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Satisfaction of seniors in a residential facility of social services - in a senior home
Herčíková, Kateřina ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Satisfaction of seniors in a residential facility of social services - in a senior home" examined, compared and evaluated the satisfaction of seniors with care and life in a residential facility of social services. The aim of the work was to find out what main factors influenced the satisfaction of seniors with their lives in a senior home and whether their satisfaction differed depending on gender, age and length of stay. The theoretical part of the thesis explained the key concepts and legal definitions, from which the conditions for the life of seniors in various facilities in our country are derived. The topicality of the topic was emphasized due to the aging of the population on one hand and the increasing quality of medical care and thus the length of life on the other - it is clear that the population of seniors will grow and so will the need for health and social services. It also structured the forms of senior care in our country. The empirical part of the work covered the results of its own research and their comparison with the results of other similar works. Method: questionnaire survey - self-designed questionnaire. Results: 140 respondents from the original 156 respondents, ie 89.74%, participated in the research. Conclusions: The satisfaction of seniors depends...
The quality of life in patients with epilepsy
Duchoň, Jan ; Javůrková, Alena (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
Background: The bachelor's thesis deals with the subjective assessment of the quality of life in people with epilepsy by the screening questionnaire Patient Weighted Quality Of Life In Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE-10-P) in the Czech Republic. Objectives: The aim of this quantitative study was to assess the psychometric properties of the Czech version of the QOLIE-10-P questionnaire, to validate it on a sample of patients in the Czech Republic, to assess the influence of individual sociodemo- graphic and clinical variables on the quality of life of these patients, to determine, which of these variables predict quality of life and perform McCall's area transformation of Mean score and Final score QOLIE-10-P for clinical screening use in nursing practice. Methods: The study population comprised 608 patients from the Center for Epilepsy of the Neurological Department 2nd Medical Faculty Charles University and the Motol University Hospital, who met inclusive and exclusive criteria. All patients underwent neurological and neuropsychological examination and a QOLIE-10-P questionnaire was administered to them. For statistical data processing were used parametric and non- parametric tests, determination of internal consistency, test-retest reliability, factor analysis, linear regression and multiregression...
The quality of life of patients with atrial fibrillation
Nejedlá, Svetlana ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
Cíl: Cílem práce Kvalita života u pacientů s fibrilaci síní bylo zjistit, do jaké míry onemocnění zasahuje do kvality života pacientů a jak je ovlivňována kvalita života v souvislosti s věkem, pohlavím a formou tohoto onemocnění a rodinným stavem. Získaná data jsou dále také porovnána s daty běžné populace. Teoretická část práce obsahuje základní poznatky o tomto onemocnění, mechanizmus vzniku, léčbu, s ní související komplikace apod. Zavedení nových perorálních antikoagulancií do léčby oproti Warfarinu se jeví jako léčba s menšími komplikacemi a praktičtější pro pacienty. Nárůst katetrizačních výkonu také přispívá ke zlepšení kvality života pacientů. Metody: Vlastní šetření proběhlo formou dotazníkového šetření standardizovaným dotazníkem WHOQOL-BREF, který byl doplněn demografickými údaji respondentů a formou onemocnění s jakou je pacient léčen. Výzkumné šetření proběhlo v nemocnici ve Slaném, osloveno bylo 214 respondentů, z toho 123 pacientů bylo ochotno dotazník vyplnit. Výsledky vlastního šetření jsou prezentovány v tabelárních přehledech doplněných komentářem. Výsledky: Z dotazníkového šetření byla zjištěna mírně zhoršená kvalita života pouze v doméně "Fyzické zdraví" oproti běžné populaci, částečně ovlivnění kvality života pohlavím a formou onemocnění fibrilace síní. Závěr: Závěrem lze...
Proactive coping with life needs of students of nursing
Demeterová, Naděžda ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
Introduction: In connection with the changes in nursing practice in recent years, the ability to cope with the higher demands of life is becoming increasingly important. This bachelor's thesis is devoted to this ability: "Proactive coping with life needs of Students of Nursing." Objectives: The aim of the research is to map the proactive coping strategies with life needs of students of nursing. Sample and Methods: The research sample consisted of 79 students of the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and Pediatric care of the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. The mean age of respondents was 26 years. For our research survey we used the Czech version of the standardized questionnaire Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI) that is well adapted to the Czech environment. Results: There were no statistically significant differences found in most of the responses, although there have been some exceptions: Items 17, 46, 50 and 55 were essential, with significantly different responses between younger and older participants in the survey. Conclusions: For the further research detailed analysis of each strategy of proactive coping skills would be needed. The focus and the scope of the bachelor thesis does not allow deeper analysis of this subject. Keywords proactivity; stress; student of nursing; coping...
