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Movement activity and inactivity of the younger school age children in Klatovy\\
LUŽNÁ, Simona
The movement activity of boys and girls of 5th classes of the chosen primary schools in Klatovy were observed. The movement activity was noted by questionnaires IPAQ (short edition) and with the pedometers YAMAX SW-700. The subsequently done analysis of questionnaires approved the higher movement activity of the boys. However, the obtained results from the pedometers showed the higher movement activity of the girls, the boys had the higher movement activity only at the weekends. The analysis of the results from pedometers found out, that the most of the boys didn{\crq}t perform the required norm of consumed energy during the day, while the girls were more successful. The amount of steps performed by the boys was also under the recommended daily ration, however, the girls had the better results for their category again.
Vocabulary and Anglicisms in older children at middle school level
This Diploma Thesis deals with anglicisms and their frequency in the contemporary Czech language from the point of view of older children at middle school level. It is primarily focused on the understanding and usage of popular and frequent anglicisms. Thesis theoretical part covers general information about language, enriching of the lexicon and it compares Czech language with English. The practical part introduces the results of a questionnaire survey, which was carried out at four elementary schools in the Czech Republic. The aim of the survey was to map the ability of older children at middle school level to understand the English expressions. It was also concerned in their attitudes towards adaptation of words from English. It also touches the usage of anglicisms in the lessons of Czech language at middle school level. Examples of practical exercises are provided. The final part of the Project sums up the reached conclusions. The Diploma Thesis attachments contain the questionnaire and the practical exercises.
Problems of tennis integration in physical education at elementary schools
My thesis is focused on the observation of possible reasons why tennis has not been included in education at elementary schools so far. The research work was performed using questionnaires at elementary schools in regions Vysocina and South Bohemia (December 2007 {--} February 2008). Theoretical {--} didactic part of thesis is focused on tennis history, physical and psychological severity of this sport, but mostly on availability of tennis in wide surroundings (in the view of number of tennis courts and costs for tennis equipment). There are compared particular regions in the research part of the thesis and their results are demonstrated in charts. The conclusions are summarised in discussion and in final part of thesis.
Determination of the situation of extracurricular organized PE and sport activities for childern of pre-school and infant school age - České Budějovice\\
NOVÁK, Radim
The main purpose of this dissertation thesis is to determine the state of sport organisations offering mostly after school sport activities for children at early school age or even for preschool children in Ceske Budejovice. The aim is to gather information about the structure, the background and function of these organisations. Also create a list of them and offer it to public through a website. This thesis is considered to be beneficial for parents who are looking for suitable non-school sport activities for their children.
Kinetic activity and inactivity of the inhabitants in the town České Budějovice\\
Purpose of this work is find out basic informations about movements activity and inactivity of denizens of city České Budějovice. Information gathering was realized with help internetional questionnaire for movements activity NQLS and monitoring pedometr YAMAX in the spring 2007. Research file is formed of denizens of city České Budějovice at ege 20 {--} 69 years and compared with results of file of students of physical aducation on Pedagogical faculty of the University of South Bohemia at age 20 {--} 26 years. For better clearness comparison results was tabulated into the tables and graphs.
The aim of this diploma work was to analyse business culture of a chosen company and to propose possible innovations and changes. The first part of this thesis contains theoretical knowledge from the sphere of business culture and related areas. The second {--} practical - part deals with the description and analysis of business culture of a particular organization. The subject of the research was Výstaviště České Budějovice, joint {--} stock company. The main sources of information for the analysis of business culture of this firm were questionnaires, interviews with the representative of company{\crq}s management team and intradepartmental documents. At the end of this thesis there are proposed measures which could contribute to the empowerment of business culture of the analysed company.
Behaviour of ultimate consumer in the market
My final work is focused on behaviour of ultimate consumers in the market. The aim of my thesis was making research of behaviour of consumers in the market and analysis of offer of services for select company. For my Bachelor thesis I chose a company Výstaviště České Budějovice a. s. and its exhibition Země živitelka. Due to study of technical literature I noticed structure of consumers, described behaviour of ultimate consumer and factors that touch the consumers. I made research of behaviour of consumers in the market. The research was realized on the exhibition Země živitelka in the form of interview with visitors. On the basis of acquired data I evaluated questionnaires and assessed behaviour of ultimate consumers in the market. Also I made analysis of offer of services for select company. The result of my research is detection that there are many factors which touch the consumers. Behaviour of consumers depends on a type of exhibition, attendant program on the exhibition and offer of exhibitors.
Analysis of the Space Management of Selling Area and the Structure of Assortment
The main goal of this work was to analyse the current solution of the floor space disposition in the selected store and introduce possible improvements in space management and merchandising. According to survey results, Billa s.r.o. is expected to be profitable and competitive in the following years.
Methods and techniques of active teaching in Czech language on the middle school
The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out the influence of methods and techniques of active teaching on the level of essay-writing in the basic school. The theoretical part describes chosen methods and techniques of active teaching within the context of the educational process. An experiment was carried out in the practical part and it verified the influence of these methods on the development of essay-writing potential of the pupils. The popularity of the chosen methods and techniques of active teaching was being researched by a questionnaire survey. The methods of active teaching were discovered to facilitate the success rate of the essay-writing and a statistically significant increase in the number of sentences and syntactic pairs was found in the experimental group.
The aim of this diploma work is to assess how important role play ethic, motivation and stimulation in the selected company, find their mutual relations and assess their quality. To establish whether ethic, motivation and stimulation really create an important part of the business strategy. The survey was carried out in a private enterprise which focuses on projection, engineering and assembly activities. The survey shows that ethic plays an unsubstitutable role and to a certain extent it impacts on the firm's prosperity. Therefore the employer should motivate and stimulate his employees and have a well-developed incentive program which would allow him to affect purposefully the whole team.

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