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Transport infrastructure and its impact on the economic growth in the EU
Peterka, Adam ; Pleticha, Petr (advisor) ; Cahlík, Tomáš (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to determine whether a relationship exists between transport infrastructure and economic growth. This topic has been discussed by many studies, however no relevant study has measured the dif- ference in impact between countries under the historic influence of the Soviet Union. A dataset of 27 EU member states for the period 1995 to 2007 for the length of roads, motorways and railways per capita was analyzed based on their historic membership in the Warsaw pact treaty. A production function approach was applied and the results show positive impact of motorways and railways on the growth of GDP per capita. Keywords transport infrastructure, economic growth, pro- duction function, Warsaw pact, railway, roads, capital Title Transport infrastructure and its impact on the economic growth in the EU
Czech Pacific Railway, railway or tourist atraction?
Malátek, David ; Vrhel, Matěj (advisor) ; Fialová, Dana (referee)
Rail transport around huge cities is a part of the suburban system transport. The railway line 210 passes through a popular tourist and recreational area Posázaví (around Sázava river). This line is known as Posázavský Pacifik ("Czech Pacific Railway"). This thesis examines suburban and tourist potential of this railway line. Suburban transport is related to getting citizens to work and schools. Another important source of informations about usage of the railway line is a number of occupancy of the lines. Based on another thesis and literature sources will be determined the basic characteristics of suburban and tourist importance of the railway. Also there is going to be an analysis of advantages of the connection based on factors which influence the usage of the railway that will be created. As a result there will be a complete characteristics of the importance of Czech Pacific Railway including an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of this railway and possible opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). Key words: Czech Pacifik Railway, railway, Posázaví, suburban transport, tourism
Hevlín – place in the landscape
Moutelíková, Veronika ; Eichlerová, Eva (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Railway. A line of houses hidden in the fog. A majestic steam powered locomotive. Although the great era of steam engines is long over and the built railway network is unfortunately gradually losing its significance, this part of history forms an important part of technical evolution and its significance for the transformation of human society. The surroundings of the station buildings are now quiet places, through which people only passes towards their final destination. Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou-Šanov railway station is also dealing with this problem. The diploma thesis focuses on the project of tourist attractive objects for the revitalization of the location of Hrušovany railway station near the Czech-Austrian border. New buildings inspired by steam, as an element of strength and movement, complement the development of the railway station and apartment building. Together they complete another line in the layout of the station with the track.
"Gentlemen, please, take of your hats": Methods of dating and interpretation of photographies from years 1850–1918 through historical mens fashion
Polách, Radek
„GENTLEMEN, PLEASE, TAKE OFF YOUR HATS“ – Methods of dating and interpretation of photographies from years 1850-1918 through historical mens fashion is compacted material for professional description of historical photographic material from noblemens collection funds based on basic knowledge of mens and partially child fashion, and related clothing accessories. In its entirety it brings a large amount of knowledge from history of the then mens fashion, which was after the downfall of the Austro-Hungarian empire overlooked or presented only in narrowly specialized sections, e.g. in the military section. A large part of this publication is based not only on the knowledge of description of mens clothing, but mainly of headwear. It is this clothing accessory that is pivotal to the observed era, and with a closer look, it can help accurately date and describe people captured on historical photographs. It is primarily meant for the specialized staff of memory institutions of Czech Republic, who deal with these given issues. At the same though, it can allow curators and owners of historical funds a way to describe collections of exhibits that are kept in their collection funds.
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Druhové složení vegetace na vybraném úseku železniční tratě
Frantová, Nicole
The bachelor thesis of the theme: The Vegetation Species Composition at Selected Section of The Railway Line evaluates species composition at railway section Moravské Bránice. The observations took place in the twelve places, at the abandoned rail, the semioperating rail, the operating rail and in three terms: 1st May, 20th August and 30th October, in 2016. The species composition was evaluated by using the phytocenological images. The obtained data were subsequently processed by statistical analyses DCA and CCA and their output was ordination diagram expressing the relation of weeds and the way of the railway use. Total amount of found plant species was 46. Most species were discovered in spring, at the abondoned rail. Over the period under review, the highest level of coverage was reached by: Holosteum umbellatum, Trifolium repens, Amaranthus retroflexus, Poa annua, Digitaria sanguinalis a Linaria vulgaris.
