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Comparative analysis of the Czech and Spanish legislation of Employment relationship and analysis of the relevant Spanish legal terminology with a glossary
The aim of this bachelor thesis is a comparison of law regulations of a formation and termination of employment in Czech republic and Spain. After brief introduction of historical development there are also mentioned sources of labour law in both countries. Furthermore, this thesis is devided in few chapters and sections, which closely describe formation and termination of employment, after which there follows comparative analysis. The thesis is finished with terminological glosary with language analisis what is secodary aim of this thesis.\\
The Comparison of the economical situation of France and the Czech Republic based on macroeconomic indicators and their position within the Europe Union.
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare the economic situation of France and the Czech Republic. There were selected macroeconomic indicators which can help with this comparison. This comparison respects the development of these indicators during the time. The aim is to present the economic situation in France and in the Czech Republic with using the macroeconomic indicators. It is important to concentrate on the changes in the both countries over the time. After that, there will be presenting the facts which allow the creation of thic comparison. Because both the countries are the member countries of the Europe Union, the secondary objective is to show theirs different influences and activities in this complex.
Presidential election in Austria and Czech Republic in comparison
The presented bachelor thesis focuses on the various ways of the legitimation of president's power in two selected Central European countries - Czech Republic and Republic of Austria. The fundamental attributes of the democratic elections and characteristics of the particular electoral systems on a general scale will be described. Special attention will be paid to political systems of the two selected countries and to the history of the presidency as an institution. The last presidential elections in the both countries will be used as the practical addition to the thesis' theoretical framework. The particular candidates, election campaign and the main themes of the election will be introduced. The both approaches will be compared in the last chapter.
Comparison of selected aspects in the coordinated rehabilitation in Czech children's homes and in German children's homes
In the provided care for children placed in substitute residential facilities in the Czech Republic are in the context of European Union made demands to change some key aspects of its current structural frame. Aim of this master thesis is to provide in this context, through the analysis of mainly bibliographic sources, a complex overview of the system of substitute residential care in two EU countries, the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany. The thesis contains an insight into the activities of both systems, as well as comparatively processed answers to two initial research questions. The results of the research work on the answer to the question "What are the differences in the existing service network, regarding the work with the children placed in selected Czech and German children's homes?" show, that the established frame of the provided services is similar, but the qualitative and quantitative offer of the services is in practice reflected by different economic situations in both countries. The result of the second comparative research, answering the question "How are in the chosen countries determined the means of children rehabilitation in the selected children's homes?", shows, that the coordinated rehabilitation is in all its parts realized in both countries as consistent with the fulfilment of "the child's best interest" as possible. The most significant difference in reaching the optimal harmony of all segments of coordinated rehabilitation in these countries makes the application of support means to the work with the family, to the care for youth preparing for leaving the institution, to the realization of complex multidisciplinary care, or to fulfilment of an individual approach and planning. It is therefore desirable, that the Czech Republic, as well as the Federal Republic of Germany, orient themselves not only on the quality of provided help and care for the children placed in children's homes, but also on the future of young people, who are in the process of leaving the institution. This can be achieved by legislatively well-set structural system of substitute residential care, in which is through suitable service provided a valuable support in the context of coordinated rehabilitation. This master thesis can for the people interested in this topic expand the view on how the same mission regarding the children in substitute residential care is fulfilled by two advanced European countries, it can also be in this context an impulse to reflect on the form of a good practice in these institutions.
The present and future of systém of preventive educational activities in civil protection of population in the territory of Czech republic
The diploma thesis is dedicated to the system of preventive educational activity in the area of population protection in the Czech Republic. The thesis introduces a comprehensive picture of the current state of knowledge of the population, pupils and teachers about the protection of the population and its integration into the lessons in the Pilsen region. The thesis is methodically divided into two parts : Theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part is used empirical research method, which focuses on the study of documents and literature. In the practical part, a qualitative research was then carried out in the form of semi-structured interviews directed at three groups of inhabitants, namely the inhabitants, teachers and pupils of primary schools. The research was realised in selected cities of the Pilsen Region, namely in Plzeň, Klatovy, Žinkovy, Blovice and Nepomuk. Subsequently, a comparison of the data was performed. The output of thesis is to present a proposal of identified shortcomings based on the acquired knowledge, including in particular the promotion of actions related to the PVČ and higher utilization of the potential of modern communication technologies.
