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Komparácia bankových produktov v rámci finančných skupín
Furák, Lukáš
Furák, L. Comparation of a bank products in a financial groups. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel university in Brno, 2017. In the thesis, there are described concrete bank products from chosen financial groups in the chosen countries. Thesis includes basic parametres of a products, due whitch it shall show by comparation, that even when it comes to the banks from a single financial group the setup of payments and parameters can be different, and so that the character of each bank in each financial group can be different.
Ekonomické faktory ovplyvňujúce cenu dlhopisov v USA a v Nemecku
Ticháková, Simona
This bachelor thesis deals with the value of government bonds issued in USA and Germany, and the factors which influenced their market value development since the outbreak of financial crisis in years 2007 to 2017. Literature overview consists of two main parts, in first I address bonds in general, and in the second part, economic factors affecting market value of government bonds. Second part of my thesis compares American and German government bonds in conjunction with identification of the main factors influencing them in the reference period. Following research is focused on calculation of correlation between bonds market value and factors affecting it. The interest rates, which were supposed to have the greatest impact on bond’s prices, were statistically insignificant. Final chapter is dedicated to discussion of obtained results.
Vplyv peňažných agregátov M1 na úrokovú sadzbu korunových úverov poskytnutých bankami domácnostiam v ČR
Pavuková, Ivana
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to clarify the impact and to prove the statis-tical dependence between monetary aggregates M1 and interest rates of Czech koruna loans granted to households in the Czech Republic by banks. The intro-duction of the thesis describes the development of money and the distribution of monetary aggregates. The banking system's literary overview summarizes its fun-ctions, describes commercial and central banking, interest rates of loans, key in-terest rates announced by central banks , monetary policy instruments of the CNB and central bank criticism. A regression analysis is used to achieve the set goals, where the relation of the mentioned monetary aggregates to the loan interest ra-tes and the model time series of the indicators is described by using the ordinary least squares method.
Analýza úrokových sazeb u hypotečních úvěrů
Odehnalová, Romana
Odehnalová, R. Analysis of mortgage loan interest rates. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2019. This diploma thesis examines the determinants of mortgage loan interest rates in years 2008 to 2018 and further investigates whether their development was influenced by Czech National Bank regulations. Variables that could affect the interest rate are divided into factors affecting the supply side and the demand side. Multivariate time series regression analysis was used to demonstrate the dependence. The results are in line with other studies that have shown that factors affecting the supply side have the greatest impact on the interest rate. The influence of regulations on interest rate development was also demonstrated.
Vplyv monetárnej politiky centrálnych bánk na komerčné bankovníctvo v Českej republike a Nemecku
Bulková, Martina
This bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part informs about essential terms from monetary policy, central and commercial banking and through graphical elements evaluate the impact of central bank´s instruments on the banking sector. In practical part is on real data using statistical methods analysed the relation between the central bank and interbank market and commercial banking. Further is analysed the impact of monetary policy of central bank on the banking sector. In the last part is compared the development and structure of the banking sector´s profit in both countries.
Vyhodnocení dopadu doporučení ČNB na spotřebitele využívajícího účelového úvěru na bydlení
Benáček, Aleš
Goal of this thesis is to gain perspective on the change of situation of con-sumer that uses loans purposed for securing own housing based on recom-mendations by Czech National Bank for providers of these loans. In order to achieve this goal, author will use method of description to sum-up the theo-ry and current situation on the loan market. In the next part, author will try to simulate the situation of the household of two consumers with income on the level of median wage, which wants to use the housing-purposed loan, and how its ability to take certain amount of money and its purchasing power have changed in the last five years. Author will interpret findings of his empirical analysis and suggest possible solution which could improve current state of the matter.
Trh hypotečních úvěrů v ČR: důsledky zpřísnění podmínek
Sommerová, Michaela
Sommerová, M. Mortgage market in Czechia: the consequences of tightening conditions. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The bachelor thesis deals with financing one’s own housing mostly through mortgage loans. In the literature review, the loan is described in detail along with the requirements of acquiring it. The practical part analyses the impact of newly implemented DTI and DSTI ratios. The thesis concludes with suggestions of changing the conditions so that getting a mortgage loan and owning a home could be more attainable.
Peer-to-peer půjčky aneb lidé půjčují lidem
Urbanec, Jaroslav
This bachelor thesis describes P2P companies and compares their loans with custom loan which are provided by banks. The thesis emphasizes the differences between P2P companies. In this thesis, there was used a method of analysis and comparing individual companies with banks. The results of the comparison demonstrate the competitiveness of P2P companies towards banks.
Financial resources for purchasing a residential property
Matoušek, Josef ; Bejšovec, Jaroslav (referee) ; Staněk, Roman (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with financial issues of immovable property acquision. Specifically, the residential property purchase using mortgage. In this context, the suitability of the collateral is being assessed on the basis of a risk assessment. Subsequently, I determine the collateral value of the property using the comparative valuation method. The practical part includes financial records of six banks and an analysis of a selected segment of the residential real estate market. The theoretical part deals with immovable property valuation, the definition of entities in the real estate market and mortgage mechanism. The main output of the practical part is offered mortgage loans comparison and selection the most favourable of them.
Využití metod vícekriteriálního hodnocení variant ke komparaci podnikatelských úvěrů
Many entrepreneurs and companies use loans to cover their business needs. Usually it is difficult to choose the best offer. The possible solution is the utilization of methods of multiple-criteria decision-making, which make the decision process easier. The goal of this thesis is to describe these methods and use them practically to choose the best loan offer. It was found out that most of the companies do not use these methods. The results are usually significantly affected by the criterion which was the most preferred. For the most of the companies the offer made by MONETA Money Bank, a.s. was the most favourable.

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