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Organization of judiciary and the legal regulation of procedure in the Renewed Constitution
Berdárová, Jitka ; Adamová, Karolina (referee) ; Malý, Karel (advisor)
Resumé Renewed Provincial Constitution from the year 1627 is legal document, codification of provincial law, issued as a result of the White Mountain overthrow of uprising. This fact determinated considerably his character. Triumphal Emperor Ferdinand II. confirmed in it above all his position, the main purpose of the revision of the provincial law was the strengthening of the ruler's power. Fundamental and substantial changes brought Renewed Provincial Constitution especially in all areas of state, constitutional law and in political relations. The aim of ruler was to enhance his own position. As an absolutistic ruler became the sole holder of all state autority. The object of this work was mainly organization of justice and procedural law, because Renewed Provincial Costitution regulated not only the constitutional issues, but also codified provincial (nobility) law. Regarding the judiciary, it is necessary to distinguish the organization of the courts under the judicial system configuration and operation of the courts alone. In the first case, we can see some continuity with the previous establishment, continued to maintain the principle of personality. Organization of courts kept its previous character, courts have stayed divided according pertinence to the separated social groups. Disputes of the...
The crime of poachery in Czech provincial law
Mandík, Marcel ; Soukup, Ladislav (referee) ; Malý, Karel (advisor)
Name of the diploma paper: Tort of poaching in Bohemian municipal law Summary: This diploma paper attend to emergence of legal regulation of the tort of poaching in Bohemian lands. Is focusing principally on regulation in modern history, especially since Second World War. Solid description go down to half of 18th century. Explication start with contemporary legal regulation and continue since origin of Bohemian state to former times. In first chapter are principally defined basic terms and in detail analyse legal institute res nullius in relation to wildlife and fish. After that follows analysis contemporary legal regulation of the tort of poaching in penal, administrative and civil law. It also attend to generaly law policy and some institutes. Second chapter contain emergence of tort of poaching since origin of Bohemian state to half of 18th century. Third chapter is devote to law-making of monarchs Marie Terezie nad Josef II. Fourth chapter treat about long period since half of 19th century to half of 20th century. In these times were valid laws from half of 19th century with small changes in next century. Fifth chapter, first of all, attend to codifications within the scope of so-called právnická dvouletka (two-year law plan). This codifications are effect of communistic putsch. Sixth chapter talk about...

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