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Ethical issues of assisted reproduction with emphasis cryopreservation methods
Zajíčková, Markéta ; Haškovcová, Helena (advisor) ; Křepelka, Petr (referee) ; Teplá, Olga (referee)
Human infertility is not a new phenomenon, but it is as old as humanity itself. Currently in most developed countries, the number of couples who have a problem with childbearing is growing. This is due, among other things, to the lifestyle associated with career development and postponement of parenthood. While in the past infertile couples usually had only two options to deal with their sterility - childlessness and a substitute life program, or adopting a child. Today, infertile couples have a third option and this is the treatment of infertility using assisted reproduction methods. This year, exactly forty years have elapsed since the birth of the first child by means of extracorporeal fertilization. Already then the assisted reproduction was considered a method that is ethically problematic. Numerous specialists, such as physicians, biologists, lawyers, philosophers, theologians, and others, have been involved in the quest for ethical issues. Not only there has been no solution to some problems during the whole lifetime of assisted reproduction on which most experts and the general public would agree, but with the gradual development of this treatment method new problems have arisen. Today's stage of development of artificial insemination techniques and procedures together with modern...
Protection of the privacy of patients in Gynaecology and Maternity department
Zajíčková, Markéta ; Haškovcová, Helena (advisor) ; Zelenková, Jana (referee)
This presented master's thesis deals with the protection of the privacy of patients in hospitals. This thesis is divided into two chapters. The first one is called Literature part, and deals with the explanation of such terms like patient, description of the relation between a patient and a doctor, and description of historical development of this relation. It also deals with the problems connected with the stay of patient in hospital and with explanation of the term of privacy. It is interested in protection of privacy in Czech legislative norms and profession ethics codeces, witch are connected with the rights of patients. The second chapter is Practical part and it describes the process of determination of the real status of the protection of privacy of patients at Gynaecology and Maternity of one hospital in the Czech Republic.There were used the technics of quantitative research for gathering datas from this department such as questionnaire, observation and unformal dilogues. This research was aimed at two populations The first one was formed by paramedics and the second one by patients. This research coclusion was that all the paramedics taking part in this project, know the etics codex The Rights of Patients, but almost half of them does not know the document The Convention on Human Rights and...
Managerial competencies
Zajíčková, Markéta ; Fejfarová, Martina (advisor) ; Sylvie, Sylvie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with managerial competencies, which knowledge and control are signs of the superior performance manager. The theoretical part of the work is supported by the literature study. In several chapters there are summarized and characterized basic topics related to competences in general, competencies in the manager's job, competency models and integration of competency models to companies. In the practical part there is collected a list of general competencies from various sources that are typical for store manager position. Subsequently the synthesis of these competencies is performed to the several thematic blocks. Using questionnaires are detected relevant competencies for store managers who contribute to the achievement of excellent business results. On the basis of these informations is created preliminary competency model for the position of store manager Mr. Baker units which is including a description of the level of all individual competencies. The final stage is a validation of the resulting preliminary competency model using expert judgment. The result is a competency model for store manager Mr. Baker Bakery unit which is ready for implementation and use in practice.
Zhodnocení ujmutí výsadeb v zámeckém parku v Lednici
Zajíčková, Markéta
This bachelor thesis is focused on the quality checks in new established plantings considering the quality of planting material such as the execution of the work. In the theoretical part the reasons of the current unsatisfactory situation are discussed and following conclusions are drawn. Another big issue which this bachelor thesis is dealing with are the effects of those plantings on human psyche, social contacts or on its actual surroundings. In this part theoretical background used to analyze local climactic and pedologic conditions is described and explained. Using this method helped with determination of the suitable taxon and other important factors that tree nurseries need to fulfil. In the practical part the new established plantings are evaluated. Data was noted according to newly created method. Results were marked into map materials using the ArcGIS program which led to several updates on the current maps. In the conclusion results are discussed and commented and following solutions, not only in the modal area but also global ones, are suggested.

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