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Metals in atmospheric particulate matter
Barboříková, H. ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Hegrová, J. ; Pokorná, Petra ; Krajčovič, J.
Atmospheric pollution is one of the most serious global enviroment problem. Metals constitute important class of pollutants which have received athe attention of researchers all over the world. Metals have strong potential to be adsorbed on particulate matter and than enter the human body through inhalation causing several health issue (asthma, lung cancer).
Oxidative potetial of atmospheric aerosol as indicator of ROS formation
Barboříková, Hana ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Hegrová, J. ; Krajčovič, J.
Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) affects our environment especially human health because it contains many toxic chemical substances. The purpose of this study is to determine a total content and a soluble fraction of selected metals and also the contribution of metals soluble in pulmonary fluids to a total oxidative potential of PM.
A simple device for quantitation of Caspase 3 in individual apoptotic embryonic cells
Hegrová, Jitka ; Klepárník, Karel ; Přikryl, Jan ; Lišková, Marcela ; Matalová, Eva ; Foret, František
A newly developed system for the determination of Caspase 3 activity in individual apoptotic embryonic cells is described. Caspase 3, a cysteine-aspartic acid protease activated in the apoptotic pathway, plays an essential role in the programmed cell death. Moreover, failure of apoptosis is one of the main contributions to tumor development.
Photolithographic technique for controlled fabrication of metal structures
Jusková, Petra ; Hegrová, Jitka ; Foret, František
We are describing two strategies for controlled (geometry and dimension) preparation of metal micro-nano structures. Both techniques are based on photolithographic processes with selective pattern transfer. First technique utilizes agarose gel containing photosensitive silver chloride as the photosensitive layer. Silver structures are formed after irradiation of the gel through the photolithographic mask which defines shape of the resulting structures. Second approach utilizes photolithographic process to form particles from vacuum deposited thin metal layer deposited over soluble sacrificial layer.

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1 Hegrová, Jitka
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