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Faktoring jako nástroj optimalizace řízení pohledávek malých automobilových dopravců
Procházka, Radek
Each company must deal how to resolve funding of business activities. One option could be factoring. Client gains funds as well as administration of receivables. The aim of my disertation is prove whether factoring contribued to financial stability of selected companies.There is a Financial analysis in the practical part of my disertation. You can find business´s conditions before and after using factoring. I compared the costs of factorng and costs of operating credit. Statistical verification was performed. Finally, suggestions and recommendations are specified.
Řízení oběžného majetku ve vybrané účetní jednotce
Hrabalová, Veronika
The bachelor thesis deals with issues of management of current assets, mainly inventories and receivables of selected entity ABC, Ltd. The literary research focuses on the basic characteristics of current assets, management of current assets, especially inventories, receivables and financial analysis. The practical part evaluates the present state of stock management and management of receivables in the selected entity. Based on the results, further recommendations are proposed to streamline management of the aforementioned issues.
Optimalizace pracovního kapitálu společnosti XYZ a.s.
Hladký, Michal
The diploma thesis discusses the optimization of working capital in a particular entity and its impact on economic performance. The basis for assessing the current situation is financial analysis and revision of current processes related to the management of working capital. For identified shortcomings are designed solutions lead to optimized value of working capital components, minimize costs associated to inventory and partial automation of processes. Achieved results are used for evaluation of performance change, measured by economic value added.
Řízení pohledávek ve vybraném podniku
Kalich, Jiří
This bachelor thesis is focused on management of receivables in selected company. In thesis are defined basic terms related to receivables and receivables management. Based on receivables analysis is determined how serious is the risk from receivables. Identified is the current method of receivables management in this company and this method is evaluated. In conclusion, there are written sug-gestions for receivables management within this company related with progres-sion of this industry and supplier-customer relationship
Riadenie obežného majetku vo vybranej účtovnej jednotke
Sorád, Norbert
Sorád, N. Management of current assets in the selected entity. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The bachelor thesis deals with the management of current assets in the chosen accounting unit. It is divided into two sections. The literary research is based on the characteristic and basic concepts of current property management. In the subsequent practical part, the acquired knowledge is implemented in the envi-ronment of the selected company. The conclusion of the work is to evaluate the results achieved and formulate recommendations to improve the economy of the entity.
Receivables Management in Corporation
Dočkal, Tomáš ; Apko, Martin (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of management of trade receivables in a business corporation, especially on receivables after the due date. There are described methods how to prevent these claims and how to solve them in case of their origin. Theoretical knowledge is applied on the example of a real capital trading corporation.
Receivables Management in Corporation
Oskorip, Martin ; Svirák, Pavel (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of receivables management in slected business company. Main focus is on overdue receivables. On the basis of financial analysis measures are proposed leading to more effective receivables management and to reduce the number of overdue receivables.
Receivables Management in Corporation
Bártová, Simona ; Křižka, Pavel (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with receivables management in the selected business corporation, especially with overdue receivables. It is divided into three parts. The theoretical part describes important basic concepts of receivables, analytical part describes the management of receivables in the selected business corporation and the suggestion part describes it is own improvement of receivables management.
Receivables Management in Bank
Letovská, Lucie ; Novotná, Jana (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with issue of receivables management in a commercial bank. The thesis contains a theoretical part, which focuses on defining the basic concepts related to receivables management. The analytical part deals with the current situation in the field of receivables management in the bank. Draft part describes its own proposals for solutions to improve the current management of receivables in the bank.
Receivables Management in Corporation
Machová, Hana ; MBA, Miroslav Hladký, MSc, (referee) ; Pěta, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on receivables management in business corporation. It deals mainly with receivables after due date and adjustments to these receivables. The theoretical part describes ways, that can resolve problematic receivables and ways, that can prevent them. In the practical part a financial analysis is performed on selected company and the proposal part describes possible proposals, that will improve the current situation.

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