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Time Lapse from Stationary Camera Image
Ficková, Andrea ; Zemčík, Pavel (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design a system which minimizes or even eliminates the restrictions of time-lapse video captured by a stationary camera. I focused on the three of these restrictions, that I had the opportunity to observe: restless objects, abrupt illumination changes, and undesirable objects. The appearance of restrictions spoils the impression of video and causes a distraction for the object of observation. Within this thesis I designed and implemented a system that can process a captured video stored in the computer and capture time-lapse video from a video stream. The goal of the designed system is to apply one of the algorithms to the corresponding restriction. The main result is the production of a time-lapse video, which will be more pleasant for their observers to watch.
Agricultural sanctions as a tool of foreign policy of the Russian federation
Olshansky, Pavlo ; Trávníčková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Machoň, Miloslav (referee)
The goal of the thesis is to examine a sanction strategy of Russia by so called sanitary measures, which are used in cases, when announcement of official sanctions is not appropriate for some reason. The strategy is analysed with the help of eight cases in eight countries during the last fifteen years. For these cases, known as trade wars, their development, official and unofficial reasons, political and economic results for both sides are indicated.
Exclusions from prohibition of quantitative restrictions
Matějka, David ; Kunertová, Tereza (advisor) ; Šmejkal, Václav (referee)
The subject developed in my thesis relates to the "Exclusions from prohibition of quantitative restrictions". The origin of these exclusions can be found in the internal market law and more precisely in the free movement of goods. The free movement of goods is one of the four fundamental freedoms on which is based the internal market of the European Union. The free movement of goods is ensured by removing fiscal and non-fiscal barriers that hinder trade between Member States and which are prohibited between Member States. The fiscal barriers involve the prohibition between Member States of customs duties, all charges having equivalent effect and other fiscal barriers such as internal taxations. The non fiscal barriers involve direct quantitative restrictions which are quotas and bans, as well as measures having equivalent effect to quantitative restrictions (MEE). These non fiscal barriers are prohibited but they can be justified in some cases. Direct quantitative restrictions almost disappeared while measures having equivalent effect to quantitative restrictions may exist in various forms and variations. Measures having equivalent effect on imports are prohibited by the article 34 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. Moreover, measures having equivalent effect on exports are prohibited by...
The neoclassical composition in modern Spanish
Navrátil, Cyril ; Čermák, Petr (advisor) ; Krinková, Zuzana (referee)
Cyril Navrátil FF UK Universita Karlova Románská studia - NMgr. Hispanistika 2013/2014 Abstract The purpose of this essay is to study neoclassical composition. The denomination of this method of word-formation already caused disagreements among the linguists. Many authors name it prefixation (affixation), while others believe that it is a special type of composition, whose components (or at least one of them) take their origins from Latin or Greek. Even though the majority of the Spanish lexicon comes from these languages (mainly from Latin), this type of composition follows some particular rules. In this essay, we do not intend to say who is right and who is wrong, but to demonstrate the current situation of the neoclassical composition in modern Spanish, using the corpus. Nevertheless, it is not possible to completely ignore the different points of view of these authors, who are acclaimed in the academic world. Therefore we decided to divide this study in a theoretic part and a practical one. In the theoretic part, we will recapitulate the terminology used and we will try and choose the most convenient definition for this method. In the practical part, we will see twenty examples of Greco-Latin elements: auto, cida/cidio, cracia/crata (arca/arquía), cripto, crono, eco, euro, filo/filia, foto, narco, neo,...
Restrictions of exercise of proprietary rights in protective zone
Bayerová, Michala ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
Restriction of the exercise of the property rights in the protective zones The topic of the Master's degree thesis is focused on the issue of the protective zones especially in terms of restrictions of the exercise of the property rights. The work is primary based on the somewhat disparate legal regulation contained in a number of specific regulations. Besides the applicable law, the work examines the legal literature, periodicals, as well as the case law of the Czech courts. The main contribution of this work is to provide a comprehensive comparison of the two constitutionally guaranteed rights: property right and the right to a favourable environment, and the provision of a list of specific prohibitions and commands arising from the existence of protective zones. The work is divided into three chapters, while the topic of the work proceeds from general to particular and from the regulation of protective zones contained in the legislation of the highest legal force, followed by specific regulation and implementing regulation. Chapter one focuses on constitutional, private law and theoretical background of protection of property rights and the right to a favourable environment. Conclusion of the chapter deals with the solutions of the collision of these constitutionally guaranteed rights. This...
Problems of collecting and accessing grey literature in the Czech Republic
Pejšová, Petra
Presentation analyzes legislativ, technical, personal and knowledge obstacles collecting and accessing grey literature grey literature in the Czech Republic.
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Restrictions on the church life by the State of Czechoslovakia during the years of 1945-1989 with a special regard to the celebration of liturgy in South Bohemian Region
DEMEL, Zdeněk
The dissertation concerns with the restrictions on the church life by the State of Czechoslovakia during the years of 1945-1989 with a special regard to restrictions on the celebration of liturgy in South Bohemian Region. Facts that have been gathered from the literature and primarily from the secretaries for the church affairs reports, that have been preserved in the archive funds of Regional National Committee and the South Bohemian Regional National Committee, prove convincingly that the state authorities imposed restrictions on life, pastoral ministry, and the church liturgical celebrations systematically.
Conditions for trade marks registration
Čada, Ondřej ; Boháček, Martin (advisor) ; Jakl, Ladislav (referee)
Conditions for trade marks registration History of trade marks Restrictions for trade marks registration

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