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EU legislative process during and after Brexit.
The aim of this thesis is description of the EU legal process during and after Brexit. The thesis includes description of functioning of European Union institutions. Also, there is a description of the legislative process, a description of the course of the referendum on Brexit and a summary of the impacts, especially the economic ones. One of main themes of the practical part is the analysis of changes that will occur in institutions after the departure of Great Britain - what will be the new composition and what specific changes will happen here. In the practical part, the research question was set: How will the failure of the British mandate influence the course of voting in the EU Council? For finding answer on the research question, was made an analysis of legal acts which was approved by the ordinary legislative procedure 2014-2018. There is a special focus on the UK position during the vote analysis. The analysis is based on data that comes from the EU portal, which allows access to EU law - Data was collected and divided by reference years and by the country's position.
Development Activities of Town of Lomnice nad Lužnicí
The theme of my diploma thesis is Development Activities of Town of Lomnice nad Lužnicí. The main gain of my thesis is to evaluate activities of the selected period and to elaborate the development activities for the future according the variability of financial resources. I choose the period between 2011- 2018. Conclusions of this diploma thesis can also serve the current management of the town. It could provide them with an overview of the town´s economics situation and its development.
Obce Plzeňského kraje v roce 2016
Krajská správa Českého statistického úřadu v Plzni
Publikace obsahuje dostupná statistická data za obce Plzeňského kraje. Údaje jsou zpracovány za tyto úseky: výměra půdy, demografie, trh práce, organizační statistika a bytová výstavba zpravidla v časové řadě 2008 až 2016. Kromě zdrojů Českého statistického úřadu jsou využita data Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí a Českého zeměměřického a katastrálního úřadu. Publikace je doplněna abecedním seznamem a číselníkem obcí, částí obcí a územně technických jednotek.
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Ethical Context of Social Business
ŠAMATOVÁ, Gabriela
The bachelor thesis deals with social business. It is described as a relatively timeless business direction that reflects the ethical foundation of society. It looks at the phenomenon of meaningful work at a deeper scale of general well-being and underlines the trend of globalization in contrast to the ever-increasing need for the community dimension of human life. It focuses on the question of motivation of entrepreneurs in the social business territory and the direction towards reflection in the level of the current "labor dialogue". I deal with the context of the value of work for a person who is in a difficult life situation. The goal of the thesis is to introduce social business as a dynamic tension going beyond the earnings to ethical values and social well-being.
Analysis of economic development in 2017
Český statistický úřad
Analýza ekonomického vývoje pro tuzemský trh za rok 2017 v porovnání s ostatními státy EU.
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Intersubjectivity of economic knowledge: Ukraine and Czechia
Kolomoiets, Maksym ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Blokker, Paulus Albertus (referee)
Topic of work is an intersubjectivity of economic knowledge. Work is descriving the process, how is intersubjective economic knowledge may be manifested and legitimized in speech by lay individuals. In general, knowledge is presented as created, redacted and legitimized during the process of speech as an ongoing activity, intersubjective symbols are used as tools to proclaim itself. In the theoretical part, broad overview of sociological theories of knowledge are presented, and the research question was conceptualized by the terms of constructivist approach of Berger and Luckmann. Lay knowledge was manifested as mix of referring four modes of reasoning: economical rationality, societal rationality, habitual and doxic knowledge, discourses. Overemphasizing one of the mods leads to reducing the legitimity of manifestation, the process of balancing between modes is described. In addition, paper proposes suggestion of differences in intersubjective knowledge between Ukraine and Czechs, and discusses the possibilities of further research.
The Politics of International Sanctions and their Influence on Economy of Particular Countries - Case of Russia and Iran
Poč, Marek ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Miková, Ivana (referee)
Sanctions are one of the ways in which individual states or the international community can enforce their rights and interests. They can vary from banning travel to boycott and embargo affecting the entire country's economy. The sanctions have recently been practiced primarily by the European Union and the United Nations, and by the United States in case of particular countries. The topic of this work is international sanctions against Russia and Iran. Both countries have been in conflict with the international community in recent years, and both countries were punished. In the case of Iran, there were concerns about the use of the Iranian nuclear program for military purposes, the main objective was to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Russia has been the subject of sanctions as a result of violations of international agreements and international law on the basis of the occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea and the development of the military conflict in the East of Ukraine. The thesis describes the reasons, course and impact of sanctions imposed on Iran and Russia, the Iranian and Russian economies and their representatives. At the same time, it seeks to assess the impact of sanctions both in the economic sphere and in terms of changes in the political direction of both countries.
Evaluation of the Economy of the Selected Town
Ščurkevič, Marek ; Janáč,, František (referee) ; Pernica, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is targeted on the economical situation of the town Hranice,. It evaluates if municipal funding is being used effectively. It defines municipal and some of state authorities. It is explaining problems, which are causing indepthness of Czech municipalities and cities. In conclusion this bachelor work is also targeting to create suggestions which will improve current situation of town Hranice. These suggestions should improve financial situation of the town and also it’s affluence.
Generation of Energy Using Renewable Resources
Vrbka, Martin ; Langerová, Petra (referee) ; Froehling, Kenneth (advisor)
Tato bakálářská práce se zaměřuje na výrobu elektrické energie za pomoci obnovytelných zdrojů. Existuje nespočet faktorů vztahůjících se k obnovitelné energii. Nicméně na tyto aspekty je většinou pohlíženo spíše individuálně, než jako na celek. Tudíž se tato práce pokouší obsáhnout většinu významných aspektů jež jsou spojeny s výrobou energie za pomoci obnovitelných zdrojů a organizuje je v jeden logický celek. To je uskutečněno představením obecného popisu technologie jako takové stejně jako výsledných dopadů použitých systémů.
The Merger of Třeboň Municipal Spas - An Assess
The aim of this bachelor thesis is an evaluation of a fusion of the Municipal Spa Třeboň Ltd. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on an introduction of the issue, the characteristics and aims of a project of restructulisation of the fused spa companies. This part defines the theoretic-methodological outcomes necessary for processing the practical part. Furthermore, the town of Třeboň is described as well as the historical facts about a development of balneology in Třeboň that confirm technological justification and thus also prospects of balneology there. There is also an outline of the newly established Slatinné lázně Třeboň (Peat Spa Třeboň Company Ltd.), providing balneological services, spa capacity and economic situation of the Spa before and after the fusion. The practical part is based on a secondary data analysis, where the data are from 2014-2016 and from 2017 which is after the fusion, aimed at the spa results numbers of clients, their structure according to obtained services as well as an average length of their stay. Furthermore, the economic data describing the company results which are taken from accessible sources and straight from the Peat Spa Třeboň Company Ltd. For a fusion evaluation, also a quantitative and qualitative research was implemented, aimed at obtaining an insight into a social reality through the questionnaire research. Also the data obtained from a client feedback system "AskNow" gathered by the company were used. The following part of the thesis is based on a statistic confirmation of the real capacity and especially of economic development while adhering to a general progress of technical and medical standards that confirm the processed data by SWOT analysis. The bachelor thesis attempts to back the justification of the fusion also from the point of view of the Czech Medical Balneology which is based on a necessity of more financial sources than those provided by the state medical care. This necessity of financial support is available for a subject strong in economy and capacity. The Peat Spa Třeboň Ltd. has become such a subject after the implemented fusion, with a perspective of further development and gaining a strong position from the point of view of general technological and economic activities among the leading spa institutions in the Czech Republic, based on the patients´ interest in the procedures and services of the Municipal Spa Třeboň.

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