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Faults identification of AC windings in production process
Samek, Josef ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
In this paper stator manufacturing process of stator is described. Mainly description is aimed on winding, insulation and copper wire. Discussion about origin of insulation damage possibilities during manufacturing is included. Statistics survey about failure causes of stator revealed during manufacturing process and warranty claims is presented. One test method from list of market available winding tests is chosen - partial discharge; described in detail and applied on the correct stator and the damaged stator. Results are interpreted.
Electrical machine for wind power generator
Srna, Jan ; Chmelíček, Petr (referee) ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes analyse of transient and subtransient parts of short – circuit current. Values of synchronous generator short – circuit current were measured for lower voltage and subsequently recounted to its nominal values. The analyse is useful for machines without documentation and where is measurement of needed parameters necessary. Two methods coming out of the IEEE standard were used for identification reactances and time constants and after that these methods were compared between themselves. One of the method were created in program MATLAB, where measured short – circuit currents for each phase were handled. Values of time constants are used for simple model of synchronous generator created in toolbox of program MATLAB/SIMPOWER. This simulation verifies correctness of counting transient and subtransient analyses.
Magnetic field calculating of transformer by using conducting model
Bláha, Martin ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (advisor)
The paper deals with conductivE-resistive network. Use of this network is modeled transformer. The model is implemented in simulation program PSPICE and Simscape. To evaluace the results were used the values obtained using the finite element method. A simple model of the transformer has been replaced by rezistor network conductivity, which is divided into elements. According to these elements is a simplified model designed and analyzed
Electromagnetic field calculation of Induction machine for different mechanical load
Hetflajš, Martin ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (referee) ; Skalka, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with an analysis of the induction machine electromagnetic field distribution with real parameters. Whole analysis was done for three point of the mechanical load by finite element method in ANSYS. In the next part is described a basic theoretically research of the electromagnetic field and also preliminary survey of the numeric method for FEM. This thesis also contains an analysis of electromagnetic model of analyzed induction machine with detailed description of each analysis step and in conclusion the results summary was done.
Calculation of induction machine stray looses
Jirásek, Tomáš ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
The main goal of this thesis is a determination of an idle additional losses in an electric rotary machines and a calculation of these losses for induction machine. The additional losses are caused especially by the eddy currents on the surface of stator and rotor, further by a pulsation of these currents owing to the periodical change of air-gap permeance, magnetic induction in stator and rotor teeth and a differential leakage.
Optimization of the permanent magnet machine based on the artificial inteligence
Kurfűrst, Jiří ; Duroň,, Jiří (referee) ; Singule, Vladislav (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
The dissertation thesis deal with the design and the optimization of the permanent magnet synchronous machine (SMPM) based on the artificial intelligence. The main target is to apply potential optimization methods on the design procedure of the machine and evaluate the effectiveness of optimization and the optimization usefulness. In general, the optimization of the material properties (NdFeB or SmCo), the efficiency maximization with given nominal input parameters, the cogging torque elimination are proposed. Moreover, the magnet shape optimization, shape of the air gap and the shape of slots were also performed. The well known Genetic algorithm and Self-Organizing migrating algorithm produced in Czech were presented and applied on the particular optimization issues. The basic principles (iterations) and definitions (penalty function and cost function) of proposed algorithms are demonstrated on the examples. The results of the vibration generator optimization (VG) with given power 7mW (0.1g acceleration) and the results of the SMPM 1,1kW (6 krpm) optimization are practically evaluated in the collaboration with industry. Proposed methods are useful for the optimization of PM machines and they are further theoretically applied on the low speed machine (10 krpm) optimization and high speed machine (120 krpm) optimization.
Design, simulation and usability of the electric machine designed for the spinning bicycle
Sádlík, Jiří ; Huzlík, Rostislav (referee) ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis provides complete design of generator into a spinning bike. The issue of current development is solved and the analytical design of the generator is made. The software Maxwell is being used for the analysis and optimization. On the basis of the obtained results is designed a model and a design drawing of the generator. The end of the thesis deals with the issue of connecting the generator to the mains supply and price calculation of the investment return.
Design, optimization and full load circuit simulation of the surface mounted permanent magnet machine
Bláha, Martin ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (referee) ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with the possibility of using the finite elements method for the analysing of synchronous permanent magnets machines. The aim of this work is to discuss the possibility of the machine design more effectively with using the finite elements method and Maxwell software for the simulations. On the created parametric model, simulations were performed according to master thesis assignment. The aim of this work is to determine induced voltage, iron losses, machine inductances and make a permanent magnets demagnetization analysis. From simulations results the machine efficiency is calculated. The parametric model was used for the optimization of selected parameters. From results of optimization new dimensions of permanent magnets was obtained. Machine efficiency was increased by new permanent magnet material and optimized design.
Study of Power Plant Connection to Power Network
Sýkora, Martin ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
It is necessary to judge the influences of producers on the electric compounds while creating electrical energy or during the regulation of those existing. These analyses are sorted out by so called studies of connectivity. These calculations analyze the degree of connection of the producer and the standby unit during a break-down. The results of this report are several recommendations for creating such unit and succeeding steps leading to secure the stability and safety of the electric compound operation. The aim of this thesis is to discuss about software for PC solutions for static and dynamic network model, to draft power outlet into a network of generating high voltage, to complete a study of connectivity with respect to all the distortion factor, as increased voltage, inrush current at startup, flicker, harmonic currents, interference ripple, contribution to short-circuit current, reactive power control options, and demands for compensation.
FEA modelling of synchronous machine
Ficza, Tibor ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
Táto práca sa zaoberá s modelovaním synchronného stroja s permanentnými magnetmi pomocou metody konečných prvkov. K modelovaniu sme si zvolili 3 fázový synchronný stroj s permanentnými magnetmi na povrchu rotora z firmy VUES. Najprv vypočítame parametre stroja a potom spravíme statický model pomocou programu FEMM a Matlab a budeme hladať možné riešenia na 2D dynamický model. Pomocou programu Ansys Workbench spravíme 3D model tohoto stroja budeme a porovnávať výsledky simulácie.

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