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Optimization of laboratory procedures for effective water treatment plant operation
Pivokonský, Martin ; Vašatová, Petra ; Petříček, Radim ; Pivokonská, Lenka ; Novotná, Kateřina
This scientific report has been realized within a TACR project (no. TJ01000169) of the ZÉTA programme aimed at supporting applied research. The report is intended for water treatment plant (WTP) operators and serves as a basic guideline for optimization of the coagulation process in water treatment. In the first part of the report, a methodology of jar tests is briefly described. Conducting the jar test is fundamental for an effective control over the coagulation step in WTP operation. Jar tests are necessary for a determination of the optimum operating conditions of coagulation, i.e., type and dose of the coagulant and coagulation pH value, needed for reaching the highest treatment efficiency. The other part of the report summarizes and evaluates the results of jar test optimization conducted at the WTP in Kutná Hora, and recommendations for optimization of the WTP operation are suggested. Economic aspects of the optimization are then discussed in a separate section.
Art therapy as a diagnostic tool in etopedia
Krüger, Pavel ; Hanzlová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šotolová, Eva (referee)
The main objective of the research was to find out whether the use of art therapy or art-psychotherapy as a diagnostic tool is useful in the field of ethopedic diagnostics. The sub-objective of the research was to describe individual diagnostic circuits when working with clients with a specific behavior disorder extractable through art therapy techniques. A detailed description of the methodology is given in the section Art Therapy and Art Therapy Diagnostics, where we dealt with individual interpretative areas. In the first phase of the research the client used specific art therapy technique - drawing and painting on assigned topics, which was described in the introduction of the Research Section (p. 42). Research materials were explored at this stage. In the second phase, these materials - pictures and accompanying behavior - were worked out in the form of interpretative character analyzes. Records of both verbal responses and behavior were collected from individual art therapy sessions, and all sources were analyzed in detail in the Research Section in individual case studies. All research documents (pictures, session records, informed consent, entry or exit reports from Mental Hospital Bohnice and Diagnostic Foster Home) were obtained with informed consent of respondents according to Act No....
Methodology of identification of revisions and inspections of technical equipment for a manufacturing company based on the requirements of ISO 45001
Valenta, Jakub ; Jandová, Kristýna (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with the issue of inspections and revisions of technical equipment according to safe operation standards on the basis of OSH and FP requirements. In the introduction, these fields of work safety and fire protection are described, which will be used in later parts of the work. Subsequently, the term „technical equipment“ and subcategories of this issue are defined, with each of the subcategories being specifically approached. As a result, the thesis describes why it is necessary to regularly inspect the technical equipment, while the individual types of inspections are subsequently defined. This is accompanied by the distribution of the person’s rights to carry out individual inspections and the distribution of responsibility for the inspections carried out. The acquired knowledge is then used to create a model of the process of regulation of inspections and revisions and to create an overview of periodic inspections and revisions of technical equipment for a manufacturing company. This model and review of inspections are then considered the output of this bachelor’s thesis.
Smart Metering system
Gregor, Filip ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with a PLC technology. In the theoretical part a principle of PLC functionality and its advantages and disadvantages were described. In the experimental part methodology of point-to-point testing with BPL modems was designed. In addition extensive measurement according to point-to-point methodology for topology with and without repeater in laboratory was realized. Impact of repeater on transmission parameters was tested according to RCF 2544, RFC 6349 recommendation and according to methodology of TCP Throughput with the aid of Net Blazer testers and iPerf tool. The results shows that topology with repeater decreases throughput approximately 50 % and increases Round trip time (RTT) more than twice compared to topology without repeater. In the last part a laboratory task with Smart Metering system and BPL modems was designed.
Dobeš, Lukáš ; Novotný, Roman (referee) ; Kijonka, Lukáš (advisor)
Design of a decentralized study program parallel to design syllabus at FAVU VUT in Brno. All human-designed systems are subject to a grey-hat penetration test, including school systems. Boundary testing makes current meta available: the best strategy to play in such a system while simultaneously visualizing places to repair the system. What is the current meta in graphic design education? What infrastructure of movement in the new space must be built and what is the index currently available for us to move in?”
