 % of the solved area. Strong erosion occurs on 36,56 ha (5,68 %), medium erosion on 229,94 ha (35,75 %) and slight erosion on 346,33 ha (53,84 %). Thanks to the proposed counter – erosion measures, very strong erosion in the interest area was completely eliminated. Strong erosion was reduced to only 2,52 ha (0,39 %) and medium erosion to 74,79 ha (11,58 %). Slight erosion increased to 566,21 ha (88,03 %).
Analýza ohroženosti pozemků vodní erozí ve vybraném území s využitím programu ArcGIS
Šabata, Tomáš
The diploma thesis is focused on evaluation of the average long-term loss of soil by water erosion in the cadastral areas of Oslavany and Padochov. To determine the erosi-on risk of agricultural land before and after proposal of anti-erosion measures, the uni-versal USLE equation according to Wischmeier and Smith was used. The programs ArcGIS, LS CONVENTER, USLE 2D and MS Excel were used to calculate individual factors. All the map documentation was created by using the program ArcGIS.

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