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Rozvoj informační společnosti v České republice a zemích EU
Český statistický úřad
Prostřednictvím tabulkových a grafických výstupů přináší nejnovější informace o rozvoji informační a digitální společnosti v Česku a v dalších zemích EU. V této publikaci lze najít nejnovější data především o využití internetu jak ze strany občanů a podniků, tak ve veřejné správě či v oblasti vzdělávání nebo zdravotnictví. Dále je věnován prostor datům o telekomunikační a internetové infrastruktuře.
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Czech Republic in numbers - 2018
Český statistický úřad
Statistické údaje z řady oblastí týkajících se České republiky a životní úrovně občanů. Obsahuje výpočty v tabulkách.
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Financial literacy of clients in material need
MIKLOVÁ, Kristýna
The bachelor thesis is focused on financial literacy of clients in material need. The thesis is based on the theoretical background that explains the concept of money, financial literacy and its structure, and also points to the importance of financial education, the level of which is set by the Standards of financial literacy for primary and secondary schools. The second chapter of this thesis deals with loans (especially from non-banking institutions), debts and the most extreme solution for non-fulfillment of obligations - the seizure of property. The following part deals with the inclusion of material need in the Social security system in CR, the characteristics of the target group, the description of individual benefits in material need and the list of situations in which the person can be declared in material need. At the end of the thesis, research data is interpreted to find out how respondents perceive financial literacy, how they relate to and how they deal with money. The research group is the clients of the Labor Office of the department of material need in Žďár nad Sázavou.
Factors of education in Africa and their regional differentiation
Tillová, Petra ; Hasman, Jiří (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
Factors of education in Africa and their regional differentiation Abstract Education is one of the primary driving forces of development and its importance in the poor countries is undoubtable. The aim of the diploma thesis is to identify the most significant factors affecting education in African states and to analyse them by using of the additional sources and data. The theoretical part points out the complexity in the education and introduces selected approaches in the education studies. The empirical part consists of the research of summary reports by UNDP (MDGs) and UNESCO (EFA) for countries with available reports in English; and analysis of particular factors connected of discussion with another scientific publications. These factors were classified on the basis of literature, to macro and micro factors first, subsequently according to the meaning. The most mentioned factors in the summary reports were school factors (school expenditures, teacher quality), political and economic factors (poverty) or sociocultural factors (women status). According to the conducted research it is obvious that the complex perspective of this issue and including as much factors as possible is essential. The variation coefficient was set for the possibility to find regional differentiation for particular groups of people...
Kindergarten in Kosov, district Šumperk
Bílková, Andrea ; Semrád, Antonín (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the processing of project documentation for two storey, cellular basement kindergarten in Kosov. The object is designed slightly sloping terrain. The entrance to the building is from the north side. Terrace with access to the garden is in the southern part. The street façade has color images. The operation consists of 3 departments, a multipurpose hall, an operating section and a part of teachers.
Reflection of professional practice in the field of social work from the point of view of students of social fields
The bachelor thesis examines the reflection of practical training conducted in the scope of the study of social work at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The objective of the bachelor thesis is to determine the content and contributions of practical training in social work from the perspective of students of social studies. With respect to the objective delineated above, four research questions were postulated. Does the content of practical training correspond to the content of work as determined by the Faculty? What are the contributions that practical training makes for students of social sciences? Is students' knowledge of the content of a social worker's job sufficient? Do social workers provide adequate information on dealing with users of social services? Based on specialized literature, the first part defines basic terms used in the thesis. This part scrutinizes the terms "social work" and "social worker". In addition, this part provides a brief classification of social work methods, the minimum education standard for social work, which is the main tool for improving education in social work in the Czech Republic. As a future social worker, a student of social work should have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, gained through practical training and supervision. Moreover, the theoretical part delves into the themes of practical training and facilities where practical training can be conducted. The practical part of the bachelor thesis makes use of a qualitative research, interrogation method and technique of a semi-controlled interview. The research set was composed of 10 students of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, whose field of study is Social work in public administration or Rehabilitation and psychosocial care of disabled children, adults and seniors. The method of cluster creation was applied as a procedure for data evaluation. The research indicated that the students were well aware of what the work of social workers entails. The students learnt to cope with initial concerns and negative emotions. The students' practical training gave them experience may rely on in their future life. Moreover, the practical training helped the students identify the target group they wish to be concerned with in their careers. The practical training pinpointed for most of the students a large number of weaknesses to be challenged by them in the future. As a positive contribution, the students mentioned unanimously the positive approach of social workers to clients and their work in general.
The Role of speech therapist in education system
KŮRKOVÁ, Magdalena
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis is characterized by the history of logopaedics in the Czech Republic, the distribution of logopedic intervention and the organization of logopedic workers. The main subject of the thesis is to describe the requirements for the education and professional development of a teacher providing logopedic care both in the education sector and in the private sphere. It is also mentioned the division of logopedic workplaces according to individual spheres of education. The aim of the practical part is to map logopedic care in the South Bohemian Region. There is also a comparison of the current school situation. Further, the practical part is focused on workplaces where logopedic care is performed on children with cochlear implant. The diploma thesis is focused on the area of special education of people with hearing impairment, that is the second sub-focus of the speech therapist.
Analysis of the main impacts of the decline in birth rates and their impact on the social area in the Jindřichův Hradec region.
The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the description of the demography, term of demography, basic historical definition, term birth.rate and fertility and so on. In the research section it´s conducted research among women in the reproduction period, who live in Jindřichův Hradec region. Research was conducted through a printed questionnaire and the results were written in graphs. The aim of the research section was to find out the main impacts, that caused falling birth rates in region Jidnřichův Hradec. The bachelor thesis contains three hypothesis. H1: The main reason of birth rates was fallen in Jindřichův Hradec region is unemployment. H2: The influences identified by theoretical knowledge coincide with the effects identified by the questionnaire method. H2 was hard to verify and it was not possible to determine whether it was confirmed or refuted. This is the reason why the partial aims were set to clarify hypothesis: Find out if women's educatium has an effect of birth rates was fallen in region Jindčichův Hradec. Next one to find out, if postponement birth rate has effect of birtrh reate was fallen in region Jindřichův Hradec. H3: The main reasons of birth rates was fallen in Jindřichův Hradec region is the extension of contraception. The trend shows that the H1 was not confirmed. Unemployment has minimal infulence of falling birth rate in region Jindřichův Hradec. Both partial aims was confirm by trend. Women's education and posponement birth rate have effext of falling birth rate, not the main one, but they have influens. H3 was confirm by trend. Extension of contraception is main reason why birth rate was fallen.

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