Monitoring plevelů na vybraném úseku železnice
Zimová, Nikol
The aim of this bachelor thesis on the topic "Weed monitoring in the selected section of the railway" was to monitor and evaluate the vegetation on the railway in Brno-Maloměřice and Brno-Trnitá and to evaluate the occurrence of weeds from the phytosanitary viewpoint. The species composition, coverage in habitats and the percentage of individual species during observation on embankments and in the track area were evaluated. The observation took place in three terms: in spring, summer and autumn. Overall, 135 species of plants were found on the railway and the surrounding areas. Data were statistically evaluated by CCA and DCA analyzes. The most represented species were: Digitaria sanguinalis, Medicago lupulina, Poa annua, Poa pratensis, Polygonum aviculare and Stellaria media.
Tvorba systému pěších propojení města Pardubic
Benešová, Magdaléna
This diploma thesis “System Creation of Pedestrian Connections of the City of Pardubice” is based on the architectural study in Pardubice. The thesis deals with the conceptual proposal of the city area around the railway line which is focused on the level of an architectural study. Representative parts are elaborated on a detailed scale. The literal research describes the issues of this thesis, primarily the creation of pedestrian connections with an emphasis on the definition and greenway typology in the city environment. The basis for solutions to the design is the result of analytic research. The practical part is concerned with the creation of the city greenway on its own. First of all, the designed concept of a wider area was created within the purview of all the bases and evaluated solutions, and then the design of public space in the system of city greenway followed. This diploma thesis aims to create a green line in the city, which will be connected with an easily memorable railway corridor. This option helps to create a simple pedestrian city permeability.
Konverze železničních brownfields
Fňukalová, Valentýna
This bachelor thesis is focused on problems of railway brownfields. It considers brownfields in general and in particular it studies railway brownfields. The thesis analyses history od railway transportation on the area of current Czech Republic, which leads to understanding causes of its origins, developement and potential downfall. In thesis there are explored examples of converted railway brownfield project. The analytical part of the thesis suggests potential possibilities for railway brownfields in landscape architecture and than focuses on particular analysis of model area, which is formal railway sidetrack leading along formal area of steelwork Vojtěšská huť. The third part introduces the design of conversion of model area based on knowlage earned in research and analytical parts.
Proposal of topology of piezoceramic composite sensor
Dostal, Vojtěch ; Ševeček, Oldřich (referee) ; Majer, Zdeněk (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design and numerical modelling of piezoceramic sensor, which is placed on a rail, in order to generate electrical energy, which can be used for wireless monitoring of railway traffic and to monitor the condition of the railway. The thesis is divided into three parts. Theoretically background of piezoelectric energy harvesting is described in first part, where some previous application of piezoelectric generator in railway area are shown. In the second part, parametric analysis of numerical model is performed, which directly leads to finding best location on a rail, where piezoelectric generator should be placed. For this analysis the homogenized model of MFC sensor was used. Results of the numerical model were then compared with the results of the conducted experiment. The third part presented own design of piezoceramic sensor, which is placed onto most suitable location on a rail. Results from numerical analysis shown eligibility of using piezoceramic sensor to monitor the railway traffic.
Railway track deformation measurement
Leischner, Ludvík ; Bureš, Jiří (referee) ; Švábenský, Otakar (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is about measuring deformations on railway bridge in Znojmo. The horizontal and vertical changes of railway track on the bridge and newly renovated bridge construction were measured by using two independent methods, namely 3D polar method and kinematic GNSS Stop & Go method. The assessment of the longitudinal shifts depending on atmospheric conditions especially the temperature changes is an essential goal of this work. Another key aim is the determination of precision of both independ-ent measuring methods.

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