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The applicability of criminal law statues
Sýkora, Michal ; Jelínek, Jiří (advisor) ; Musil, Jan (referee) ; Fryšták, Marek (referee)
The applicability of criminal law statues (abstract) The submitted thesis is focused on the applicability of criminal law statutes and aims to summarize the current legislation regarding the applicability of criminal law statutes, assess its current state, draw attention to any legislative gaps and propose possible de lege ferenda changes. The usual focus of university textbooks might suggest the applicability of criminal legislation is a matter more or less brief, which does not require a special level of attention. However, the opposite is true. The applicability of criminal legislation is a rather broad and diverse topic, its legal framework can be found both in substantive and procedural law, as well as in regular law, constitutional law and law of international treaties. A detailed theoretical research and the solution of individual cases uncovers a number of subquestions, not only in criminal law, but also in a number of other areas of law. There are four basic aspects of applicability: temporal, territorial, personal and subject matter. Every single one of those has a rich history in theoretical, statutory and case law development. Despite such history, it remains an ongoing issue, both from the perspective of professional and general public alike. The matter is also a part of the regular occupation...
Protection of the population in the Czech Republic and the EU
Faber, Dominik ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Titles: Protection of the population in the Czech Republic and the EU Objektives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the area of population protection in the Czech Republic and to compare it with the population protection at the European Union level. Based on the professional literature to describe the integrated rescue system of the Czech Republic and the individual fragments of the population protection in the Czech Republic and the European Union, including basic information about population protection in the Czech Republic and measures to protect the population of the Czech Republic, basic information about the protection of the population of the European Union and the Czech Republic's involvement in the European Union. Methods: The method of obtaining the necessary data and information for the creation of the bachelor thesis is the examination of specialized literature and legislation related to the issue of population protection. Results: Clearly processed issues of population protection in the Czech Republic and in the European Union. Described involvement of the Czech Republic in the protection of the population in Europe and comparison of national and international population protection in Europe. Keywords: Protection, territory, population, Europe, European union
End house
Jurkovičová, Lucie ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of an end dwelling house with a café in Žatec (district of Louny). It is a partly basement, detached object on a slightly sloping terrain. The apartment building has one underground floor and three above-ground floors. It consists of six housing units of varying size and layout. On the ground floor there is a cafeteria, while on the second and third floor there are always 3 flats. The end house has an atypical ground plan and is roofed with honeycomb roof. The project is processed using the ArchiCAD computer program.
Brno brownfields by the Svitava river
Flössler, Libor ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
Brownfield in Brno by the Svitava river. Proposal of conversion and completing of a part of the area in Brno – Husovice district, where you can find brownfield, as e.g. an old hall of former Zetor company. The goal is to design a functional district with respect to the original housing development. The territorial unit is designed so that it respects surrounding housing development and improves transportation situation. It complies with transportation connection to future reconstruction of Zbrojovka premises, for which a proposal is being designed. The main target is to create a comfortable place to live in and to cover basic needs of every person, to design interesting places for relaxation, cultural life, provide sports facilities and raise number of job opportunities in this area. The goal of this project is also to create a diverse place for living. Its meant for people from different social backgrounds and for people who use cars both with low frequency or who use them on a daily basis.
Production buildings VW Autocenter
Nováková, Eva ; Žák, Libor (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
A goal of this thesis is elaborating of a project documentation which is consisted of a building permit documentation in a scale 1:100 and a construction documentation in a scale 1:50. This thesis is based on architectural study elaborated within the course AG35. A subject matter of the Bachelor thesis is a design of a newbuilding of the showroom of a Car-centre Volkswagen Group in Brno - Zábrdovice on Cejl street. The part of the design is the architectural object itself and its surroundings. The original idea was to create a large view area for the people passing or driving by to have a good view of exposed cars. To this purpose a circular floor plan has provided the best viewings inside the building from several points of view. A form of the showroom is a cylinder which is partially covered by white fabric shades. The whole structural system of the showroom is formed by steel columns with a reinforced concrete wall. A roof construction is made up by steel trusses.
Multifunctional house
Kostrhounová, Irena ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the solution of a construction of a corner gap site. A multifunctional house comprising three business establishments and nine residential units has been designed. Business premises will be used as stores. The apartments are designed for 4-member families. The multifunctional house has an atypical ground plan with a total area of 512 m2. The object has a basement and four above-ground floors, the business establishment is located on the first above-ground floor. The garage will be operated in automatic parking mode. The entire building is covered with a single-layer flat roof. The project is processed using the AutoCAD computer program.
Lokální identita jako základní determinant rozvoje území
Liznová, Nela
Bachelor thesis deals with local identity as a basic determinant of area development. The first part is literature review, which deals with local identity, regional development and landscape potential. The second part, application part, deals with the description of the cadastral territory of Sloup, survey and proposal management.
Industrial bakery Herold Brno
Soška, Jakub ; Štikar, Jaroslav (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of this work is to project documentation, which consists of documentation for building permits in 1: 100 scale and documentation for construction in 1:50 scale. The work is based on architectural studies prepared in the course AG35. The subject of the thesis is the solution of new industrial bakeries Herold in Brno in Horní Heršpice on the street K Terminálu. The solution includes both industrial building itself and its surroundings. The basic idea was the breakdown of the three basic longitudinal masses into smaller parts. They create the impression folded structures from individual blocks. The blocks are separated by a narrow alley, which is located in the roof blocks embedded in the mass. The overall appearance of the industrial bakery is also supported using cassette facade system on the front blocks.
Industrial bakery Herold Brno
Bartošová, Monika ; Suchánek,, Petr (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The goal of Bachelor thesis was to develop the downstream stages of project documentation for the study object industrial bakeries Herold in Brno processed in the subject AG34. This is the documentation for building permits in 1: 100 scale implementation and documentation in 1:50 scale. The subject of this documentation is newly built industrial bakeries Herold situated in Brno. The solution is as alone industrial facility and adjacent areas, representing primarily the handling and parking area, but also a sufficient amount of green. Herold company engaged in the manufacture of mill and bakery products since 1993. During that time, gained a stable position in the market and has become a major regional supplier of bakery products and mill products. The company owns both industrial production buildings and variety stores. Building a new building industrial bakeries in Brno ensure the company expanding production capacity, additional sales area and its location is closer to the area of the most extensive sales. The territory of the building located on the outskirts of the city of Brno, in Horní Heršpice, in an industrial area on the desktop brownfields number 0813. The land slopes gently from west to east, with access from the street K terminálu. Now on land is unsatisfactory and unused objects without architectural value, which will be removed and the surface will create a new industrial bakery. The intention here was to design a building which its scale, shape and material solution will respect the character of the area for which the typical industrial area, usually consisting of single packaged materials. The building is composed of three cubic materials, where the two extreme outweigh the middle, thus forming frames emphasizing the first part of the entry of employees and customers. In the second, then the back of the expedition. Middle lower mass represents supply and production areas. By contrast to these shapes are three cylindrical objects of flour.

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