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Reinforced concrete structure
Kučerková, Kristýna ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Šulák, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the construction of a multifunctional building on three floors, where shops will be located on the ground floor and offices are designed on the second and third floors. The ceiling slab is designed as reinforced concrete locally supported by columns, reinforced in both directions. To calculate the internal forces used Scia Engineer 1.18. To verify the accuracy of the results was used manual calculation. In the work is solved board on first floor and inner column. The work includes drawings of the slab and column reinforcement. The building is designed according to ČSN EN.
Design of various ways of carrying out the ceiling construction of a family house
Klust, Vojtěch ; Šulák, Pavel (referee) ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with the design of floor structure of detached house made in three variants. In the first variant floor structure is made by reinforced concrete two way slab. In the second variant floor structure is made by prefabricate prestressed concrete floor slab SPIROLL. The third variant is filigree floor slab which are then concreted. The thesis includes a structural design as well as drawings, All calculations were performed in accordance with applicable standard.
Design of concrete structures using modern composite materials
Badány, Kristián ; Januš, Ondřej (referee) ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (advisor)
In the first part, this work deals with basic information about non-metallic reinforcement and its general design, in the second part the prefabricated supporting wall is assessed. The support wall is designed in several variants: in the first variant for classical reinforcement reinforcement and in other variants it is for composite reinforcement. The entry of the support structure is the same for all variants. Calculation is processed by Fib Bulletin No. 40 and complies with ČSN EN.
Strengthening reinforced concrete column confined by FRP fabric
Kostiha, Vojtěch ; prof. Ing. Alois Materna, CSc., MBA (referee) ; Bilčík,, Juraj (referee) ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor)
The doctoral thesis deals with the strengthening of reinforced concrete columns by FRP fabric wrapping. Its aim is to describe the principles of confinement based on the analytical study, numerical simulations and the results of the experimental program. The description of the confinement philosophy is made with respect to the type of FRP material used. It was therefore possible to present a design process of confinement, which accurately predicts the behaviour of the confined columns. At the same time, some effects limiting the effect of confinement (e.g. the method of wrapping, the number of FRP fabric layers, the slenderness of the element, etc.) are included in the design. The dissertation also presents basic information about FRP material and its properties and gives an overview of design approaches of the FRP confined columns. The dissertation also pointing out the shortcomings of the design code ČSN EN 1992-1-1. The stated example highlights the significant variation in properties of confined concrete determined by selected approaches. This variation of properties complicates the design of this strengthening method. The experimental program was used to verify the basic principles of confinement and, through high columns, allowed a description of the behaviour in almost the whole range of interaction diagram. The conclusions of the work provide information on possible future research direction.
Prefabricated reinforced concrete hall with crane track
Velecký, Tomáš ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Požár, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on static solution of prefabricated reinforced concrete hall with crane runway. Specifically, the cross-section of the hall, which consists of rectangular columns and a T-profile reinforced concrete truss, is solved here. The load on the structure is transmitted to the subsoil by calyx-reinforced concrete pavements. The bachelor thesis deals with the design and assessment of individual structural elements. Elements are dimensioned according to ČSN EN 1992-1-1: Design of concrete structures - general rules and rules for building structures. In the drawing part of the bachelor thesis are drawn drawings of the assembly of parts, shapes and reinforcement of individual parts.
Static solution of reinforced concrete structure
Mašek, Petr ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Zlámal, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with study of feasibility of waterpark monolithic reinforced concrete structure with roof terrace. This structure has one underground floor, which has water park utility function and two above ground floors. On the roof is terrace with grass, mobile bar and with space to relax. Subject of this diploma thesis is the main loadbearing frame, which has span 32 m. The structure is assessed according to limit states of valid norms and also takes into account construction stages and time dependent analysis. The structure is calculated on beam and slab-plate structural models. Structural analysis and general drawings are done.
Precast concrete structure of production hall
Hradský, Richard ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Girgle, František (advisor)
The main part is design and calculation of the transversal frame of industrial building consisting of those parts (girder, column, foundation pad). Computational software SCIA ENGINEER is used for design, calculation and drawing of those forces, moments and stress of elements. The verify of the results and their accuracy is applied handdone static calculation of forces, moments and stress. The drawings of those elemenst will be producted by Computational and drawing software ArchiCAD.
Reinforced concrete flat slab with column head
Herold, Jakub ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Požár, Michal (advisor)
The theme of bachelor´s thesis is a concerns is static design of locally supported monolithic reinforced concrete slab with column head of underground garages at the lowest floor of the shopping center and static design of a typical column on the same floor. The design of the ceiling slab is done using software SCIA Engineer and the check is done by manual calculation using the method of cumulative moments. Column design was done by manual calculation. The design was followed according to the valid European standards ČSN EN 1992-1-1 and ČSN 73 1201. The result of the work is static design of the ceiling and renforced column and drawing documentation.
Tribune of football stadium
Weber, Jozef ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Švaříčková, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis was to design the precast reinforced concrete prefabricated structures of the football tribune. It was modernized sports center in Brno. According to the investor was determined the shape of the football tribune. It was compiled the design documentation. For the calculation of inner strengths was used the software Dlubal RFEM, which operates on the Finite Element Method - FEM. All elements have been designed for ultimate and serviceability limit state. My thesis contains textual part, inner strengths, static calculations, drawing documentation of composition of structure, drawing documentation of reinforcement and design documentation of the object.
Design of monolithic reinforced concrete slab of polyfunctional building
Benešová, Lenka ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (referee) ; Požár, Michal (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on the design and evaluation of monolithic ceiling slabs from the highest floors, beams and selected columns of multifunctional building. The result is a static calculation and drawings documetation.

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