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Draft methodology for investigating the causes of aviation accidents caused by human factor in general aviation
Pulgret, Lukáš ; Chlebek, Jiří (referee) ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (advisor)
This Master´s thesis examines Investigation of aircraft accidents / incidents, which were caused by human error. My thesis is focused on fixed wing aircrafts with maximum take off weight up to 2500 kg. Practices of Aircraft accident / incident Investigation are described in Annex L13 which is document published by Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. This document provides some support for investigators but does not contain methodology which should be used to discover human error by which the accident / incident was caused. This thesis has two major purposes. First purpose is to analyze Final reports of investigations and suggest improvements which can be made. Second goal of this thesis is to create own methodology for investigating the causes of aviation accidents / incidents caused by human factor.
Analysis of municipal solid waste in practice
Wildová, Kristýna ; Smejkalová, Veronika (referee) ; Gregor, Jiří (advisor)
The main purpose of the submitted diploma thesis is detailed research of studies and methodologies that deal with the analysis of the municipal waste composition, with focus on residual solid waste and transfer of acquired knowledge into practise. The research is focused on key parameters and procedures of studies and methodologies that took place in the Czech Republic, and also abroad. The identified information and procedures are properly summarized and evaluated. The theoretical findings were applied in the analysis of the municipal solid waste composition in a field work. The thesis is also focused on the practical feasibility of MSW analysis and related tasks. The data obtained during field work analysis of MSW are evaluated at the end of the thesis.
DNS Data Analysis for Mobile Device Identification Purposes
Sporni, Alex ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Burgetová, Ivana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the problem of identification of mobile devices based on DNS data analysis. The thesis provides a theoretical introduction to the computer communication model. This thesis explains the importance of DNS in the terms of network communication between devices, It also presents the provided data sets, which contain real communication of mobile devices. These data sets must be with a suitable technique parsed and stored in a database to provide better data manipulation techniques in the later stages of implementation. This work further describes individual techniques of data processing. It also depicts in detail the methodologies for evaluating the relevance of TF-IDF and the application of cosine similarity to identify the mobile devices. The main output of this work is the evaluation of the achieved results.
Methodology of tree stands evaluation for the needs of monument care
Borusík, Pavel ; Martinek, Jiří ; Šimek, Pavel
Tree stands represent a structurally complex grouping of woody vegetation elements in close connection with the functional, operational and compositional essence of the garden art monument. The methodology of tree stand evaluation includes both a description of the current state and perspective of the vegetation component, as well as a set of information on the functional, operational and compositional state of the evaluated stand.
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Strategy of posture stabilisation in stand on unstable base and under application of container with water
Láncz, Lukáš ; Lopot, František (advisor) ; Kubový, Petr (referee)
Title: Strategy of postural stabilisation using unstable surface and water barrel. Objectives: The aim of this study is to investigate the level of muscle actiavtion of choosen muscles during lunge on unstable surface or with using water barrel. Investigation of the postural strategy used during lunge orn unstable surface or with the water barrel and creation of methodology for measurment and data analysis. Methods: Into this pilot study, there were picked 5 people (athletes). Data for outcomes where used from 3 athletes. The measurement of level of muscle activation were done by surface electromyography over gluteus medius muscle and musculi multifidii bilaterally.For data procession was used software Origin 2012 Postural stability was measured through force plates by Kistler and gained data were procesed by using software programmes Bioware, MS Excel and Matlab. For data analysis from EMG measurement was used simple comparasion of outcomes. Stabilometry outcomes were analysed by statistical methode t-test. Results: The results indicate greater level of muscle activation during lunge with aquabag than lunge on unstable surface for most of the measured muscles. The only exception, where level of muscle activity was higher, was multifidi muscle on rear leg. Another outcome proved that the postural...
Orienteering at 1st level of primary school
Příhodová, Barbora ; Přibyl, Ivan (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
Title: Orienteering at 1st level of primary school Author: Bc. Barbora Příhodová Department: Department of Physical Education Supervisor: PaedDr. Ivan Přibyl Objectives: The aim of this work is to design an educational model of orienteering for young children of pre-scholar age in lenght of 20 hours and to find out how many percent of children of pre-scholar age are able to make the final orienteering race successfully after they pass the training in spare-time activities of orienteering. Another aim of this work is to find out if girls will be more successful than boys or how many children will have a problem with more difficult checkpoint in the race. And finaly, to find out the interest of children of pre-scholar age about this kind of sport. Methods: An educational model of orienteering was made out by learnt literature and own experiences. An affectivity of this model was evaluated by the results of final race. The next aims were answered by the questuonaire, watching children and talking with them. Results: The results of final race of orienteering showed that all pupils of fourth nad fifth class successfully finished this race in identified time limit. Girls were more successful than boys. Almost ¾ of children had troubles with more difficult checkpoint in the race. All children showed the...
Documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing: thematic survey of hop dryers
Podroužek, Kamil ; Eismann, Šimon ; Horák, Jan ; Kaláb, Jiří ; Papoušek, Miroslav ; Kuprová, Renata ; Radová, Lucie ; Skalický, David ; Švec, Roman
The main focus of this project NAKI DG16P02B021 Documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing was to perform a basic documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing. These buildings are part of architectual assets bound to the specific natural conditions occuring only in some regions. These conditions constitute an important part of the urbanism of towns and cultural countriside. There has not been given any scientific attention to the development, function, constructions or the technological equipment used on these buildings. In addition, these buildings (except several) are not historically protected. With respect to size, these buildings are of a great financial burden to their owners and have lately been subject to a large scale of demolition. Out of more than 5500 of these buildings listed in the beginning of the 20th century in Zatec hops region itself only hundreds have been preserved. Hence, the documentation is the last possibility of recording these buildings for the future. As part of the basic documentation of the buildings, undoubtful identification, photo-documentation, the documentation of the specific contruction solutions, technological equipment and technological state of proving the hops processing, the land surveying, the construction measurements and sample collection for dendro-chronical dating of selected buildings was performed. The archive research was part of the study as well. Based on this evidence a special map and IISPP/GIS NPÚ based database was created. A highly easy-to-use system was created using sophisticated technology - phones with cameras and GPS modules, tablet PCs, remote network access to the external scanned document storage and remotely accessible GIS and MIS map databases. This system enables operational field documentation and based on this experience a methodology was created that describes the use of this widlely available technology in basic field architectural documentation.
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Methodology of archival survey of works of art from the second half of the twentieth century in public space
Říhová, Vladislava ; Křenková, Zuzana
The aim of the methodology is to acquaint the professional public with the possibilities of archival research of works of art from the second half of the twentieth century situated in architecture and in the public space. Its origin is related to the ever more pressing problems of the preservation of these artistic implementations. The spectrum of usable written and pictorial sources ranges from private archives and estates of artists or architects to variously thorough documentation in regional museums and galleries and to funds in which the official approval procedures for the works are recorded; these took place on the level of state authorities (national committee) and within the agenda of professional organizations. The text provides basic orientation in archival funds. It focuses above all on more systematic possibilities of research in the archival materials of the Czech Visual Arts Fund’s company Dílo. With this originator, which centrally administered orders for artwork commissions in the socialist state from 1954, it is possible to study the works not in isolation but in a wider context of their origin, within the framework of the individual regions, etc. The methodology includes segmentation of regional funds of this kind and presents characteristic types of archival materials that can be used in the research.
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Jar Test Methodology for Water Treatment Optimization
Pivokonský, Martin ; Pivokonská, Lenka ; Vašatová, Petra ; Načeradská, Jana
The methodology is intended for water treatment plant (WTP) operators and serves as a basic guideline for an optimization of the coagulation process in water treatment. It describes the jar test procedure, which allows the determination of the optimum operating conditions of coagulation, i.e., type and dose of the coagulant and coagulation pH value, needed for reaching the highest treatment efficiency. The publication further contains a supplementary part with tables for conversion of molar to mass concentration (and vice versa) of coagulants, instructions for diluting coagulants and reagents for pH adjustment and examples of jar test data recording, processing and evaluation.
Optimization of laboratory procedures for effective water treatment plant operation
Pivokonský, Martin ; Vašatová, Petra ; Petříček, Radim ; Pivokonská, Lenka ; Novotná, Kateřina
This scientific report has been realized within a TACR project (no. TJ01000169) of the ZÉTA programme aimed at supporting applied research. The report is intended for water treatment plant (WTP) operators and serves as a basic guideline for optimization of the coagulation process in water treatment. In the first part of the report, a methodology of jar tests is briefly described. Conducting the jar test is fundamental for an effective control over the coagulation step in WTP operation. Jar tests are necessary for a determination of the optimum operating conditions of coagulation, i.e., type and dose of the coagulant and coagulation pH value, needed for reaching the highest treatment efficiency. The other part of the report summarizes and evaluates the results of jar test optimization conducted at the WTP in Kutná Hora, and recommendations for optimization of the WTP operation are suggested. Economic aspects of the optimization are then discussed in a separate section.

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