Network tester
Haško, Juraj ; Fujdiak, Radek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The thesis deals with data network testing. The aim of the thesis is to design a methodology for the comprehensive measurement of network transmission parameters and design of the tester concept and realisation by helping to extend the existing JMeter program.
Epigraphica & Sepulcralia 8. Forum of epigraphical and sepulchral studies
Roháček, Jiří
The proceedings of the jubilee 15th international session on the issue of sepulchral monuments, which took place in Prague on 19 October – 21 October 2016. These regular conferences, organized since 2000 by the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences, are focused on sepulchral monuments as material artefacts of sepulchral culture and as works of art in the traditional sense of the word, with a factual or methodological relation to Central European issues. However, they do not not avoid themes that more widely explain the context in which these monuments were created and were functionally applied. An emphasis is placed on the nature of interdisciplinary expert meetings. Through their focus and periodicity, they are unique in the pan-European context. A novelty of this session was the inclusion of an independent block devoted to Hebrew monuments. The proceedings are divided into three parts, in terms of the religious context of the discussed themes – hence into parts devoted to Christian, Jewish and finally supplemental, but still in the Central European milieu, Islamic sepulchral monuments. It contains twenty-five papers in total, which deal directly or contextually with sepulchral monuments from the Late Middle Ages to the 21st century. Besides, the territorially Bohemian and Moravian issue as well as the German, Slovak and Polish issues make up a significant share of the work. The series Epigraphica & Sepulcralia has been the publication forum of these sessions since 2005.
Social work in the context of domestic violence combined with mental illness
Poláčková, Ester ; Cimrmannová, Tereza (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
The diploma thesis follow up the possibilities of social work with survivor of domestic violence having mental illness. The theoretical part summarizes the current form of social work with the target group of clients by survivor of domestic violence and the target group of clients with mental illness. In the practical part is described the investigation of this issue, analyzed interviews with social workers and proposal of work methodology. In the final discussion, the results of the survey and the success of the proposed methodology are controversial.
The Pilsen Conservatory with a Focus on the Violin Department
Přibová, Marie ; Kubátová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Perglerová, Marka (referee)
The diploma thesis "The Pilsen Conservatory with a Focus on the Violin Department" first deals with historical contexts that are connected with important violin personalities of the Pilsen Conservatory. The first part presents historical events which are linked to significant violinists of the Conservatory in Pilsen. Its aim is to present complex overview of the teachers who worked at the Conservatory from its beginning and who contributed to the high level of the Violin department with their experienced work. The thesis also focuses on the important graduates who represented or still represent the school with their pedagogical and artistic success at diverse musical events either in the Czech Republic or abroad. The second part brings interesting interviews with the teachers and the graduates of the school. Among them the most interesting are the parts where the teachers explain the methodology, which they use in their lessons. From the point of view of the oral history the teachers' memories of their beginning with the violin, difficulties during the study or their life are also very interesting.
The methodology of investigation of crimes against life (selected problems)
Vidnerová, Karolína ; Musil, Jan (advisor) ; Krupička, Jiří (referee)
The methodology of investigation of crimes against life (selected problems) Abstract The topic of this thesis is the methodology of investigation of crimes against life. Due to the fact that this is undoubtedly a very wide topic and the investigation of all crimes against life follows the same principles using similar methods, this diploma thesis is focused on the method of a murder investigation as the most serious crime against life, if not the most serious criminal action of them all. The first chapter of my diploma thesis is devoted to the substantive regulation of all crimes against life according to § 140 to 144 of the Criminal Code. In this part of the thesis, I describe the obligatory signs of their facts, ie. their object, subject, objective side, and a subjective aspect. In the second chapter of this thesis, I deal with the criminalistics characteristics of the crime of murder, whose typical components are the way of committing, the personality of the perpetrator and the victim as well as the motive. As part of the thesis, I use examples from practice, namely cases of serial murders on which these typical characters can be shown. In the third chapter of the thesis, I describe the general division of traces, including the typical traces that criminalists can find in investigating murders. The...

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