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Cultural functions and services of geodiversity within urban areas (with a special regard on tourism and recreation)
Kubalíková, Lucie ; Bajer, A. ; Drápela, E. ; Zapletalová, D. ; Kirchner, Karel ; Balková, M. ; Zágoršek, K. ; Kuda, František ; Roštínský, Pavel
Geodiversity (or abiotic nature) within urban areas has numerous functions and offers various benefits and services. In addition, it has strong links to cultural heritage and historical aspects and it influences and is influenced by urban development and planning. The geodiversity functions and services can be sorted according to the ecosystem services approach: regulating, supporting, provisioning and cultural services. The last mentioned includes a wide spectrum of aspects (spiritual, religious, historical, archaeological, social, artistic, sense of place etc.) and besides this, it encompasses also the tourist and recreational functions which are (in some cases) unexplored and underestimated in urban areas. The paper presents examples from two different Czech cities – Brno and Liberec. Selected geocultural sites are described and assessed and specific proposals for tourist, recreational and educational use are outlined. The results of evaluation show that they can represent an interesting alternative to the traditional tourist destinations within urban areas.
New South District and its Connection to Svratka
Čech, Richard ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis is based on the urban design of a selected part of the South Quarter, which was the subject of a pre-diploma thesis in 2018, whose main concept was to use the potential of the flowing river Svratka to define the borders of the "Brno Island" by creating a water canal around the perimeter of the area. Water creates the boundary between city ties and the island, which provides a unique opportunity to create architecturally interesting buildings and create an interesting environment for life with almost direct contact with water in the center of Brno. The thesis deals with the architectural study of the selected block of the "Brno Island". It is an apartment building with rentable space in the parterre. The main architectural concept consists in transforming the natural form of the river bay into an architecturally formulated mass that creates a unique living environment. The character of the parterre resembles the stone coast on which the dwelling is built, which is not trying to compete with this environment, nor to thematise itself, but fit into such a conceived landscape.
Brno Trade Fairs Future
Beltiukov, Ilia ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
The architectural project of Exhibition Hall is located in a part of Brno-Pisárky, in northern area of BVV. The objective of the land-use planning and architectural proposal was to integrate the Hall in proximity to the second entry of BVV. The pavilion is situated on the primary northen axe, which perpendiculary join the pedestrian bridge. The binding foot-bridge is used for path between the entry of BVV and the western entry into the exhibition section. Surrounding the building is situated green park. There are open areas for pedestrian, tree-hemmed paths and relaxation spots around the entire building. The exhibition hall combines four basic parts: the western entrance connected with the pedestrian bridge, public part, storage part and the multi-purpose exhibition space in between. There are two-floor restaurant and snack bars with an open view to the south part of BVV, in particular to the Hall Z. The pavilion was concieved as a ruled rectangular volume. The creative proposal was to involve the ruled surface geometry, which is formed by connecting two curves with a series of straight lines and covers the entire building. The outer curtain wall is implied «the Curtains», reveals a lightness and airiness by dynamic effect. Geometrical curved profiles clearly point the basic entry spaces outside the exhibition hall. The western entry section allows two different points of entrance: from the pedestrian bridge to the first level and from the ground level. In time of trade fairs there are possibilities to use industrial doors along northern and southern elevations as a secondary entrances. There is a lobby space with the monumental staircase in the centre of public section. The circular shape of staircase rises towards atrium. A collaboration of atrium and natural lighting optically extends and makes easier the foyer space. In addition to the trade fairs, the multi-purpose exhibition hall permits diverse possibilities of using – in time of cultural and sports events u
Microscopic Simulation of the junction Malá Amerika
Horák, Michal ; Mikolášek, Igor (referee) ; Všetečka, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the modeling of traffic flow in several variants of the transport network. Variants are modeled in Aimsun. Current status data was obtained by field observation. In the created models, the traffic flow of both current and future traffic intensities is simulated. Based on the outputs of the simulated operation, the variants are assessed. The proposed variants are compared and the most suitable arrangement chosen.
Extension of the oncology centre of The University Hospital Brno - rough substructure
Gottvaldová, Denisa ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the construction and technological solution of the rough substructure stage of The University Hospital Brno oncology centre. The thesis content is a technical report of the construction and technological project, construction site equipment, design of the machine assembly, transport routes solution, technological regulation for micropiles implementation, control and test plan, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, line budget, timetable.
Analysis and Proposal for the Use of Brownfields in the Former Premises of Technické služby Brno
Strážnický, Radek ; Schmeidler, Karel (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of brownfields. One of the main goals of the thesis is to design the most suitable use of a particular brownfield in the city of Brno. The subject of this diploma thesis is the proposal for the use of brownfield Former technical services area, which is located in the city part Trnitá. The design solution is based on analyzes of the given locality and is processed in three variants. These options are subsequently evaluated for their actual implementation costs and expected return assumptions
Public facility centers in panel housing estates
Zvolská, Tereza ; Vrbka, Jan (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Public facility centers were built at every housing estate as a background for a quality life, but they are not given much attention nowadays. At the same time, their central location, certain architectural qualities and load-bearing structure are good input attributes for the site's development. In my diploma thesis, I chose one such complex in Brno-Řečkovice to show on how to revitalize such objects. I make it a full-fledged part of the city district and at the same time a space that cerate its center.
All´s Well That Ends Well: Architecture of Palliative Care
Vítková, Kateřina ; Sládek, Martin (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Can architecture ease the departure of people and their loved ones and remove or at least alleviate the stigmatization and taboo of death? The aim of this work is to design an ideal space for palliative care. The aim is not to design another hospice, or home for the elderly people, which has been designed and built more or less enough (see Analytical section). The task I set out was to accommodate this space on the basis of its broad context, to focus on the right urban location, operational content, relationships with and around, linking, opening, ... but also the very idea of death, leaving parting. The theme of palliative care is very complex and societal, which is reflected in its own design, which represents a new model of palliative care architecture. Palliative Care Center.
Kindergarten at the Obilní trh in Brno
Walter, Jaromír ; Cahel, Tomáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
Subject of my bachelor thesis was creating suitable building for kindergarten in Brno-City, near Obilni Trh square. Given parcel was situated opposive of Obilni Trh's square and was created partially by destruction of buildings during World war 2. Subject building's design consists of areas suited for Kindergarten, areas for renting and underground parking. Building is situated further away from the street line to create optimal setting for kindergarten and to offer space for city services.
Multifunctional house on the Francouzská street in Brno
Vrtílek, Osvald ; Krejsová, Aneta (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The Bachelor's Thesis is based on the architectural study completed during the second year of the bachelor's studies. Its aim was to design an apartment building with second use by my choice. I've chosen a commercial spaces – a small space for store on the ground floor and a versatile studio on the top floor. On the other floors there are four single flat units with a loggy and a balcony, two bedrooms and spacious common room. Every flat has a cellar in a basement. Versitale studio offers facillities for artists or offices. It contains one big room with multifunctional use with an extensive roof terrace with a view into neighbourhood. The shop spaces are located to the first floor and has a entrance right form the street. Nowadays offers a lot of possibilities to use such small spaces enriched by a store and staff facilities. The building is located in the centre of Brno on the Francouzská street, which connects with Milady Horákové street. Currently there is a single-storey building, that replaced a former apartment building. Because of that, there became a gap site between other multi-storey buildings. The design tries to keep the principles of surrounding buildings by its form. This is guaranteed by the external spaces of each flat and by following the frontage line – the building reacts to it by its form of gentle curve on its facade.

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