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The music education system in Bohemia and Switzerland
Peková, Zuzana ; ERICSSON, Mikael (advisor) ; STRAŠIL, Tomáš (referee)
In my diploma thesis The Music Education System in Bohemia and Switzerland, I try to delineate the general picture of the development of music education in these countries from its beginnings, for the time when it has gone through the greatest and most important changes, up to the present, where I describe the current state and structure of musical education. Undoubtedly, the main impulse which has driven me to choose this topic has been my recent stay in Switzerland. Thanks to the Swiss Mobility program, I was given the opportunity to study music at a university in Luzern, where I spent the entire academic year, so I had enough time to learn about the local school system. As a result of my personal experience, I decided to find and write information that could provide readers an opportunity to compare our familiar system of schooling in Bohemia with such a specific and unique system of education as the one they have in Switzerland. Musical education in Czech republic has a very strong tradition and still enjoys a great deal of popularity in the present day . In the part concerning the development of musical education in our country, I focused especially on the period of struggle for the introduction and the form of the subject of music in curricula, which has been led in the past century by professors of music and other important personalities of the then Czech music scene. In contrast, in the part dealing with education in Switzerland, my intention was to introduce the overall form of the education system of the country, despite the fact that its scheme often differs greatly within the cantons. Due to these numerous differences and also the limited scope of this work, I have focused on describing the most significant dissimilarities in teaching music in the main Swiss cantons. In making my decision to choose this topic I was captivated by the fact that there are only a small number of publications on Swiss education in our country and, if they exist, they include information only up to the 1980s. This has confirmed my belief that my work could be of real benefit to all potential students of music in Switzerland and to the Czech music public in general.
The Development of Spatial Differentiation of Unemployment in Czechia through the Lens of Evolutionary Geography
Vrbík, Filip ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Slach, Ondřej (referee)
The Development of Spatial Differentiation of Unemployment in Czechia through the Lens of Evolutionary Geography The diploma thesis aims to analyze the development of spatial differentiation of unemployment on the municipality level in Czechia between the years 2003 and 2016. The theoretical framework is based on the evolutionary approaches in geography which emphasize the role of heredity, continuity and the local specifics in economic and social regional development. The first, extensive part of the research analyses the development of spatial differentiation of unemployment using statistical and spatial methods and identifies two adjacent localities which underwent significantly different unemployment development, specifically the Karviná and Jablunkov regions. The second, intensive part of the research discusses and evaluates possible causes of these different dynamics of unemployment development. An analysis of historical development, information gathered through semi- structured interviews as well as data confirm that the different unemployment development is caused by different population structure, different local customs, and norms stemming from different historical development. The historical heritage also influences locating of new investors who provide new job opportunities. Key words:...
Košťál, Jakub ; ŠLAJER, Vratislav (advisor) ; Horák, Petr (referee)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with the possibilities of an independent producer in the Czech environment in drama series with application to the author's own project. The first part defines the basic terms and explains the work process and the selection of respondents. The second part consists of four semi-structured interviews, each dealing with another type of series and another type of broadcaster. Before each interview, there is a case study of the relevant project, which is discussed further during the interview. The third part is a description of the author's own project. The last chapter before the conclusion deals with the topic of the Czech Film Fund and its support for serial production. The conclusion of the paper deals with the same elements that are based on the interviews and attempts to apply them to the author's own project. The work could be an inspiration for the beginning producers.
Contemporary forms of the post of Ballet Master
Hradilová, Zuzana ; GREMLICOVÁ, Dorota (advisor) ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the profession of a ballet master. First chapters capture its genesis, development and changes in the context of European and Czech history. The aim of the other chapters is to describe its current form within theatre operation of the Czech ballet companies in 21st century and characterize the particular functions included in it: teacher, assistant, leader of rehearsals. The conclusion presents the thoughts and observations of the current ballet masters and shows the pros and cons, that this artistic post entails. The appendix contains brief portraits of six ballet masters, whose opinions complete the entire work.
The perception of agrotourism in the selected regions of Czechia and Slovakia
Rychnová, Jitka ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Hrabák, Jiří (referee)
The perception of agrotourism in selected region of Czechia and Slovakia Abstract This diploma thesis deals with agrotourism and its perception in the Ústecký and Košický regions. The aim of the study is to identify key perceptual indicators that influence the operation of agro-touristic activities in selected regions. For this reason, the diploma thesis focuses on the perception of tourists and owners of economic facilities that operate the given form of rural tourism. The diploma thesis consists of two main parts. At the beginning of the study there is a general entry into the subject, which purposefully serves to understand the basic terms and concepts of the selected topic. The second part is focused on the field survey aimed at questioning tourists in agro-tourism facilities through questionnaire surveys and on structured interviews with property owners. The research itself took place in the months of July and August of 2017 in selected economic facilities in the Ústecký and Košický Regions. The conclusion highlights major benefits, points to further possible work and identifies key perceptual factors and conflicts that have been shown to influence both the provision and use of agrotourism in both regions under consideration. Key words: tourism, agrotourism, rural tourism, perception, Czechia, Slovakia
Urban foraging: a (non)traditional strategy of food privisioning in the city?
