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Modern technologies in the assessment and treatment of pelvic organ prolapse - experimental and clinical studies
Urbánková, Iva ; Krofta, Ladislav (advisor) ; Mašata, Jaromír (referee) ; Kachlík, David (referee)
This project has shown that pelvic organ prolapse is linked with maternal age and delivery-related injuries. Up to every eight women may have a symptomatic prolapse already one year after their first delivery. Moreover, those with muscle injury have a higher short-term risk of pelvic organ prolapse development. To improve our knowledge we further explored the potential of an ovine model for prolapse and vaginal surgery. We showed that many anatomical and morphological features and vaginal wall changes induced by specific lifespan factors (first delivery, artificial menopause, and hormonal replacement) are similar to what is observed in women. We further used this model for testing novel implants and mesh visualization techniques. We believe that the ovine model can be used in future research on pelvic organ prolapse pathophysiology and novel treatment modalities.t
The influences on the incidence of orofacial clefts in Czech Republic
Urbánková, Iva ; Dušková, Markéta (advisor)
Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common congenital developmental defects . Morphological character defect has severe negative functional effects on swallowing , breathing, chewing and speech formation . aesthetically , the This is a significant handicap facial triad that affects the most overall facial appearance . Approximately 15 % of children have a defect associated with other disabilities , but isolated defect is neither lethal nor associated with mental failure . It is clear that the defect is a problem both health psychological and socio-economic . Therefore , the issue of treatment of patients with cleft recognized worldwide as so important that in this respect works close international cooperation, which is also included Czech Republic . It should be emphasized that the solution to the question of facial clefts has in the Czech Republic long tradition whose beginnings are associated with on behalf of Professor František Burian and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Prague, where he is currently the Center for cleft defects . The Czech Republic has center two , one already mentioned in Prague and one in Brno.

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1 Urbánková, Irena
3 Urbánková, Iveta
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