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Piskova, Olena ; Klímová, Barbora (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
The thesis is a continuation of my subject, "Why?", Also includes the theme of man and the environment. I started to be interested in the controversial topic of genetically modified organisms, genetic engineering. I found a personal story in it. Now it is difficult to comment on the extent to which these researches are important, but we shouldn’t stop there.
Venkovský turismus v oblasti Blanského lesa - případová studie obce Křemže
Bachelor thesis with the topic of Rural tourism in Blanský Forest analyzes the situation in the selected area - the village of Křemže by the case study. The theoretical part defines the key concepts such as a tourism and its forms, a rural tourism. South Bohemian Region is characterized here, as well as The Blanský Forest Protected Landscape Area, including Křemže and its adjacent settlements. It captures the types of rural tourism that are used in Křemže and its surroundings. The practical part summarizes the empirical survey based on questionnaires completed by residents and tourists of the given site. A detailed analysis of the tourists and residents´ views assesses more aspects of rural tourism - in view of the infrastructure and of the impact of rural tourism on the environment in that municipality and its surroundings. Finally, rural tourism and its impact on nature and population in the Křemže region are evaluated.
Měření a porovnání emisí z chovů skotu
The diploma thesis deals with environmental pollution and offers measures how to reduce it. It also deals with greenhouse gasses and load gasses such as ammonia, methane and others which are produced in agricultural livestock production. The thesis deals with the determination and measurement of concentrations of load gases such as ammonia and methane. Subsequently, the production specific emission is calculated, which is discussed at the end of the work and a measure for its reduction is proposed. A winter bed with deep litter was provided for the whole 24-hour measurement. The Innova measuring instrument was used for correct microclimate measurement and other special instruments were used to evaluate the results. Means for reducing gas emissions are proposed in the thesis.
Zhodnocení zásad "Správné zemědělské praxe" ve vybraném provozu s chovem skotu
ŠÍMA, Ondřej
This diploma thesis is devoted to the problematics of pollution of the environment by greenhouse gases and load gases from agricultural livestock production. The diploma thesis is focused on measurement and determination of concentration of emissions of gases of ammonia, methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide in a selected operation with dairy cattle breeding. Own measurements for this diploma thesis went on place in the stable on the family farm Mr. Michal Horák based in Žíšov not far Veselí nad Lužnicí. For the detection of concentrations of emission gases have been used a special device BAT center of the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice.
Měření emisí zápachu a tuhých znečišťujících látek z intenzivního chovu drůbeže
BELKA, Daniel
As agricultural production grows, the focus is on improving air quality, which affects not only residents around farms, but also climate change on a global scale. This thesis deals with the measurement of particulate pollutants and odor emissions in intensive poultry farming. The measurements were carried out at the Farma U Lesa in Sudoměřice u Bechyně in the spring and autumn of 2018. The production specific emission of odorous substances into the air was evaluated using dynamic olfactometry according to ČSN EN 13 725, which ranged from 0.01 to 0 according to the fattening cycle phase, 3 OUE. Ks-1. s-1. Compared to the BREF reference document, which lists emission odor values from 0.032 to 0.7 OUE. Ks-1. s-1 the measured values on the farm Mr. Šonky came out very low. Dust particles of PM10 fraction were measured according to the ČSN EN 12 341 methodology for the measurement of dust particles and the production specific emission of PM10 particles was found, which during the whole fattening cycle was measured to a maximum of 0.0025 kg. Ks-1.year-1. The measurement results were compared with the BREF reference document, where the maximum permissible production of solid pollutants of this fraction from 0.004 to 0.025 kg. Ks-1.year-1. In comparing the measured dust emission values with the BREF, the production of harmful emissions was very low.
Stanovení základních emisí z výfuků osobních vozidel ve vybraných úsecích dopravní trasy
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of environmental pollution caused by the production of harmful substances originated from the automobile combustion engines and the calculation of production of basic pollutants emitted from the passenger car exhausts travelling on selected sections of transport route. The aim of the work was to calculate the amount of emitted harmful substances, according to the composition of the vehicle fleet on some selected monitored sections of transport routes. For analysis were selected three stretches of roads in České Budějovice. The analysis considered the vehicle fleet composition, determination of traffic intensity, average speed of vehicles and traffic fluency on the transport routes. The calculated values were obtained using the special software MEFA 13
Rozbor negativních externalit silniční dopravy
The first part of this thesis, the recherche form, focuses on vocabulary connected with traffic. The work explaines how are divided negative externalities traffic.The next part briefly describes single externalities. The second part of the thesis deals with made measurement of surface noise and concentration of flying dust PM10 in five chosen locations. It contains methodical process of my own measurement. This part presents detected values of the measurement as well as the other essential conditions as for instance the character of the traffic line, the type and number of traffic facilities, the environment and the weather. Here are also examine their effects on human health. The next discourse appraises the measured values of followed externalities which influence human society. The measured values are in connection and comparison to expected results which are mentioned in the studied literature. The last part of the thesis sums up the negative externalities and the opportunities how to reduce or to remove it´s impact on human society and the environment.
Zhodnocení vybrané "správné zemědělské praxe" ve vybraném provozu s chovem skotu
This thesis deals with the topic of airpollutin caused by the greenhouse gases and ammonia which rises by cash breeding of dairy cows. Worldwide agriculture is considered as one of the biggest producer of ammonia. The thesis describes the environment and its components, law and legislation connected with this topic. The second part of the thesis deals with the measured and evaluated gases. The measurement took place at a collective farm in Skalka (farm Lipí), where dairy cows are bred. Both - the main measuring device and the distributor of consumption spots were supplied by the company INNOVA. Last part of the thesis mentions the ways how to reduce the stable gases production.
Czech republic in international comparison (selected indicators) - 2018
Odbor informačních služeb
Mezinárodní srovnání České republiky s ostatními zeměmi, zejména pak se státy Evropské unie. Nabízí široké spektrum údajů z mnoha oblastí statistiky, zahrnuje např. informace o obyvatelstvu, trhu práce, životní úrovni, národních účtech, financích, cenách, průmyslu, zahraničním obchodě, službách a životním prostředí.
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Czech Republic in numbers - 2018
Český statistický úřad
Statistické údaje z řady oblastí týkajících se České republiky a životní úrovně občanů. Obsahuje výpočty v tabulkách.
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