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The wider context of the impact of solar activity on mortality by cause in the Czech Republic
Podolská, Kateřina
The wider context of the impact of solar activity on mortality by cause in the Czech Republic Abstract The presented dissertation investigates the influence of extraterestrial phenomena, in the whole scope of their possible effects, on human population. It analyses the influence of climate-change induced fluctuation of solar activity on the population, as well as the impact of the concentration of cosmogenic radionuclides on human health. In the introduction, the manifestation of solar activity on Earth is described, the results of the present research is summarized, and the used methods of data processing and the data sources are described. The primary focus of this work is the association of mortality from the causes of death recorded under chapter IV. Diseases of the nervous system and chapter IX. Diseases of the circulatory system of the International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision (ICD-10) in the Czech Republic with the changes in the level of solar activity and its exceptional fluctuations. The main aim is to determine the possible link between the daily numbers of dead by the respective causes of death, by sex and age groups in the Czech Republic, on global as well as on geographically specific daily values of solar, ionospheric, and geomagnetic parameters in the years 1994-2013. These are...
Změny v produkci adipokinetických hormonů u \kur{Pyrrhocoris apterus} v různých částech CNS po působení stresových faktorů
VÁVRA, Jakub
The main goal of this bachelor thesis was to characterize changes of adipokinetic hormone (AKH) production in the brain and corpora cardiaca of the firebug Pyrrhocoris apterus during the infection caused by entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae. The effects of the pathogen were investigated by determination of AKH level in the CNS using competitive ELISA test and immunohistochemical localization with a specific antibody against the P. apterus AKH (Pyrap-AKH). The results confirmed presence of majority of AKH in corpora cardiaca and smaller amount also in brain. The infection increased AKH production in both monitored organs, however, in brain the elevation was more intensive than that in corpora cardiaca.
Prostorová diferenciace úmrtnosti obyvatelstva v České republice
The thesis is focused on analysing of the development and spatial differentiation of mortality of the population from 1995 to 2014, because I seemed these years as an appropriate period of time to the aforementioned analysis. The aim is to compile this demographic process on the basis of available data and evaluate it with help of analyzing. The work explains important definitions and concepts associated with mortality, as well as the factors that affect it, on the base of the literature. The theme I have elaborated both in historical terms and in terms of published forecasts for the future. The most important factors as male excess mortality, infant mortality and the most important causes of death I labored at the level of a region, district and country district. Then I drew the conclusion that the planned issues apply at all these levels and on the basis of a summary of all available data. The resulting statistics is presented by graphs, maps and tables.
Study of adipokinetic hormone role in insects stressed by entomopathogenic nematodes
IBRAHIM, Emad Ahmed Sayed
In this thesis, the effect of infection elicited by entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) Steinernema carpocapsae on Pyrrhocoris apterus and Drosophila melanogaster models were evaluated, and a role of adipokinetic hormones (AKHs) during the infection was characterized. These were monitored by determination of mortality, and various biochemical and physiological characteristics such as AKH levels both in the central nervous system (CNS) and in hemolymph, AKH gene expression in CNS, level of anti-oxidative stress markers, general metabolism and level of nutrients in normal and genetically modified insects. At P. apterus the mortality tests revealed that application of AKH increases the efficacy of EPN treatment. This result was confirmed using the firebugs with AKH receptor deficiency. Further, the increase of AKH expression and AKH levels in CNS and hemolymph seemed to be coordinated after the nematode treatment. At the D. melanogaster model also, the effect of adenosine into the above-mentioned characteristics was included. For this, mutants in AKH (AHK1), adenosine receptor (AdoR1) genes, and in both these genes together (AHK1 AdoR1 double mutant) were employed. Altogether, the results confirmed the involvement of AKH, and partially also adenosine into the antistress defense reactions elicited by the nematobacterial infection. Finally, the last part of the study was focused on examination of the vitellogenin (Vg) role in the defense reaction in firebug body P. apterus affected by two entomopathogenic organisms, the nematode S. carpocapsae and the fungus Isaria fumosorosea. The results revealed that Vg proteins play an important role in the defense against both types of the infections and are also able to kill entomopathogenic bacteria Xenorhabdus nematophila, that are symbionts of S. carpocapsae and that increase toxicity of this nematode.
Effects of hydropeaking on the attached eggs of a rheophilic cyprinid species
BARTOŇ, Daniel
Effects of artificial water fluctuations called hydropeaking on the detachment rates of adhesive eggs were studied using a rheophlic fish (asp Leuciscus aspius) as a model species. I attempted to relate egg density to abiotic conditions of the spawning ground and identify optimal conditions for the eggs. Egg densities were also studied during spawning season when hydropeaking occurred. In the experimental setup, egg detachment rates were tested with different speeds, substrate type and exposition time and critical conditions for the eggs were assessed.