Růžičková, Lucie ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Rypáčková, Pavla (referee)
A research of foraging represents a relatively new phenomenon abroad. In Czechia, on the other hand, this is an ordinary issue with a long-time tradition, but until recently it has not received much attention by the scientific community. For this reason the following diploma thesis deals with this activity. It consists of two main units. The first part aims to create the theoretical framework necessary for the introduction into the foraging study. There is a familiarization with the trend of the self-provisioning in general both in Czechia and abroad. A substantial part of the theoretical framework deals with the quantity and the typology of harvested products, the reasons for foraging, the characteristics of the harvesters, etc. It also outlines the problem of western academics' interpretation of foraging in post-communist conditions as a survival strategy. In the second part, using the mixed research methods, the thesis seeks to find out what is the tradition of foraging in Czech conditions during recent decades, who are the harvesters and what are the reasons and motivations to harvest. By statistical data analysis and by interviewing method, it is confirmed that people across a variety of demographic and socio-economic characteristics are harvesting and motivation is certainly not a bad...
The development of housing construction in selected Czech cities and their hinterlands in the context of the suburbanization process
Kostelecký, Petr ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Mikeszová, Martina (referee)
This thesis is focused on the analysis of the housing construction developmental tendencies in selected Czech cities and in their hinterlands. Housing construction is considered as the main indicator of the ongoing suburbanization process. The housing construction analysis covers the last twenty years (1997-2016), because in the mid-1990s suburbanization in Czechia has begun to intensify. The development of housing construction is at first analysed at the level of all municipalities of Czechia, using spatial data analysis. In the next sections of the thesis the development of housing construction and population changes are analysed in the defined functional regions of 120 selected cities. These cities are categorized into groups based on their population size and economic characteristics. The results show an increase of housing construction in the cities' hinterlands, which has been dampened due to the economic crisis. Differences in the development of housing construction between functional regions of cities with different population size and economic categories were successfully demonstrated. There are also other factors influencing housing construction and population changes in cities' functional regions. Especially, the geographical position appears to be of great significance, since the cities...
Analysis of concentration, ownership structure and integration tendencies of breweries in Czechia
Forman, Martin ; Květoň, Viktor (advisor) ; Slach, Ondřej (referee)
Over the last ten years the phenomenon of opening new microbreweries has reached Czechia. Since 2008 more than 350 new microbreweries have been opened and the map of breweries has recorded significant changes. Regarding these facts the main goals of this thesis were to analyze the brewing industry in Czechia in the context of ownership structure, concentration tendencies and mergers and acquisitions activity. First part focuses on the characteristics of the breweries' geographical layout related to the ownership structure and size based on annual beer production and in context of selected socioeconomic indicators. Following this part is an analysis of decomposition with use of concentration and cluster ratios. This part aims on cluster forming tendencies of brewing companies. The analytical part is completed with mergers and acquisitions characteristics in this industry sector. The basic figures and signs of the geographical decompositions were identified based on selected analytical methods and complex maps. Several concentration zones where breweries tend to cluster were labeled using the cluster analysis. Mergers and acquisitions reveal the difference in integration activity according to the brewery size. Key words: brewing industry, breweries, ownership structure, concentration, cluster, Czechia
Landslide susceptibility analysis of Czechia
Racek, Ondřej ; Blahůt, Jan (advisor) ; Klimeš, Jan (referee)
In geosciences modelling is rather quickly developing discipline. Statistical modelling of landslide susceptibility is relatively more traditional approach. Nevertheless, more complicated statistical methods are being developed and applied on larger areas. This development is caused especially by increasing computational capacity and software. This diploma thesis summarises existing statistical landslide susceptibility modelling approaches. In the following part, several landslide susceptibility models were created for the area of Czechia. These models were created using logistic regression, naive Bayes and artificial neural network (ANN). Additionally, two more models were created using expert driven approach. All models were made using thirteen conditioning factors, i.e.elevation, slope, engineering geological regions, climatic areas, mean annual precipitation, topographic wetness index (TWI), aspect, orogenetic class, distance from confirmed fault, distance from watercourse, internal relief, land cover and slope shape. Models driven by statistical approach were created using Orange software. Landslide inventories that were used for construction of all models are based on two databases: "Registr svahových nestabilit" and "Registr sesuvů-Geofond". Using validation by SRC, PRC and ROC curves...
The position of companies within global production networks and the role of regional innovation systems: the case of the Czech power-engineering
Lypianin, Anton ; Blažek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vanžura, Jan (referee)
This thesis examines the position of the Czech power-engineering industry in the global market. The first aim of this thesis is to analyze the level of involvement of the Czech power-engineering firms into the GPN. The second goal is to discover to what extent the position of these firms depends on the quality of the regional innovation systems. It employs two relatively new concepts of the global production networks (GPN) and regional innovation systems (RIS) in order to reach its two main goals. The vast majority of the exemined power-engineering companies connected with global production networks and 12 of them are are identified as lead firms in GPN. Relatively very good positions of the Czech power-engineering firms in GPN caused by the industrial traditions of the Czech firms, the quality of the supporting industries and the presence of the global power- engineering TNCs in Czechia. Most of the companies supply equipment to others branches simultaneously with the power-engineering. The companies carrying out their own R&D&I activities bring the highest value to the industry. The results proved the assumption that the firms embedded in relatively more developed RISs usually enjoy higher positions in GPNs Key words: global production networks, regional innovation systems, Czechia

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