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Strategic project plan of Letní tábor & Honzík
Dvořák, Jan ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Pecinová, Markéta (referee)
Title: Strategic project plan of Letní tábor & Honzík Objective: The main aim of this diploma thesis is to create quality and realistic strategic plan of the project Letní tábor & Honzík. The strategic plan will be compared with reality at the end of the project. Methods: The diploma thesis deals with marketing situational analysis. Key factors and strategic starting points are determined from SWOT analysis. The results are implemented into the BSC method, which serves to accomplish and implement the chosen strategy. The diploma thesis works with a strategic map that enables understanding of the relations between the individual strategic objectives. This thesis also uses the method of text analysis, documents and monitoring, especially for the area of social networks. Results: The strategic plan of the summer camp project was created based on the SWOT analysis and the determination of the company's strategic goals using the BSC method. Achieving the project's profitability and satisfied customers is essential to ensure the project's existence in future years. Both of these objectives were achieved. Keywords: strategic management, business analysis, business plan, financial analysis, children, planning, strategy, project realization, adventure sports and camp games
Podnikatelský plán NEcukrárny
This thesis is focused on creating a business plan for a small business of company NEcukrárna. The theses have two parts, the first part is the theoretical introduction for the topic, the second part is the analytical part of execution concrete strategies for founding new small business. The methodical part of this theses is based on the professional literature and the knowledge collected during my studies. The applicational part contains the concrete economy situation on the market, practical experiences and knowledge and of course key analysis like SWOT matrix, Porter analysis. The aim of this thesis evaluates chances of profitability and long-term existence of my business idea.
Intercompany Comparison Based on Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators
The topic of the thesis is an intercompany comparison based on quantitative and qualitative indicators. First, the basic concepts of the intercompany comparison, analysis and used methods of multicriterial comparison are explained. The practical part of the thesis is devoted to the creation of the own model for comparison of subjects in the selected industry to include qualitative and quantitative indicators. Five methods of multicriterial comparison are used to create the model. The created model is applied to data of 5 companies. In addition to own model, known prediction models are applied to company data. The results obtained when applying the model are compared with the results obtained using prediction models.
Introduction of the Product on the Market
The aim of this thesis is to determine the strategy and partial steps that are needed to introduce the product on the market. The theoretical part defines the basic terms, which were described in accordance with professional literature related to this topic. The thesis describes SWOT analysis, BCG Matrix, market segmentation and Marketing Mix. In the practical part, the current state of the Marketing Mix is evaluated and it is pointed out how it should be newly set up correctly. The product development strategy was chosen based on Ansoff matrix. The market share of old brilliant watercolours gradually decreased, so the company took a step that innovated this product (saturation, pigment expansion and new packaging). Changes made to the product should have a positive impact on the volume of units sold and the gradual increase in market share. Furthermore, it is important that the company follows the new steps that are suggested based on the marketing mix. It is crucial that the company segment the market properly. In the Market Segmentation section, 11 categories are newly introduced. Brilliant watercolours are newly categorized as Creative, designed for a wide range of elementary art schools and creatives who are not satisfied with plain watercolours and products from ART category (professional products) are, in terms of price, inadequate to use. The new steps to introduce the product on the market include the costs that are reflected in the break-even point calculation. The resulting value is to show whether the payback time has been extended or shortened.
Processing of Final Accounts in a Business Corporation
The bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of accounting information at the end of the accounting period and on the composition of financial statements of an enterprise that did not wish to be named. The aim is to evaluate the financial position of the entity based on the financial statements. The first part describes the individual parts of closing entries and the financial statements. In the second part, the closing accounting operations from the company data are recorded, the accounting period is closed and the financial statements are processed. Financial statements consist of a balance sheet and a profit and loss account. The work does not deal with the notes to the financial statements. Information from financial statements is used to evaluate the entity's financial position. Evaluation is done by horizontal and vertical analysis and ratios. The analysis shows that the debt of the company is higher and is still slowly growing, therefore its reduction was recommended.
Financial analysis of the company
This bachelor thesis's main goal is to perform a financial analysis of the Company Lovato Electric Ltd. and the intercompany comparison. An aim of the bachelor thesis is to review financial situation of the Company Lovato Electric Ltd. and to draw up how to eliminate potential sources of inefficiency. The company's results were compared with selected companies. Next goal is to compare chosen company with intercompany comparison. The first part of the thesis defines the importance and objectives of financial analysis, users, the sources and the basic methods. Another part of the thesis was focused on the financial analysis of Lovato Electric Ltd. for 2013-2017 using basic methods: absolute indicators, ratio indicators, pyramid breakdown of return on equity, IN95, IN05 and Kralick's Quicktest. Then, an intercompany comparison was performed using a scoring method. The conclusion of the thesis is to evaluate the financial situation of the company and propose options to eliminate any inefficiency.
Analysis of Brewery Management
The thesis deals with the analysis of the management of the Dalešice brewery. The thesis is focused on the financial aspect of the company, which is analyzed by using financial analysis tools and the non-financial factors that influence the existence of the brewery. The results of the financial indicators are compared with the results of the whole brewing industry. Based on the analyzes, solutions are proposed to eliminate possible inefficiencies and recommendations for the future development of the brewery.
Financial Analysis of Komerční banka, a. s.
The main aim of the diploma thesis is to perform a financial analysis of Komerční banka, a. s. in sufficient time, to find out its capital adequacy and, in case of deficiencies, to propose measures that would lead to improvement of the situation. To meet this objective, horizontal and vertical balance sheet items, profit and loss account were prepared. In conclusion, the financial situation of the bank was assessed on the basis of selected ratio indicators. The results of all partial analyzes were correlated with the results of three competing banks and the entire banking sector for higher relevance.
Financial analysis of company focused on providing of services
This bachelor thesis deals with the financial analysis of a company which provides services to the construction industry. The aim is to evaluate the financial situation of the company and to assess its main sources of inefficiency. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the analysis of resources through financial analysis. The basic terms and methods of financial analysis are defined. The practical part presents information about the selected company including the provided financial data serving as a basis for performing the financial analysis of the company. Financial analysis is applied using the methods of absolute data analysis, direct ratio analysis and analysis of systems and aggregate economic indicators. The evaluation of the processed results of the indicators and the individual recommendations are presented in the results part of the bachelor thesis. The results of the financial analysis of SEJA CZ s. r. o. support the conclusion that after years of stagnation and the crisis year of 2014, the company once again regained its growth curve and became profitable for three successive years. Analyses of ratios and aggregate indicators such as Z-score and Taffler's model clearly confirm that the company has undergone a complex period, mainly in 2014, but is already on the right track with a long period of profitability and has to take advantage of the opportunities the company´s weaknesses to grow. The way to do that is to get long-term contracts, hire high-quality employees, gradually reduce debt, and diversify activities. To this end, guidance may be sought in the example of a comparable company which has become established in the field of supervision and evolution of construction projects.
Innovative Activity and Efficiency of Using the Factor of Labor in the Company
The diploma thesis is focused on the evaluation of the impact of innovation activities and their impact on labor productivity in the selected company. The theoretical part is dedicated to the literary review of terms like innovation, human capital, and efficiency. The practical part contains a description of the chosen company, financial analysis, and Human Resources management. The most significant innovations in the past seven years were selected for the examination of the influence on labor productivity.

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