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Modernization of the countryside connected with the establishment of collective farms in the Strakonice region
Jirsa, Jiří ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Randák, Jan (referee)
(in English): The subject of this thesis is the modernization of rural areas. I use the case studies of three villages (Třebohostice, Mečichov, Chrášťovice), with similar amounts of owned land and population sizes, to analyze this process. I approach the study as a micro-historical probe. The main sources of empirical material are the local chronicles and archival documents from the local governments (MNV and largely ONV Strakonice and OV KSC Strakonice). I supplement this "history from above" with oral history interviews, which I use to glean how collectivization was evaluated retrospectively and the ways in which it was seen as having contributed to the local communities. I map the impact of the emerging collective farms, whether positive or negative, on the development of the individual villages, and describe the changes that took place in them.
Collectivization of Agriculture in the Trebohostice Region: Changes in the Region and the Society in the Course of Rural Collectivization
Jirsa, Jiří ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Štolleová, Barbora (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis is concerned with the story of a small village in the southern part of the Czech Republic, and adjacent areas, during the process of collectivization. It is a micro- historical study based in part on sources available in the Strakonice district archive and in the private archive of the ZD Trebohostice farmers' cooperative, as well as an oral history project based on interviews with contemporaries. Using the examples of several nearby socialist cooperative farms, the study records and analyzes changes in management. However, it is also concerned with the stances that the local residents assumed to the changes brought about by collectivization, as well as with the changes in their perceptions over time. While the study includes the period just before collectivization, its main focus is on the post-collectivization period and on the repercussions of collectivization. The study also considers economy, its form and the changes it underwent over the years.
The Users'Rights in the Information Society
Jirsa, Jiří ; Kříž, Jan (advisor) ; Pítra, Vladimír (referee) ; Vychopeň, Martin (referee)
1 H. Summary The Users' Rights in the Information Society Dissertation thesis "The Users' Rights in the Information Society" focuses on the copyright exceptions and limitations (hereinafter referred to as copyright limitations) as an area which, in addition to the licensed use, affects users of copyrighted works in the most direct way. The term "users" is understood in the concept of this work, in accordance with foreign and Czech scientific literature, in a broad sense, covering also consumers of copyrighted works or users of digital content on the Internet. In the context of copyright limitations users are allowed to use copyrighted works on a non-contractual basis, without the consent of the author, either for free or in the form of a paid statutory license. Copyright limitations include a wide range of uses reaching from the quotations through the use for a private purpose to the so-called news reporting and governmental statutory limitations. The concept of users' rights (despite - as seen from a certain angle - its actual existence) has not been so far defined in the legal literature in a consistent manner. However it attracts an exceptional academic attention for its conceptual and strategic importance. The concept of users' rights represents - rather than a framework of real subjective rights - a...

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2 Jirsa, Josef
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