Rights and responsibilities of patients and their application in nursing practice
Černá, Zuzana ; Dvořáková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee)
A man who finds himself in the role of the patient does not lose his rights, but remains responsible for his actions. Most of the rules of cohabitation applies to patients as well as for everyone else, but lays out special privileges and obligations just for patients. These rules must be known to both patients and medical staff to be able to apply them in the context of nursing practice. The aim of the study was to explore the knowledge of rights and obligations in selected patients department Hospital Motol, which may affect their application in nursing practice. The research used a nonstandardized questionnaire in two versions, one for patients and one for health professionals (nurses). Professionals reported that patients rights know (76.7 %) or more know (20 %), only a small percentage of them (3.3 %) indicated that such rights are rather unknown. From the group of patients reported that they knew the law 42.9 %, other 28.6 % said they are more familiar, 17.1 % said that it is rather not known and 4 % do not know it at all. Although health workers from the observed group reported greater knowledge of patients' rights than patients themselves, for the application of those rights in nursing practice we consider important in both groups of participants knowledge of the nursing process, patient...
Harmonization family a working life of czech nurses
Kučerová, Dana ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
Background: The bachelor's thesis "Harmonization of family and work life of Czech nurses" deals with the possibility of reconciling family life with the demanding profession of nurse. Aims: The aim of the questionnaire survey was to find out how Czech nurses are able to manage shift work and family life. Another goal was to find out what share is divided between the division of leverage in their households and the subsequent care of the child. File and methods: Data collection took place in the University Hospital in Motol and in the Regional Hospital in Kladno, data was collected in an inpatient types and outpatient types of workplaces. The target group of respondents consisted of general and practical nurses. The Program Microsoft Excel was used to process the data and the program Statistica CZ 12 was used for the processing of basic statistical analysis and the elaboration of frequency tables. Results: The results showed that of the two hospitals surveyed, when the total number of respondents was 165 (70 respondents for ON Kladno and 95 respondents for Motol University Hospital), the division of household work is mostly in the hands of women, participants could express this part of the questionnaire in a percentage. Conclusion: Based on the results of the bachelor's thesis, I consider it...
Injury during provision nursing care
Škrabánková, Kateřina ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
When performing nursing care, injuries can ocur that can end anger the health of health care professionals. These injuries include not only injuries with a sharp object, which also brings the risk of infectious diseases, but also back pain wich is caused by heavy physical exertion. The aim was to determine the number of stab wounds and cuts injuries and the useing of protective equipment. The next aim was to find out how often is common the back pain to medical staff and the interest about training in the prevention of back pain. The questionnaire survey was conducted at the University Hospital in Motol and at the Thomayer Hospital in the Department of Geriatrics and Aftercare and pulomonary ,internal and neurology departments, and the target group of respondents were general and practical nurses and paramedics. A total of 429 questionnaires were entered. 235 completed questionnaires were included in the study it self Results: It was found out that in the last year there were a total of 79 stab wounds or cuts. The most common circumstances of a sharp object injury were the disposal of sharp objects, the respondents most often chose the answer "after the procedure" and the third most common circumstance was the preparation of the work aids. Back pain was confirmed by 80% of respondents, of which...
Psychological stress of selected group of nurses at work
Bayarmagnai, Uyanga ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focusing on perception psychic difficulties of nurses working at two surgical clinics which are Motol University Hospital and Královské Vinohrady University Hospital. The theoretical part of this thesis shall describe theoretical knowledge connected with solving problems and working difficulties of nurses. The emphasis is on psychic work difficulties and their subjective perceptions. In the empirical part there are introducing results from my own research, which has been done by Meister's survey format in January 2019. For compelling this survey participated 96 respondents. Purpose of this thesis is to get overview rate of subjective perception working difficulties of nurses. By the survey i found out that respondents responded that they have negative feelings about work difficulties connected with time press. From the results of factor analysis it turned out that respondents have not crossed line in relations of population norms for women's. That is the reason why it does not effect monotony and non specifically factors. During individual diagnosis been found that most of the respondents, which are 69,79 % (n=67), have ever experienced proportional psychic pressure. 30,21 % (n=29) respondents have experienced favorable pressure and none of them experienced unfavourable...
Factors affecting sleep of patients in selected surgical intensive care units
Dvorská, Jana ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
The Bachelor thesis "Factors influencing sleep in patients attended at selected surgical units of intensive care" is focused on finding the most frequent factors that negatively affect sleep of patients treated at selected surgical units of intensive care in University Hospital of Motol. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part provides a brief overview of sleep and its disorders, investigation of sleep quality and its treatment. Furthermore, attention is paid to the most common factors affecting sleep. In the empirical part of the thesis, the methodology of data collection, organization of the survey itself and the method of data processing are described. An anonymous questionnaire survey was used to collect the necessary data. The target group of respondents were patients hospitalized at selected surgical units of intensive care at University Hospital of Motol. Keywords Sleep, Sleep Wake Disorders, Patients, Hospitalization, Hypnotics and Sedatives, Noise, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)

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