Cancer and healthy life style: Socio-epidemiological study
Coganová, Klára ; Dzúrová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kulhánová, Ivana (referee)
The prevalence of cancer in the world continues to grow, faster in economically developed countries. According to current scientific knowledge, at least one third of cases could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The present thesis therefore sought to analyze the prevalence of cancer in connection with the lifestyle of the European population, of 63,772 respondents of the SHARE study (The Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe) in fact. The work contains the theoretical description of the problem and the analytical part. The differences in the prevalence of the diseases of the respondents from 16 European countries were monitored in the empirical part. The relation between the incidence of cancer and the groups of diseases defined by alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity and the lifestyle of the respondents was analyzed by the method of binary logistic regression. The survey was expanded by the summarizing indicator of Healthy Lifestyle Index, compiled from smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, body weight, and consumption of fruit and vegetables. The analysis, among other things, showed that with the decline in the healthy lifestyle index, the risk of malignancy in both men and women increased and is more pronounced in males. Keywords: cancer, prevalence, healthy...
Mortality in countries of Eastern and Southern Europe: trends and patterns
Šplíchal, Matěj ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Dzúrová, Dagmar (referee)
Mortality in countries of Eastern and Southern Europe: trends and patterns Abstract The purpose of this thesis to is to evaluate any variances and commonality in the trends of mortality rates between southern and eastern Europe for the period beginning at the end of World War II (WWII) to present day. In order that the data used in the analysis of the populations of these two European regions is drawn from broad-based yet controlled demographic parameters, two countries from each region have been targeted. From southern Europe, Italy and Portugal, and from Eastern Europe Hungary and Bulgaria. The thesis will present both the analysis of data that relates to the development of the gross mortality rate together with that of more refined data that calculates the standardised mortality rate. A more in-depth analysis of mortality trends based on mortality tables and decomposition methods will also be presented using indicators of life expectancy at birth, infant mortality and life span, together with methods of decomposition of the difference between two demographic indicators (Kitagawy, R. Pressata, E. Arriagy and V. M. Shkolnikova). The conclusion of the analytical section deals with age variability at death. The hypotheses, set out in the introductory chapter, are evaluated at the end of the paper, based on...
Analysis of Mortality from Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents in the Countries of the European Union
Chráska, Miroslav ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Rybová, Kristýna (referee)
Analýza úmrtnosti vlivem dopravních nehod motorových vozidel v zemích Evropské unie Abstrakt Práce si klade za cíl zmapovat vývoj úrovně úmrtnosti při dopravních nehodách motorových vozidel a provést mezinárodní srovnání zemí Evropské unie v rozmezí let 1990 až 2015. Mezi sledované faktory, které ovlivňovat tuto úmrtnost, byla zařazena dopravní legislativa jednotlivých států, počty automobilů a jejich průměrné stáří v uváděných zemích. Jako výchozí metoda analýzy byla vybrána přímá standardizace míry úmrtnosti. Při zjišťování faktorů ovlivňujících úmrtnost při dopravních nehodách byla využita korelační analýza. Na počátku sledovaného období (rok 1990) byly mezi současnými členskými státy Evropské unie výrazné rozdíly v intenzitě úmrtnosti při dopravních nehodách. V průběhu sledovaných let však došlo k postupnému snižování úrovně úmrtnosti a jednotlivé státy se v hodnotách standardizované míry úmrtnosti při dopravních nehodách přibližují. V dlouhodobém horizontu se relativně stálý poměr zemřelých mužů (tři čtvrtiny) vůči ženám (čtvrtina) nemění. Klíčová slova: úmrtnost, dopravní nehody, počet automobilů, stáří automobilů, dopravní legislativa, země Evropské unie, srovnávací analýza
The lowest-mortality countries: their specifics and trends of development
Stýblová, Julie ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Kurtinová, Olga (referee)
The lowest-mortality countries: their specifics and trends of development Abstract The main objective of this work is to analyze mortality rates in the countries with the lowest mortality rates in the world between 1990 and 2013 for males and females separately. In order to assess development trends, indicators of life expectancy at birth, probability of death, which served to assess the mortality by age and using one-dimensional decomposition, the contributions of different age groups to the change in life expectancy at birth were determined. For a more detailed analysis, mortality was assessed for selected groups of death causes using standardized mortality rates and the view was complemented by a two-dimensional decomposition, which determined the contributions of age groups and major cause classes to assess how age group and cause of death has contributed to the change in life expectancy at birth. All countries have increased their life expectancy at birth and no signs of slowing are observed. The results show that each country is approaching and there are not too many differences. Selected countries have similar trends in decreasing mortality rates in older age groups and changing the order of the most important causes of death. Key words: Mortality, age and gender, causes of death, life expectancy,...
Comparative analysis of working age population mortality in selected developed countries
Straka, Jakub ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Rybová, Kristýna (referee)
Comparative analysis of working age population mortality in selected developed countries Abstract The main aim of this thesis was to analyze trends in mortality situation of working-age population (20-64 years old) in 31 developed countries in period 1995-2010 and to find similarities and differences between them. Temporary life expectancy was used as an indicator which summarizes the intensity of mortality in productive age. One-dimensional and two-dimensional decomposition revealed the contributions of individual age groups and selected nine major groups causes of death defined by ICD to the difference in temporary life expectancy values between 1995 and 2010 in five selected countries. An analysis of the development of this indicator has shown that there has been a prolongation of life span in working age in all surveyed countries and differences in mortality rates between countries decreased. Major cause of this trend was probably reduction of the mortality rate in the middle-aged population, mainly of external causes, in the 20-54 age group in countries with lower life expectancy rates. However, to verify this hypothesis, it would be necessary to analyze other developed countries with a higher level of mortality in working age population than Bulgaria and Lithuania. Countries with higher temporary life...

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