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Comparative analysis of the visual component in the magazine Reportér and project Echo24
Weingartová, Michaela ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
The main goal of this thesis was to determine how projects Echo24 and Reporter work with journalistic photography using comparative analysis of their visual content. Both projects were found in 2014 as a reaction to a dramatical change of ownership of the Czech media. These changes also had an impact on journalistic photographers, because the new owners tend to save their costs on photography. This is also one of the reasons why I chose to analyze projects that started in 2014. To explain the broader context, in the first part of this thesis I describe the context of journalistic photography and the Czech media market development from the year 1989. In this work, I also describe other projects similar to Echo24 and Reportér. In the second part of the thesis, I use quantitative content analysis to describe the usage of the photographs in the printed version of Echo24 and Reportér. I also compare the collected data with answers from questionnaires with members of the editorial of the projects and photojournalists. In this paper, I found out that the project Echo24 represents the opposite approach towards photography than Reportér. Echo24, like other media, tends to save their cost on photography. Reportér on the other side can be defined as the protector of journalistic and photojournalistic values....
Documentary photography: Branko's Bridge - One year in a band
Verner, Jonáš ; Géla, František (advisor) ; Láb, Filip (referee)
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to present an original point of view on the life within a band, mainly through a photo documentary of 55 pictures. It shows the ordinary situations as well as key moments in the band's life from the perspective of its member. The thesis is connecting documentary photography and concert photography through an interview with music journalist Ondřej Bezr, author of the book ​Fotografie, které hrají​. Theoretical part of the thesis gives a bright insight on documentary photography as a genre and further focuses on music photography.
Tropes and successful photographic strategies on Instagram
Patzner, Dominik ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
This thesis, Tropes and Successful Photographic Strategies on Instagram, combines theoretical part with content analysis. Its aim is to confirm the proof of repetitive contents - tropes - throughout different Instagram accounts of selected photojournalists and an interpretation of the analysis outcome as photographic strategies, of which tropes are a part of. First chapter describes how the photojournalistic field changed under the emerge of social networks which brought new possibilities to working with images. Furthermore, it defines the Instagram environment and its contemporary functions, with reflection of the impact social networks had on the visual of photographs shared on those networks. Such tendency is called as instagramism. Next chapter deals with the topic of iconic photography and its current state which provides basis for the trope theory that is fundamental for the thesis because the research part is based on that theory. Methodology I chose for this research is content quantitative analysis inspired by the work of Marta Zarzcyka and Martijn Keppe. The main research question is if it is possible, that some tropes are frequent due to being a part of certain photographic strategy. The analysis focuses on the frequency of tropes in selected sample of images and results answer main...
Changes in photography under the pressure of digital era
Šedivý, Tomáš ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis consists of two parts - practical and theoretical. The practical part is an audiovisual documentary based around five interviews with five personas of artistic and journalistic as well as amateur photography. It sheds light not only on their views on the photography medium but also on their own creative process related to it. The theore- tical part follows up the interviews and further develops the subject of changes in photo- graphy, notably the means of photojournalistic work and its perception in society. It sket- ches a brief history of photography and internet environment but its main focus lies in the transition from the analog era to digital technologies at the turn of millennium. It describes the trend of social networks, digital filters and influencers through which a return of the analog photography can be witnessed in the recent years.
Bedřich Kocek and czech press photography
Sýkorová, Tereza ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
The master thesis Bedřich Kocek and Czech Press Photography is concerned with the life and work of Bedřich Kocek - Czech photojournalist who worked in the renowned journal Svět v obrazech (translated as World in Pictures) for over thirty years. The theoretical part specifies the genre of journalistic photography and its development from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries to the 1980s. Furthermore, the development of the journal Svět v obrazech serves as an example for outlining the media and political context in Czechoslovakia since the end of World War II, when the periodical was established, until the 1980s, when Bedřich Kocek left the profession of a photojournalist. An especially valuable and vital part of the thesis is a chapter about the life of Bedřich Kocek, which has not been previously researched and described in detail. That section is based on personal interviews with the photographer using the oral history method. Moreover, the thesis explores the photographic work of Bedřich Kocek through the use of compositional analysis as well as the characteristic features of his pictures, which were part of the reports produced for Svět v obrazech.
Representation of journalists in videogames
Odstrčil, Tomáš ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
The Representation of Journalists in Videogames aims to find out how do videogame developers represent journalists in the mainstream videogames. The analysis is based on five case studies of various videogames but it also includes sequels and prequels of the selected games. The author of this thesis analyzes nine videogame journalists which can be differentiated into several categories: investigative reporters, photojournalists, paparazzis, radio and TV reporters and hosts of various television shows. Their behavior is not the only aspect this thesis analyzes because their visual appearance is also fully in the hands of the game developers. This thesis proves that the videogame journalists are sometimes depicted stereotypically but if so, it is always for a reason. Videogame developers do not always use this sort of depictions and can even accurately describe journalistic practice and behavior. Journalism is always better described if the journalist is a heroic protagonist of their videogame. If they are villains, it is often described using various negative stereotypes.
Humanistic reportage photography
Pokorná, Eliška ; Lábová, Alena (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
The bachelor thesis called Humanistic reportage photography is focused on the paradigm of humanistic reportage photography during the 1950's in Czechoslovakia and worldwide. The first part of the thesis explains the application of the paradigm to photojournalism in both of the above-mentioned areas. A special focus is given to the photographic exhibition Family of Man and the work of photographers united under the Magnum Photos agency. Furthermore, the thesis explores the sources of inspiration, the themes and the aesthetics of this photographic approach. This thesis also features the biographies of selected photographers as well as an explanation of the importance of picture magazines for this paradigm. In the analytical part, a quantitative content analysis method is used to evaluate the hypothesis, which states that the humanistic reportage photography paradigm, present in the photographic content in Life, was also to some extent present in Mladý svět. At the same time, the hypothesis also assumes that to an extent the usage of photographic content will differ in both weeklies, and the frequency of the topics and their aesthetic treatment will vary slightly. The results of the research and their analysis support the hypothesis and further develop it.

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