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Project Planning: Saint Martin’s Party in Jihlava
Morkus, Luboš ; Flusserová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kořenář, Václav (referee)
Department: Department of Econometrics Supervisor: Ing. Lenka Flusserová This bachelor thesis is subdivided into two parts, the theoretical part on the one hand and the practical part on the other. The first part comprehends the basic definitions of project management terms as well as a network analysis such as CPM, MPM and PERT analysis. Further the project management programme MS Project 2010 will be described and explained which was of use later on for the practical part. The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to illustrate the planning process around the Saint Martins Party in Jihlava.The practical part contains all necessary analysis such as a systematic list of all pieces of work, a time analysis, a risk analysis, the definition of the critical price, the projects outcome, the projects financial performance as well as a list of sources.
Project planning: Professional growth in a multilevel society
Pražák, Petr ; Flusserová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kuncová, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis is divided into two major parts. History, basic notions and theoretical procedures for project management are described in the first part. One chapter also deals with basic functions of computer programme Microsoft Office Project 2007. With use of this programme is created a project in the second part of the bachelor work. The most important methods depicting in theoretical part are also used in the project. The result of practical part is well -- arranged organization of businessman activities, whose main effort is to achieve high position in a company. Each of businessman activities has fixed time, its predecessor also its source, that belongs to given activity. Therefore, time analysis, cost analysis and analysis of resource analysis are well measurable. We come to the conclusion that this project can be applied in practise, although it's simplified for the bachelor purposes.
Selected models of inventory and their solution in the MS Excel
Fabian, Martin ; Kořenář, Václav (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
Supplies are in the economy seen as wastage. Economic subject are therefore trying to create conditions in which inventory level is as low as possible. The area of inventory control includes many models for calculation of the optimal values of the ordered quantity, minimum costs etc. For example price discount model or model with the possibility of temporary lack of inventory in store. The computational complexity of these models is not difficult, because there are many simple formulas. The theoretical part describes selected inventory model in more details. The practical part, which is prepared in MS Excel using macros and VBA for Excel, follows up it and shows the application of models in practice.
Festival of contemporary popular music
Lörinc, Jan ; Flusserová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
This Bachelor's work deals with project management and planning real project. First part is theoretic. There are explained and described the basic concepts, listed organizational structure and interested parties, described procedures for project management and designed the project life cycle phases. In second, practise part is described the real project. This is a music festival organization with a fixed date of implementation. Everything is written in MS Project. Some outputs from the program are show here.
Optimal composition of groceries for mountain trip
Fesenko, Anastasiya ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
This work is aimed towards the application of knapsack problem in practical example of packing of groceries for mountain trip. The knapsack problem is one of the tasks of integral programming; those are the models that can only variably accept the integral value. The solutions of integral tasks are usually very meticulous. That is why for their solution special algorithms were created, which are capable of discovering an integral solution of such tasks, for example, branch and bound method, Balas method etc. These types of algorithms are defined in the first part of this work. While writing this thesis a considerable emphasis was put into application of its result in practice. Hence, for achieving applicability practical tasks are solved from various angles and therefore various aims have been set forth in each solution option. The results of each option are interpreted and then the differences are explained.
Project planning: Activation wave of Pickwick’s new products
Jiroutová, Aneta ; Flusserová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with managing projects from their theoretical as well as practical point of view. The theoretical part explains basic terms, fundamentals and procedures of managing projects including some concrete methods of net analysis. Briefly is also explained the application MS Project, a program that supports projects' planning. Practical part is focused on planning of a real project s with an activation wave of Pickwick's new products theme. Project shows the visibility and sales promotions of tea news from marketing point of view when finance and time are limited. This project also includes a Gantt chart with its critical path, simultaneously are done costs, sources and risks analyses. For processing and project description in practical part was implemented MS Project 2007.
Project Planning: Opening the Italian foodstuffs shop
Jeřábková, Eva ; Flusserová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kořenář, Václav (referee)
The work is focused on planning the project aiming at opening the Italian foodstuffs shop. In the theoretical part the main terms and definitions in project management are explained and the most frequent methods being used in project management are described. The practical part is concentrated on the project itself. For project planning the application Microsoft Office Project has been used. The periods of project duration and the total costs having been found out are compared with the trader demands and the decision concerning the project realization is taken.
Project management – practical application – the sewerage system construction
Rejmanová, Veronika ; Kuncová, Martina (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a plan of real-life project of sewerage system construction in Proseč municipality with the assistance of MS Project 2007 programme. The first, theoretical part contains explanation of basic terminology used in project management as well as a description of important analyses utilized in project management. One method of network analysis - Critical Path Method (CPM) - is also mentioned. Last but not at least, the MS Project programme, in which projects can be processed, is introduced. The practical part of the thesis brings us closer to practical issues of sewerage system construction. Some problems will occur during the planning of project, where a specific group of activities is repeated many times. It will be necessary to choose two different planning methods. The resource analysis, term analysis and cost analysis is executed.
Project planning: Introduction of automatic self-service checkouts in Tesco
Mrzenová, Markéta ; Flusserová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šindelářová, Irena (referee)
This thesis will focused on the theory of project management and the development of a real project. Project management has evolved in recent decades, and has become increasingly popular with more people, hence changing the way that it is used. This thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part introduces the basic terminology of project management, project methods (CPM, MPM, PERT), time analysis, cost analysis, risk and resource analysis, and how to work with MS Project. While the practical part of this thesis introduces automatic self-service checkouts in Tesco stores, in Prague. This is analysed by using MS Project, discussing all activities, resources and costs.
Warehouse Change Project
Moravcová, Lucie ; Kalčevová, Jana (advisor) ; Flusserová, Lenka (referee)
At the turn of the years 2009 and 2010 the structure of supply chain of the company operating in the Czech and Slovak republic has changed through Warehouse Change Project. The goal of this diploma thesis is to evaluate changes caused by this project in term of mathematical modeling and multi-criterial decision making; eventually, propose appropriate changes in the logistic system.

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