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Origins and development of the Parliament of England up to the end of 15th century
Vovchuk, Oleksandr ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Seltenreich, Radim (referee)
Origins and development of the Parliament of England up to the end of 15th century Abstract This thesis is dedicated to the formation of the English parliament from the enactment of the Magna Carta to the onset of Tudor dynasty reign. It consists of an introduction, conclusion and 13 chapters; chapter 5 has also subchapters. The first chapter describes the origins of parliament's formation and its connection to the Witan and Great Council. The second chapter is dedicated to the period of John's reign, which lead to the rebellion of barons and following that, the enactment of the Magna Carta. Afterwards, it examines provisions of the Magna Carta and its significance for English society and the development of parliament at the time. It also refers to the growing importance of the Magna Carta over the course of following centuries. The third chapter is concerned with the period of Henry's reign when the key importance was the revolt of barons under the leadership of Simon de Montfort. Simon de Montfort in order to secure his position of power summoned a parliament which consisted of, among others, representatives of towns and boroughs as well as knights of shires. Fourth chapter addresses development of parliament during the rule of Edward I which in this regard followed footsteps of Simon de Monfort and...
Comparison of a traditional dictionary description and a corpus of written Czech with regard to semantic prosody
Vovchuk, Oleksandr ; Cvrček, Václav (advisor) ; Hudousková, Andrea (referee)
Czech dictionaries were created in the pre-corpus era; it is thus clear that some of their entries don't take into account semantic prosody - the fact that some lexemes occur in particular contexts (consequences are always far-reaching or catastrophic, while intention can be both evil and noble). The aim of this thesis is to compare selected parts of a dictionary (randomly selected probe into Czech adjectives) with corpus material, define the extent of missing information in the current state of Czech language description and explore, how many per cent of information about entries is missing in contemporary dictionaries. We based our research on Slovník spisovného jazyka českého (Dictionary of Written Czech) and representative corpuses of written language SYN2005, or else SYN2010. Context analysis was carried out by means of statistical methods and collocation rates. The difference between dictionary definitions and information inferred from the corpus research could become a further guideline for creating a new dictionary (besides adding a whole range of new entries that are still missing in Czech dictionaries). Keywords lexicon, corpus, semantic prosody

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