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The controversy surrounding Transgas administrative buildings in the context of socialist period historic conservation of architecture
Pilařová, Zdislava ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Tomalová, Eliška (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the case of demolition of the Transgas administration buildings in 2015-2019 which evoked a broad discussion among specialist as well as public community. The Transgas buildings built in Vinohradská třída, Prague 2, are presented in the work in context with the development of the Czechoslovak architecture and urbanism of the second half of the 20th century. Concrete influences and circumstances that influenced the construction of the buildings and their architectural style ranging between brutalism, high-tech and postmodernism are described. The work focuses on the analysis how the process of declaring of the Transgas to be the architecturally valuable object proceeded and shows at the same time the controversial opinions expressed by the expert community. The bachelor thesis points to the crisis of temporary landmark protection policy by which the Ministry of Culture as well as other authorities of landmark protection refuse to protect the valuable piece of architecture because it represents the socialist era, which, as it is in the case of the Transgas, may lead as a result to the demolition of a valuable object. Keywords Transgas administrative buildings, landmark protection, architecture, socialism, brutalism, high-tech
Chess inspired by cubism
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design chess pieces with a playing board whose shape will be inspired by Cubism. The theoretical part deals with the historical background of Cubism, especially on the territory of Bohemia and its projection into architecture and applied art. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the development of chess and the function of individual pieces. The practical part consists of designing procedures, sketches and technological procedures for the production of chess board and pieces.
Gargoyles of the European cathedrals, their origin, and their meaning
KREJČOVÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor thesis deals with the origin and meaning of gargoyles as well as traditional mythology, where it explores the sources of inspiration for their creation. The work presents examples of the European steel cathedral builders' works, by means of which they describe the way of creation and creation of gargoyles in the environment of the stoneworks. It also looks at the history of gargoyles in architecture, taking into account their symbolic meaning as part of the Gothic cathedral. The practical part refers to the theme of the work, which follows the aesthetics and function of the original gargoyles. The work is made in 1: 3 scale, using clay modeling and subsequent firing. The thesis contains complete photo documentation related to theoretical and practical parts and sketch material.
The church of Saint Martin in Bernartice. Its building history and typology.
The church of St Martin in Bernartice in South Bohemia is one of the oldest buildings in the area. Despite the assumption that the origins of the church lies in the activity of Milevsko workshop, attempts to determine the time of its construction more accurately have so far been unsuccessful. The aim of this bachelor thesis is presenting a detailed description of the construction history and analysing the architectural elements in order to confirm the Milevsko workshop's activity in the construction process. Bachelor thesis an attempt to place the building into a broader context within typology and style in.
The hunting as a theme of a nobel representation and its display in a equipment of the Czech hinting lodges.
The diploma thesis concerns with issues of the hunt as a part of the nobleman representation and its image in facilities of the Czech hunting chateaus. The introductory chapters of this these describe the phenomena of hunt, its evolution and its image in fine art. These chapters are subsequently filled in iconographical drafts, which helped to form the shape of the decoration of chateaus. The core of the thesis are chapters concern with theme of the hunting architecture and artistic evaluation of the group nobleman hunting residences. Specifically, these are chateaus Svaty Hubert, Humprecht, Diana, Ohrada and Kozel. In the final chapters the author introduces an issue of nobleman representation. Into its context he situates the theme of hunt and pieces of fine arts connected with it. These chapters also contain a few examples of the aristocrats who knew how to use the hunt for their personal representation. For illustration is this thesis amended by picture attachment.
"Music Scene" - a concert hall for the city of Brno
Jaroň, Ján ; Žalmanová,, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
Theme of diploma thesis is „Music scene“ - a concert hall for city of Brno. Thesis consists of architectural study of concert hall including foyer, functional and service spaces. Capacity of Hall is 724 spectators divided in three floors of auditorium and can host up to 85 of orchestral musicians and 50 members of choir. Concept makes architectural study, which respect surrounding buildings but creates interesting space.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Kubačka, Jan ; Kopáčik,, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with urban study of revitalization of complex of former film studios on an area of approximately three kilometers south of the center of Zlín, in the town district which is called Kudlov. The complex has been constructing since the thirties of the last century, however nowadays it is no longer determined to its original function. In this thesis, the optimalization of current state, the completion of several building and the area expansion of the park on the West are designed. Great emphasis was given on the largest possible multi-functionality, in addition to the main function of living in apartment houses, the area is complemented by commerce, leasable manufacturing facility, an outdoor sport complex and the already mentioned park. The urban concept reflects the traditional urbanism of the city of Zlín, it means a periodical grid of structure and a unity of shapes and materials.
Communication when negotiating a construction contract
Pelčák, Svatopluk ; Plesník, Zdeněk (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The main objective of the Diploma thesis is to create and analyze marketing researches and evaluate its possibilities of application in reality. There are marketing and communication basics, alongside with brief introduction to Baťa’s Zlin listed in the theoretical part. The practical part of the thesis is focused on defining the methodology of the marketing researches, including its analysis. Based on these information there is a conception created. The main reason to create this conception was rising amount of houses, which are being repaired regardless of its historical value and city regulation. This concept is therefore focused on creation of alternative plan on – how to preserve unique urbanistic character of functionalistic garden city of Zlin.
Brno brownfields by the Svitava river
Macháček, Tomáš ; Ležatka,, Lukáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
The theme of the diploma thesis „Brno brownfields by the Svitava River“ Is design of contemporary city structure in Brno Husovice. The theisis deals with the analysis of the current situation, definition of problems and opportunities in the location and the design, based on these researches. Studied area is located on the riverbank of the Svitava River and is defined by Provazníkova, Dukelská třída and Svitavské nábřeží streets. In these days there are mostly located brownfields of the previous industry parks, storage spaces and development of family houses. The design puts emphasis on the gentle merge with the urban structure of the old Husovice and focuses on using modern architectonic and urban approaches as well, for example on multifunctionality of buildings. The riverbank is revitalised and attractive features are designed here, like the footbridges conneting both river sides and sittable stairs. These designs provide space for leisure time and a water control during the floods as well. The traffic solution is concerned on the design of the new Nová Dukelská street, connecting formerly Zbrojovka industry park and Provazníkova street.

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