Vývoj pivovarského odvětví s ohledem na minipivovary
This thesis deals with the development of microbreweries in the Czech Republic from 2015 to 2018. First, the history of the brewing industry is described, both in the world and in the Czech Republic. Then the part is devoted to brewing and the necessary raw materials for beer production. There are also introduced breweries from home brewing, microbreweries, flying breweries to industrial breweries. The practical part shows the current numbers of microbreweries in the Czech Republic, but also increases in individual years. Part is devoted to the development of microbreweries in the regions, followed by a section dedicated to the brewery brewhouse, then to annual exhibitions and in the last row the share of microbreweries in the total exhibition is published. The work is accompanied by tables and graphs for better clarity.
Historické parky a zahrady České republiky
PLCHOVÁ, Veronika
This bachelor thesis deals with "Historical Parks and Gardens in the Czech Republic". The thesis is composed as a literature review and is divided into four chapters. The first chapter deals with distinctive features, natural components and landscape of the Czech Republic. The following chapter focuses on detailed description of historical parks and gardens, their protection and historical development according to the architectural style from 12th to 20th century. The reader is also acquainted with the role of the state administration of historical parks and castle gardens. An important part of the thesis brings a list of the most important historical parks and gardens including their map depiction. A significant part of the thesis deals with detailed description of three chosen examples, namely the Botanical Garden of Charles University in Prague, the Castle Gardens in Český Krumlov and the Lednice-Valtice Area. During the field research a photo documentation of these examples has been done.
Prostorová diferenciace úmrtnosti obyvatelstva v České republice
The thesis is focused on analysing of the development and spatial differentiation of mortality of the population from 1995 to 2014, because I seemed these years as an appropriate period of time to the aforementioned analysis. The aim is to compile this demographic process on the basis of available data and evaluate it with help of analyzing. The work explains important definitions and concepts associated with mortality, as well as the factors that affect it, on the base of the literature. The theme I have elaborated both in historical terms and in terms of published forecasts for the future. The most important factors as male excess mortality, infant mortality and the most important causes of death I labored at the level of a region, district and country district. Then I drew the conclusion that the planned issues apply at all these levels and on the basis of a summary of all available data. The resulting statistics is presented by graphs, maps and tables.
The history of physical education and sport in unions of the Kubiš region of Orel association
NOVÁK, Martin
This diploma thesis deals with the history of physical education and sport in the Kubiš's region unions of the Orel association from its very beginning, when the individual unions were founded, up to the present, respectively until 2019. In terms of the content, the thesis is focused mainly on the history of orelic physical education and sport in the individual unions of Kubiš's region, secondarily it provides a brief outline of the history of the Czechoslovak Orel, the history of Kubiš's region and the Jan Kubiš's personality (staff captain in memoriam). From a territorial point of view, the thesis is primarily focused on the territory of contemporary Kubiš's region of the Orel association. From the point of view of time, it is focused on the period of time from 1947 until the present, in the broader context on the period of time lasting from the beginning of the existence of the Orel movement in the Czech lands until present. The thesis includes a number of original excerpts from period contemporary press and commemorative literature. The text is accompanied by a number of period pictures, photographs and postcards.
Criminal acts in connection with insolvency proceedings
Criminal activity is mapped in this thesis, which subjects can commit in connection with insolvency proceedings. Czech Criminal Code No. 40/2009 Coll. lays down a total of six crimes, while the Swedish Criminal Code (Brottsbalk) has seven such crimes. The current legal regulation of bankruptcy offenses in the Czech Republic is analyzed in the theoretical part. In the practical part, the foreign legislation is analyzed and several proposals de lege ferenda are set on the basis of this analysis.

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