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Multifunctional building in Pelhřimov
Dvořák, František ; Kalánek, Ing Jiří (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with a project of a new multifunctional building in Pelhřimov. The object is composed by four above-ground and one underground floor. Commercial premises are located on the first above-ground floor. These premises consist of a travel agency, bakery, bookshop and sports outfitters. Two individual administrative premises can be found on the second floor. Eight flats were designed on the third and the fourth above-ground floor. On each of these floors, there are four flats; two of them were designed as two-bedroom and two of them as three-bedroom flat. A common area and a row garage can be found on the underground floor. The construction system of the object is a combination of reinforced concrete frame and a masonry system. The object is roofed with a warm flat roof with a typical sequence of layers.
Apartment building, Heřmanův Městec
Ryšánková, Nikola ; Woytela, Jindřich (referee) ; Sukopová, Dáša (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a multi-storey apartment building with regular garages in Heřmanův Městec. The building has three aboveground and one underground floors. The house with eight dwelling units is designed for family housing. The main entrance to the building is oriented to the east. The house has an irregular rectangular shape of the ground plan and is roofed with a flat roof. Residence rooms are oriented to the south and west. The building is built of ceramic blocks on the above-ground floor and concrete blocks of lost formwork on the underground floor. Horizontal constructions consist of ceramic inserts and beams. The project was developed using the tutorial version of the AutoCad computer program. During processing, emphasis was placed on layout solutions, architectural appearance, static requirements and safety of use.
Apartment Building in Litomyšli
Navrátil, Michal ; Pospíšil, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
This bachelor thesis elaborates the project documetation for the construstion of a new apartment building in Litomyšl. The city is located in Pardubice region.The apartment building has three above-ground floors. The house is non-cellular. The object contains six apartment units. The house is located in a sloping terrain. The building is based on a concrete monolithic strip foundation and footings. The perimeter masonry is out of the system VELOX, which consists of štěpkocement board. The boards form a lost formwork fulfilled concrete core, in which the thermal insulation of the stabilized expanded polystyrene with addition graphite is incorporated. The celling construction is constituted of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs, which are reinforced by a cross or one-way. The walls in the contact with the soil are made from the lost formwork of štěpkocement boards fulfilled with a concrete core with thermal insulation extruded polystyrene in the backsplash zone. Above this level there will be an insulation of non-flamble mineral wool. The roof is warmflat and its stabilizing layer is made of fluvial aggregate. On the roof a roof garden with a layer of plastic tercce planks is placed.
Comparison of Selected Methods of Valuation of Garage-type Real Estate in the Locality of České Budějovice
Lukáš, Jindřich ; Mikulášek, Martin (referee) ; Šmahel, Milan (advisor)
This thesis compares the selected type of property valuation methods in the garage area of the Czech Budejovice. Selected garages were awarded cost method, comparative method and comparison method from the database. At the beginning of the thesis describes the basic concepts of real estate valuation. The following describes the operators occurring in the real estate market, a general description of the garage. To conclude the theoretical part describes selected methods of evaluation of existing garage, according to the rules and regulations according to previous regulations. For the purpose of this thesis was awarded with 10 garages, of which 8 are terraced and 2 detached. Learning rates are compared and statistically analyzed.