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Hrubý, Jan ; MAREK, Diviš (advisor) ; HOJDA, Petr (referee)
This bachelor theses are concentrated on Sergei Parajanov, one of the most distinctive film authors from the 20th century. With his unique author approach he created films which are very distinctive with their visual poetic. Thru analysis of the means of expressions of Parajanov core works, the theses focus on aspects which are typical mainly in visual means of expression and cinematography approach. The aim of this work is to show the uniqueness of the artistic vision of Sergei Parajanov and also of the film language he uses, which is the base of the most contemporary film productions.
Camera movement
Mach, Adam ; BRABEC, Jaroslav (advisor) ; MAREK, Diviš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the camera movement. The first part provides basic information about camera movement and its properties. It divides camera movements in terms of function and technology. It defines the differences between the static and the dynamic camera and deals with the camera's motion and long shot relationship. The second part consists from few examples of the use of camera movement in specific film segments. These examples are accompanied by a description of the camera's motion, timeline, and pictures representing a certain part of the shot for better illustration.
The image of nature in magical realism in cinema
Belicová, Klára ; MAREK, Diviš (advisor) ; HYNEK KRÄMER, Kristian (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to define the term ,,magical realism“ and reveal its main features. Based on that I choose four films that differ both in time and place of origin but share common magickorealistic tendency. The most important aspect of this research is the approach to representation of the nature and natural elements in these movies.
Image naturalness as a criterion in cinematography
Belica, Ondřej ; MAREK, Diviš (advisor) ; MACÁK, Jiří (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to search into methods of image stylization in feature films and silver screen reality transformation. We try to define fundamentals of "natural" image as a common aproach of cinematographers work. Also we summarize styzalition means used by cinematographers all over the world in history and present time in realationship to normal perception of visual reality. Part of the thesis is dedicated to eye-tracking study concentrating on human visual attention to selected artwork pieces
Transformation of the means of expression in the films of Steven Soderbergh during the transition from anolog to digital technology
Hudeček, Ondřej ; SMUTNÝ, Vladimír (advisor) ; MAREK, Diviš (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Transformation of the means of expression in the films of Steven Soderbergh during the transition from analog to digital technology" deals with the transformation of the creative approach in the works of Steven Soderbergh with the focus on the changes that the digital technology have brought. The birth of the digital technology from various authors' point of view is introduced for a complex understanding of the topic. The thesis doesn't deal with the technical comparison of the two technologies. Furthermore, the transformation of means of expression of Steven Soderbergh as the director, cinematographer and editor is described separately, as well as the overall transformation of his creative approach divided into three periods, and the anticipation of his future career. The operating methods are study of foreign and Czech literature, comparison of the aesthetic attributes and technical possibilities of the analog and digital technology, analysis of the films of Steven Soderbergh, content analysis and participant observation.

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